Inuyasha – Season 2 – Episodes 28-54 (Ep-by-Ep summary)

Now that season 1 is complete it’s time to go into Season 2! If you don’t want to read an episode by episode summary you can read an overall recap plus review of the series here. To find out all the links associated with the entire series – click here! Now without any further ado – onto the episode review!

Episode 28 : Miroku Falls into a dangerous trap.

Tricked by a demon, Miroku is injured and his wind tunnel is ruptured slightly. If not fixed in time it could end up even in his death. He approaches his old master to fix his wind tunnel but faces a challenge as he sees his master possessed by a demon.

Miroku and the team then battle the demon in order to free Miroku’s master and save him.

Episode 29 : Sango’s Suffering and Kohaku’s Life

Naraku ressurects Kohaku, Sango’s brother with a shard of the jewel and he in turn attacks the team. Sango then follows Kohaku into the spirit realm and meet Naraku. He agrees to give Kohaku if Sango brings him the Tetsusaiga.

Episode 30 : Tetsusaiga is stolen! Showdown at Naraku’s castle!

Inuyasha and Kohaku end up in battle which ends with Sango stealing the Tetsusaiga and running away. On reaching Naraku’s castle she finds that he had inhabited the body of the Lord, where her father, brother and her villagemen were murdered. Naraku makes Kohaku attack Sango to get more evil in the shard of the jewel but Sango cannot fight her brother back. Kagome finally strikes an arrow at Naraku, severely injuring him.

Episode 31 : Jinenji, Kind yet sad

Inuyasha and Kagome travel to a village to visit the herb garden of Jinenji to help cure Sango. The villagers warn them that Jinenji is harmful but he is just a giant but gentle half demon who lives with his aged mortal mother tending to the herb garden his father left him. But being half demon is enough an excuse and he is bullied for the murders caused by another demon. He eventually wins over the villagers by killing the real demon amidst trying to save Kagome.

Episode 32 : Kikyo and Inuyasha, Into the Miasma

Naraku is shocked that Kikyo is still alive. As the team investigates on a deadly Miasma, it leads into a battle with Inuyasha. Kikyo arrives at the scene and breaks the spell. The demon formed from hundreds of demons captured in the spell merge with Naraku to form a new body. He captures Kikyo and escapes.

Episode 33 : Kikyo, Captured by Naraku.

Inyasha and team fall into a trap where their minds are affected with their deepest fears. Kagome however is immune to the spell and finds Kikyo, who steals the shards from Kagome and gives them to Naraku.

Episode 34 : Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga

Sesshomaru is very satisfied with the heirloom sword that he received from his father – the Tenseiga which in comparison from the Tetsusaiga is weak. He asks the forger of both swords Totosai to forge him a more powerful sword but hides behind Inyasha and escapes. Sesshomaru doesn’t give up and has an evil sword – The Claw of The Dragon forged and faces off Inyasha, Totsai and the others.


Episode 35: The True Owner of The Great Sword!

The brothers fight and both are injured after the fight but realize both their powers. An injured Sesshomaru is helped by an orphan girl called Rin. Meanwhile we have the entrance of a new character called Koga the head of a wolf demon tribe who is in search of the sacred jewels. Rin however is killed during the rampage of Koga and his tribe on her village. Finding the dead Rin, Sesshomaru revives her using the Tenseiga and realizes the healing power of his sword.


Episode 36 : Kagome kidnapped by Koga the Wolf Demon!

Inyasha and Koga come face to face and two develop an almost instant dislike towards each other. Inuyasha meanwhile perfects the wind scar – a technique of the Tetsusaiga that manipulated the fissure between demonic forces. He also realizes that Kagome can sense the jewel shards and kidnaps her and Shippo. At his den, he asks Kagome to help them defeat the demons called “The Bird of Paradise” who have been killing many from his clan.

The Wind Scar

Episode 37 : The Man Who Fell In Love with Kagome!

As Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango rush to save Kagome, she strikes a deal with Koga and helps find the shards in the Birds of Paradise. Once Inuyasha arrives, Koga declares his love for Kagome which drives Inuyasha mad. Inuyasha however battles and defeats the Bird of Paradise.

Episode 38 : Two Hearts, One Mind

After an argument Kagome leaves back to her world but collects medical supplies yo return back. Shippo recounts what happened to Kaede. Kagome experiences a normal life for once as she indulges in a conversation where her friends are worried if she might lose her boyfriend Hojo to another girl.

Episode 39 : Trapped in a duel to death!

Naraku starts to use a poisoned shard of the Shikon jewel. He later annihilates the entire wolf tribe and Koga arrives to see Inuyasha at the spot and believes that it’s was Inuyasha who did it when it was actually Naraku’s reincarnation Kagura, the wind demon that did it. Koga and Inuyasha battle to the death and Miroku and Sango fight another of Naraku’s puppets.

Kagura, the wind demon, a reincarnation of Naraku.

Episode 40 : The deadly trap of Kagura, the Wind Sorceress!

