The Couch Potato : It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Yes! I am back with another edition of The Couch Potato! I had some rather lengthy editions of my Watch With Me! series on my blog, where I examined a series – episode by episode in all its details. Somewhere along the way I missed the condensed versions that I used to do which were my Couch Potato series!

Until recently I used to do just a review of the series but I have amped up my game! We will have a starter post on my predictions for what the series is based on whatever information we have available on the internet, episode recaps where each post may have multiple episodes in it – the recap would have the most important events only – not too much detail, a post once we have reached the middle of the series or season, and a final review.

This time it’s on the highly anticipated series – Its Okay to not be okay! The links for all the associated posts will be below!

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Release poster

I am super excited for this one because it’s Kim Soo Hyun’s comeback after his military service! It’s also stars Seo Ye Ji along with him – I have not watched any series starring her yet so I am excited to see a new face on screen!

Now the premise of the plot is –

A caretaker at a psychiatric hospital meets up with a children’s book author who has an antisocial personality disorder. Kind of a strange combination don’t you think? K-dramas are known to have some very unique storylines so I won’t judge it on that yet!

Let’s throw some light into this disorder shall we ? Antisocial Personality Disorder often abbreviated as “ASPD” is a condition where in the actions of the person disregards their safety and risks themselves and others, they also tend to lie, or to do things that break the law. It’s known to start from one’s childhood and can be diagnosed although there isn’t a cure for it.

It’s quite interesting and I’m curious to see how they have combined ASPD into the character who writes children’s fairy tales of all things!

The one minute Trailer #1 of the series shows us that there is another principal character as well – the lead characters brother who from the looks of it is also specially challenged. And from the looks of it on Trailer #2, this series is not something that could strictly be classified under any genre – the style and execution of its story and scenes seem to play out like that – also is there a tad bit of horror? We could see a glimpse of a storybook – probably the author’s book being read out during a nightmare as well.

Initially when I heard the announcement of the series my excitement was completely relayed on the fact that it’s a comeback series for an actor that I loved a lot in his earlier dramas. But after finding out about it’s synopsis and more about the cast and trailers my interest has now increased due to all these factors as well. Mental disorders are quite prevalent in our world and it’s something most of us fail to acknowledge. It’s often stigmatised, misunderstood and most horrible ends come because the right actions were not taken at the right time and it led to some bad results.

Anyone quite familiar with Korean dramas know that this is one aspect that has not been played enough at all in dramas unless you exclude some very rare exceptions like Kill Me, Heal Me of sorts.

While mental disorders don’t find their way in stories it’s also most often quite misrepresented as well, whenever it, causing more harm than good. On that note I’m quite interested to see how this series will play out.

The trailer also mentions thay Kim Soo Hyun’s character is a caretaker at a mental facility – I think this will most surely open up to a lot more characters with different issues as well and not just highlight Seo Ye Ji’s or his brother’s condition. Therefore I’m pretty sure we might be having a memorable support cast and supporting storyline as well – kind of like how we saw in Chocolate.

Other than that, I don’t have any predictions from my end. Truth be told, I don’t know ajt to expect either and this is quite a new theme – even considering K-dramas.

The show will be airing on Netflix. The associated episode recaps, reviews once I have reached the middle of the series and other contents related to this series will be linked at the top!

What are your predictions for this series, I know I’m late publishing this – but let me know what you feel in the comments!


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