The Playlist – June 2020

Just like with my bullet journal updates, I am super late with the playlist and the five year journal too! I won’t be giving details on every single song here but will leave a geist on what made this playlist what it is in June.

Here are the links to the YouTube and Spotify playlist!

The first thing is that I’ve been listening to a lot of D2 by Agust D.

I had already included a track from him in last month’s playlist but this month I really spent some time into listening to it. I loved “Burn it” which is in the playlist, but the song that stuck with me is “Set Me Free”. It’s literally a lament of a person stuck and wanting to be free. Every time I listened to the song I have gone in a daze deep in thought!

TXT is back with the third chapter of their Dream series and they didn’t disappoint at all! I’ve spent a considerable amount of time listening to the album and my favorites that have been included are the title track – Can’t you see me, Puma, Fairy of Shampoo and my favorite – Eternally. I’m loving how these youngsters are stepping up their game in music!

Speaking of comebacks one cannot forget SEVENTEEN and their energetic and addictive song – Left and Right. I must have listened to it at least a gazillion times and watched the performance but I’m not one but tired of it!

Another thing that has influences the playlist this month are movies and dramas – one being a Telugu movie starring Allu Arjun titled – Angu Vaikundapurathu. The two songs from the movie are also some addictive listens that you can’t get enough of!

I also was on a binge watchingsl spree on Netflix on 2 dramas I enjoyed a lot – Her Private Life and What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?. Naturally the two main tracks from the series made their way into the playlist!

I’ve so started listening to EXO a lot more – especially their old works – this month – Baby don’t cry has made a feature!

What are your music tastes like? Let me know in the comments! The link for the playlists are at the top of this post!

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