Inuyasha – Season 2 – Recap and Review

I am now onto the second season of Inuyasha! This post will be having a Season 2 recap and review. If you wish to read on the episode by episode summary on Season 2, click here. If you wish to read about the series as a whole, click here.

Unlike Season 1 that had episode after episode of Inuyasha and the team facing different monsters we seem to be having a more active movement in the story.

Miroku ends up hurting his wind tunnel on an encounter with Naraku and the demons. He has it patched up, but it needs to heal so you could say he is quite absent role – wise in the initial episodes of Season 2.

Sango is in for a tough time as Naraku has brought her dead brother back to life with a shard of the jewel. We see her injured and struggling related to this fact as the loss of her brother and his actions under the comtr of Naraku lead her to even steal the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha to give to Naraku in exchange for his life.

No, Kagome is not the helpless maiden in the episodes but is now wielding more power in her archery even harming the evil Naraku seriously.

An episode on Jinenji, the kind demon of the herb garden throws light on Inuyasha’s struggles as a half demon as he was bullied and made fun of. He exclaims – I don’t belong in either one – human or demon, so I need to be tough to brave myself against it all. Just throws light on the fact that being different always makes it hard whether it was for Inuyasha, or us, don’t you think?

Naraku – weakened by Kagome’s arrow doesn’t stop. He builds up a miasma of demons resulting in a powerful creature emerging from it, and bonding with him to literally become – Naraku 2.0. He kidnaps Kikyo shocked at knowing she’s alive, but I have a feeling Kikyo purposefully let him kidnap her, now that she knows the truth about what happened fifty years ago.

And it’s pretty evident at this point that Inuyasha is pretty inclined to Kikyo (due to his past) and Kagome (for all that they go through to get the Shikon jewel fragments), and that Kagome is naturally getting jealous of the same.

Another highlight is that Sesshomaru find more information about the Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga which he feels is useless as it is not as powerful. But he soon learns that the sword of Tetsusaiga is to attack and the other to heal. A strange camarderie between the two swords in order for the brothers to be at peace. It might have even been a strange plan by their father as well – but it’s an interesting twist! Sesshomaru still tries to forge another sword by the his dad’s sword forget but Totosai refuses.


It’s when Sesshomaru revives a young girl called Rin who helped him during his injured state from death is when he really starts believing in the power of the Tenseiga.


Meanwhile we are introduced to the leader of the wolf demon tribe who has Shikon jewel fragments in his legs. He kidnaps Kagome in order to find more shards and eventually declares his love for Kagome which doesn’t sit well with Inuyasha. Naraku however uses a poisonous Shikon jewel fragment and kills off the entire wolf tribe but causes Koga to think Inuyasha did it. In a fierce battle, they subdue Naraku and his forces and Koga realises that Naraku was the villian all along.


Inuyasha also perfects an attack with the Tetsusaiga called the Wind Scar that acts between the fissure of the power between two demons.

Wind scar

The effectiveness of this attack is short lived as Naraku starts releasing his reincarnations – Kagura, the wind demon, Kanna the soul capturer and so on.


Times are tough for Inuyasha as his Wind scar becomes ineffective against Naraku’s reincarnations and his sword breaks in battle too. Totosai repairs the sword but it becomes too heavy for him to battle. He is worried as to how he can master the new and improved Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha questions why Kikyo gave Kagome’s shards to Naraku but it looks like Kikyo has a plan of her own too.

We also come to realise that the Tetsusaiga has another purpose other than being a weapon – without it, at times of duress, Inuyasha converts into a full fledged demon that has no control over his emotions or thoughts – it’s basically a killing machine. What with the sword being heavy and uncontrollable, it now causes more trouble as he has to now fight with his inner demon. Meanwhile Sesshomaru has acquired a powerful demonic sword called Tokijin as well.

Inuyasha’s demonic form

Meanwhile Naraku realises his biggest weakness – that he still has the mortal Onigumo in him and that he still desires for Kikyo. In Episode 47, we see a brief reconcilation of Kikyo and Inuyasha who obviously still have romantic feelings for each other. Kagome sees this and is naturally very upset.

This actually leads to a tense episode following that as Kagome even think of stopping everything. But she later says she won’t interfere in anything with Inuyasha and Kikyo who obviously have a history and decide to continue the journey to achieve their goals. Sigh, poor Kagome. Not sure how she feels being next to a 50 year old love story but Inuyasha seems super jealous when Koga is around too. A love quadrilateral maybe?

Another appearance of Kohaku leads Sango to take some desperate measures – to kill Kohaku and herself. Inuyasha stops that plan as he knows it’s not the right way, and it looks like Kohaku had his memories erased by Naraku, by choice.

Still unable to weild the Tetsusaiga well, Inuyasha changes to his demon form again when battling with another demon in episode 51 and 52. However once he comes back to normal he realizes the aftermath of what he had done and is depressed and at the same time having a stronger will to have control soon. Kagome wants to help too, but doesn’t know how.

In the final two episodes as an attempt to strengthen the sword, he battles his father’s old enemy, which was handful for his father itself. He succumbs to his demonic form but we see him fighting against it and eventually frees himself to finally weild the Tetsusaiga and defeat the demon. He uses a new and the most powerful technique – The Tetsusaiga’s Backlash wave – which basically reflects the demons attack coupled with the energy of a wind scar. At this point at the season finale, we know Inuyasha is not a demon that can be taken lightly.

Well that’s it for my recap of Season 2. Now this recap just has the most important highlights from the season – if you wish to read about an episode by episode you can access the link from this page. Also, the link has an overall series review where I review all the seasons of Inuyasha.

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