It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Episode 5-8 recap

Hello everyone! Like I mentioned in the recap of the earlier episode I started watching this series as I was glad to see that Kim soo Hyun was back as I am a huge fan of his, but although I’m just four episodes in it looks like this drama might turn out to be really good! So without any more waiting let’s get straight into the next episodes!

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Episode 5 : Rapunzel and the Cursed castle

Kang Tae and Mun Yeong have met in the pouring rain and as she falls into him, he takes her in for an awkward hug. Awww. He tries to drop her off at a motel but both of them don’t have their wallets on them so they end up staying at Kang Tae’s apartment. Kang Tae lies to Sang Tae there is a broken tap and stays alone with Mun Yeong for the night, hoping to let her go away in the morning without anyone knowing.

Meanwhile strange things happen at the hospital as one of male nurses ard frightened by a mysterious entity walkin at night humming a song creepily. And we also see a scene with Mun Yeong’s father is creeped upon by a dark figure and strangled. As his roommate wakes up, the dark figure is nowhere to be seen. Don’t tell we are going to get a dose of the supernatural here!

The next day Ju Ri takes the delivered milk up to Kang Tae’s apartment after her night shift, probably as an excuse to see him and sees Mun Yeong wearing Kang Tae’s clothes – obviously after spending a night. One thing leads to another and the two women bicker and everyone in the home finds out about Mun Yeong stating the night. Kang Tae angrily sends her away with can money and apologises profusely to Sang Tae for lying while Ju Ri cries in bed to her mom seeing how close Kang Tae and Mun Yeong are. Aaahhh, a good old love traingle.

Meanwhile the publishing company has nearly gone broke after compensating all of Mun Yeong’s issues which leads to them to begging her to write more. A patient at the hospital approaches Kang Tae and mentions how he is “perfect” for her daughter. Sang Tae meanwhile starts painting the mural while Director Oh discreetly tries to find out about the “butterflies” that haunt Sang Tae – the clue to their mother’s death.

Mun Yeong meets up with Sang Tae and takes him back to her mansion where he makes him sign a contract to be the illustrator for her next book. Kang Tae finding out his brother is at her place rushes over. At this point the tale of Rapunzel is voiced where a princess is trapped in her castle and waits for her Prince. As Mun Yeong waits at the balcony we see a flashback where a young Kang Tae comes with a bouquet and Mun Yeong runs downstairs only to bump into her mom. We next see her go to Kang Tae and ask him to leave, rudely. We are back at the present and the episode ends with the present day Kang Tae at the gate, looking at Mun Yeong in the balcony. Remind me of Romeo and Juliet too – “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo!”

Episode 6 : Bluebeard’s Secret

Mun Yeong realizes that Kang Tae is the boy from when she was young and is angered that he knew it and hid it from her. She asks him to be with her and take care of her big he mentions he is tired of taking care of everyone else. An angry Kang Tae tries to take back Sang Tae but he has the contract taken seriously and proclaims he will stay at the mansion and that he decides for himself and shoves Kang Tae away. As Mun Yeong asks him to make a decision for himself – we see a flashback –

A happy Kang Tae comes home to his mother to show the Taekwondo belt he earned only to find her furious. She is angry Kang Tae left Sang Tae alone as he got beat up. An angry outburst from Kang Tae saying he wants to live for himself and wants Sang Tae gone makes him run away with Sang Tae chasing him. After fightings round the brothers make up and start playing around all while being watched by the young Mun Yeong. Suddenly the ice cracks and Sang Tae falls. Kang Tae saves him but falls in instead and is left to drown as Sang Tae scared, runs away. It’s at this point we see a scene we saw earlier – the young Mun Yeong counting petals to decide whether to save him – she actually lands on the petal telling to not save him – but saves him anyway. Poor Kang Tae.

After being convinced by Ju Ri’s mom he decides to move in with Sang Tae as well.

Sang Tae ventures into the basement looking for a bathroom and is stopped by Mun Yeong stating the tale of the Bluebeard. Bluebeard was a person who lived all alone until a woman came up to him wanting to be his wife. Ecstatic he gave her everything in the world on one condition – to not enter the basement. One day she enters the basement and sees that it is filled with corpses of all his previous wives – we then see another parallel scene of a young Mun Yeong walking into the basement to see her mother’s corpse.

Back at the hospital Director Oh concludes that the strangling incident may have been because he must have seen Mun Yeong as someone else. The boys have Mun Yeong’s desolate mansion into an actual home and have breakfast and go for work. At the hospital Director Oh asks Sang Tae why he doesn’t draw butterflies on his mural and he gets angry, saying that not possible.

That day a patient – Eun Ja who suffers from hallucination meets up with Mun Yeong. The patient thinks she is the wife of wealthy man but is actually a single mom who lost her daughter to a car crash. She goes to Mun Yeong and starts saying she’s her mom and that she has set up Kang Tae. Mun Yeong is stunned and is deeply affected the whole day. Eun Ja approaches again which leads to Mun Yeong screaming at her and causing her to faint.