Inuyasha almost loses the battle with Koga only to be interrupted by Kagura who defeats Koga. Since she can manipulate the winds, using the Wind Scar is difficult for Inuyasha and Kagome intervenes and uses her sacred arrows. As Kagura leaves Inuyasha notices a spider shaped scar just like on Naraku or Kagura. The poisoned shard is removed from Koga.

Episode 41 : Kagura’s Dance and Kanna’s mirror

Miroku unexpectedly meets Koharu, a young woman in love with him. Meanwhile another reincarnation of Naraku, Kanna uses her magical mirror on the village and captures the souls of the villagers. She however realizes that Kagome’s soul is too big for her mirror and leaves.


Episode 42 : The Wind Scar fails

Inuyasha is worried as his Wind Scar is useless against Kagura and Kanna. Naraku informs everyone to their disbelief that Kikyo willingly gave the shards she took from Kagome to Naraku. Kanna’s mirror is broken with Kagome’s sacred arrow and the souls are freed.

Episode 43 : Tetsusaiga breaks

Inuyasha asks Kikyo why she gave Naraku the shards and she reveals it to be her plan to finish Naraku off once and for all. Meanwhile Naraku releases his third incarnation the mind reading demon – Goshinki. In the battle the Tetsusaiga is broken and it leads to Inuyasha’s full demon form to release.

Inuyasha’s full demon form

Episode 44 : Kaijinbo’s Evil Sword

Sesshomaru finds Goshinki’s body and takes its head to ask the swordsmith Kaijinbo an ex-disciple of Totosai to make a sword. Kaijinbo however takes the sword Tokijin and gets possessed by its demonic aura and goes to fight Inuyasha who is in his mortal form. Totosai arrives just in time to give the Tetsusaiga, which is now too heavy for Inuyasha.

Episode 45 : Sesshomaru wields Tokijin

Kaijinbo perishes in the strength of the demonic aura from Tokijin. Sesshomaru however effortlessly takes Tokijin and attacks to which out group narrowly escapes. Kagura realises that Sesshomaru may be powerful enough to defeat Naraku.

Episode 46 : Juromaru and Kageromaru

Koga is filled with the need of avenging his tribes death under the hands of Naraku and come against Naraku’s latest reincarnation Juromaru, who turns out to be difficult to defeat. Soon Inuyasha intervenes and they realise there is another dormant demon Kageromaru within him. Reluctantly Koga and Inuyasha team up to defeat the demon with the Wind Scar.

Episode 47 : Onigumo’s heart still beats within Naraku

Kagome returns home under the premise of a fight with Inuyasha but to get medical supplies. Meanwhile Naraku attacks Kikyo and realises that the Onigumo inside yearns for Kikyo. He steals her souls which she collected to survive, and she flees and lands at the tree where she had imprisoned Inuyasha. Inuyasha eventually intervene and defeats Naraku for now to give Kikyo back her souls. The two embrace and is seen by Kagome who is hurt. Kikyo immediately leaves.

Episode 48 : Return to the place where we first met

After witnessing that moment between Inuyasha and Kikyo, Kagome leaves thinking of never returning. She eventually on some advice from her mother returns and tells Inuyasha that she will continue their journey together and don’t want to intervene between Kikyo’s and Inuyasha’s past.

Episode 49 : Kohaku’s Lost Memory

Sango finds her brother but with his memories gone. Inuyasha is doubtful of trusting him and that later proves to be true when Kagura attacks with a hoard of demons. Kohaku and Kagome escape into the forest while Inuyasha and Miroku defend against the demons.

Episode 50 : The Unforgettable Face!

Kagome however is attacked by Kohaku and Sango intervenes to kill him and then herself. Inuyasha intervenes and stops her from doing so and Kagura on leaving reveals that Kohaku requested for his memories to be erased.

Episode 51 : Inuyasha’s soul, devoured!

Sesshomaru travels to the tree from which the sheath of both the swords were made and finds out that the purpose of the Tetsusaiga is to control the demonic power in Inuyasha. On visiting and challenging a demon in a village who heads some bandits, Inuyasha loses his sword and starts converting to his demonic form.

Episode 52 : The Demon’s True Nature

After transforming into a full fledged demon,Inuyasha defeats his enemy and Sesshomaru arrives in time to see the transformation and gauge his power. Inuyasha however is unable to control his emotions on demon form, and once back to normal he grieves at his actions, especially the fact that many innocent humans were harmed.

Episode 53 : Father’s Old Enemy

Totosai asks Inuyasha to slay Ryukotsusei a demon that his father has bound to eternal sleep with a fang in order to gain better control of the Tetsusaiga. Naraku however arrives and awakens the demons and Inuyasha finds it difficult to fight against the powerful demon.

Episode 54 : The Backlash Wave – The Tetsusaiga’s ultimate technique

Inuyasha loses control of his sword and becomes a full fledged demon. This time however he fights against it and regains control of the Tetsusaiga. He then wields the Wind Scar to no effect. He finally develops the Backlash Wave which reflects the opponents attack along with the additional power of the Wind Scar and defeats the demon.

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