The 5 Year Journal – June 2020

What is a five year journal?

It’s basically a journal where you answer a set of 365 questions over a period of five years, one at a time. It’s quite exciting to see how your answers change over the years! It’s required very little effort and interesting results! I thought of documenting my most favorite moments of this project of my blog so here goes! Also I got the questions from Pinterest! All you need is a notebook!

Ahh the credit card question – quite an interesting one I must say!

Also the last question on the last gathering I attended – thanks to Corona I don’t think I have been out anywhere for centuries and don’t think I can go anytime soon either. That question – I’m waiting to know the responses over the years!

Secret thoughts and inventions – another interesting question!

As of now I can do zero push ups but I hope that increases over time! Maintaining health is important after all!

And my lats favorite question – what matters today. I do hope the right things matter not just on that day but on most days!

Do you maintain a 5 year journal? It’s never too late to start one by the way! Even in the middle of the year! What did you think of the questions? Let me know in the comments!

Image courtesy : Google Image Search


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