That night Mun Yeong visits the basement and remembers her mother. Later that night a ghost like figure haunts her in her sleep asking why she brought him here. We see that it’s more of a figment of her imagination and we see her paralysed and choking with tears. The voice echoes and Kang Tae hears and comes inside and shales her. She cries asking him to get lost while holding onto him tight. Seeing it as a message to have him stay he hugs her and comforts her. Awwwww. Poor Mun Yeong, I can imagine how difficult it must have been for her to live like this.

Episode 7 : The Cheerful Dog

Kang Tae decides to take the day off to take care of Mun Yeong as she is running a slight fever. Meanwhile the people at the hospital watch the CCTV and see Mun Yeong is responsible for the patient fainting and everyone agrees to have Mun Yeonh out except Director Oh who wants to hear her out.

Mun Yeong is having a fight within herself as she wants to cut her hair as it was told it was similar to her mom but is unable to. Sang In tries to forcibly take her back to Seoul but is stopped by Kang Tae. Eventually the two go out for some fresh air , lunch and a walk and the two bond and become close.

Ju Ri and Sang In meanwhile meet drinking over Mun Yeong and Sang In eventually carries a drunk Ju Ri home.

Back at the hospital Director Oh asks Kang Tae what really happened between Mun Yeong and the patient as he knows they are close and live together. We come to know that Mun Yeong’s mother disappeared once and give years later was declared dead although some people speculate she is still alive. Director Oh goes through his sessions with Mun Yeong’s dad and finds that his wife used to sing – Oh my darling, Clementine – the same song the hopsital ghost sings. Shivers.

That night while Kang Tae has a drink with Jae Su we see him break down thinking about his mother treated him. My heart breaks seeing him cry seriously. That night Kang Tae gives a nightmare catcher doll he made for Sang Tae called Mang Tae to Mun Yeong. As he cries that day into Sang Tae we see some flahsbacks – that day he was left alone in the rain, his mother and Sang Tae called him to come over and squeeze in. And when he slept holding his mom’s sweater unknown to him – his mother had turned and hugged him as well. Situations do make it tough for people and it’s funny how different people would remember the same incidnet – I guess it depends on how we look at it, what we give importance.

The next day we see tha tel of The Cheerful Dog being mentioned – how the dog was tied up and cheerful all day long but at night was sad and whimpered a lot. When asked why he couldn’t cut the leash and run away he says he has been tied too long and doesn’t know how to be free. We the scene to Mun Yeong cut off her hair, cutting her own leash. When Kang Tae comes back she mentions how she cut off her leash. Kang Tae then cuts her hair for her to clean it up and see see a short haired Mun Yeong. The two smile at each other.

Episode 8 : Beauty and the Beast

The next day at work Sang Tae mentions how her long hair was better than this which causes a bad start to the day.

As he comes into work he hears that Mun Yeong’s father had a seizure and upon seeing the CCTV footage Director Oh asks Kang Tae to bring in patieng Park Ok Ran – a hot headed patient who often argues with other patients and once even slapped Ju Ri. Director Oh asks if she has been roaming the corridors and humming a song – as he saw the patient hear that and have a seizure – and she scathingly remarks she ain’t some ghost. Kang Tae notices something is off about her as well.

Meanwhile we some emotional conflicts – Sang Tae worriedly looking at how close Kang Tae and Mun Yeong have become and Kang Tae’s jealousy when Mun Yeong gets too close with a male fan of hers.

That night Sang Tae and Mun Yeong have a huge fight on who Mang Tae actually belongs to – finally tearing it to pieces. Kang Tae takes the pieces and repairs it. He then talks to Sang Tae saying that he doesn’t need Mang Tae to protect him anymore but Mun Yeong does and Sang Tae leta him give it to her.

Kang Tae also discovers that two patients ard in a relationship – which is against the rules and might need one of them transferred – seeing their sadness he asks them to focus on their recovery so that theh can continue this outside the hospital.

We also see Kang Tae pondering over his feelings over Mun Yeong a lot too. That day an ex-husband who was abusive of a patient arrives and starts screaming to which Mun Yeong intervenes and gets slapped.

Just as she is about to be attacked again Kang Tae comes in and BAAAMMM!! punches him to the ground! He is eventually stopped and he checks in on Mun Yeong. He eventually gets suspended and walks off but is shown to be smiling his heart out. He comes over to Mun Yeong and asks her if her offer to run away with him when he needs it is still open. The two smile at each other! These two, I swear! One of my favorite episodes yet!

Well that’s a wrap for episode 8! We have now reached the mid-point of this series ! For more episode recaps and other posts on the series just click the link at the top!

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