July 2020 Bullet Journal Set Up!

You all must be thinking – isn’t it the middle of July and she’s posting this now?

Yes. As embarassing as it is, I admit that I procrastinated on something that I was doing quite diligently. But the one good thing about a bullet journal in ny opinion is that as you go through the journal you can see the procrastination across the pages. At least you can see it on mine. You can design your bujo to be filled in daily, weekly or whenever you feel like it, but my layouts required daily entries and if I procrastinated away on that, then naturally that doesn’t happen!

But I still beleive that it’s better to be late than never, so here goes!

The color palette this month is yellows and oranges as I decided to adapt this particular video from Amanda Rach Lee – which is based on daisies.

I know my flowers are pretty wonky. I’ve said this before and I’m no artist but when you stay away from your pens and markers for some time it actually makes your hand go rough when you do it after some time , hence the wonkiness!

I always go with a quote that suits my cover page and it wasn’t any different this time either.

Also it’s not much of a surprise I went for this style of mood tracker right? I have went for a circular theme before for my April layout and this time I brought it back again in the form of a daisy.

Also my bujo color palettes are ALWAYS four colors to depict the four moods, and the fact that a month is roughly 4 weeks as well.

This idea for my weekly spread was from Pinterest. Unfortunately I am not able to find the link right now,but will try to attach it when I come across it. Also this time I made a slight change. Usually if my week had days from the previous or next month and the current month, I usually never mentioned the dates from any month other than the current month – under the thinking that one weekly planner should have just one just the dates from that month.

But when actually tracking things weekly, that doesn’t make any sense! So I decided to incorporate all weeks with the 8 fields as above. Also there are 5 weeks this month with the days shared with June and August so therefore each week will have one color from the color palette and the final week would have a culmination!

So that’s the spread for July! Do let me know what you feel in the comments. Also if you prepare bullet journals or any form of journals or writing I would love to know that too in the comments!

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