It’s Okay To Not Be Okay – Ep 9 to 12 – recap

We have crossed the halfway mark of our series and now are moving into the second half! What do we have in store in the next episodes? Let’s find out!

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Episode 9 : King Donkey Ears

The enthusiastic Kang Tae who asked Moon Young to run away with him is not so enthusiastic anymore as he kind of looks like he regrets his decision. I guess the adrenaline wore off. Mun Yeong plans a vacation abroad and realises he has no passport. She then plans a night away and he says he can’t due to Sang Tae. Angry, Mun Yeong abandons him on a road and goes.

Meanwhile A Reum’s family has decided to take her to the States now that her ex-husband has found her in the hospital much to her boyfriends sadness.

Kang Tae asks Jae Su to take care of Sang Tae for a day and decides to go with Mun Yeong. Meanwhile Mun Yeong and Sang Tae become best friends due to their likeliness in their thinking. As the couple talk more deeply we are almost going to get a kiss when a literal deer brays in the corner and interrupts them! Hahahha! I died at that one!

Meanwhile we hear from Do Hwan that his wife had killed someone (oh god don’t let her be the butterflies) and that he was sure he has killed his wife but he has his doubts now. (What exactly happened in that mansion?) Park Ok Ran meanwhile acts rashly to our head nurse arousing suspicions.

Before they go out Kang Tae meets up with Director Oh who suspects that soemthing was off between Mun Yeong and her mother. Meanwhile Mun Yeong talks to Sang Tae and asks him if he has ever hates Kang Tae which leads him thinking. Uh oh.

Now on their day out they have some fun until they reach a lodgings and see that A Reum and her boyfriend are together. Fearing they might elope and to have the patient back in the hospital the duo plans to stay in the motel as well. Mun Yeong mentions to Kang Tae about she being best friends with Sang Tae and Kang Tae says that’s the one thing their mother wanted – one true friend for Sang Tae. Aawweww.

Mun Yeong then tells the story between her and Ju Ri. Ju Ri was often bullied and had no friends and Mun Yeong bullied everyone else and had no friends. These two then became friends but as Ju Ri fit friendly with others Mun Yeong tried to scare those kids off and eventually lashes out at Mun Yeong. And they have been like this ever since. If this is all there is, these girls can make up. I mean come on!

That night as the couple spend a sweet night looking at the moon, Kang Tae and Mun Yeong have a very different night inside – no don’t hey your thoughts all wound up – Kang Tae is just trying his best to control Mun Yeong but realizes he is slowly losing control.

While Sang Tae wakes up alone from a nightmare wanting Kang Tae, the couple have gotten quite close. Well awww.. and it turns out Jung Tae didn’t elope but decided to go back to the hospital to get cured and come out and then resume a life with A Reum outside the hospital. Mun Yeong doenst understand why people would break up for love, but Kang Tae says that can happen – I smell something ominous coming guys –

As Jung Tae is returned to the hospital gossip starts to fly around that Kang Tae will marry Mun Yeong and it reaches Sang Tae. As Kang Tae comes to apologise for being out of touch and his phone being off – Sang Tae screams he is lying and that he knows he wanted Sang Tae dead.

Sang Tae then proceeds to scream through the entire hospital that his brother tried to kill him and will – which leads to Kang Tae collapsing from the shock and shaking into tears. If Kim Soo Hyun made me cry with his muted tears in the earlier episode he has me now bawling my eyes out at this scene. I can’t take it you guys! Poor Kang Tae! Mun Yeong watches silently a tear falling and the episode ends.

Episode 10 : The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Sang Tae is put under sedation to calm down and Kang Tae stays away from Mun Yeong and has trips himself saying it’s all his fault for thinking he can have fun when his priority should have been his brother. Noooooooooooo!!!!

While Sang Tae slowly calms down he gets a book from someone with a note – “the younger brother kills the older brother”. Now I wanna punch the person who did this. It also looks like the head nurse is keeping an eye on Park Ok Ran. As she should be that woman is nothing but suspicious

Mun Yeong visits again and this time Kang Tae breaks it clean he says he wants her to stay away – she says she won’t because like he said she can see it in his eyes that although he says he wants her to go, he eyes are asking her to stay. He finally blows up saying she is nothing but a firecracker that is over now and leaves. She angrily screams after him she’s a bomb, not a firecracker. My heart is becoming too weak to hold all this sadness I swear.

Sang Tae has now mostly calmed down and the Head Nurse gifts him a huge dinaosaur doll which makes super haply and he starts sharing his theories on Dookie the dinosaur. He eventually starts talking about Doolies mother and the nurse asks if his mother was good. Sang Tae replies she was a good mother to him but not to Kang Tae. Awwww..I’m literally UwUing all over this episode.

While the brothers reconcile, Ju Ri arrives at the mansion and gets their things. The two then have some wine and Ju Ri drunk screams and hits Mun Yeong and is saved when Sang In arrives and takes her away. Needless to say it was a crude attempt by Kang Tae so that the girls will make up too.

The next day Ju Ri realises that she drunk shouted at Kang Tae too and he has now started talking formally to her. Kang Tae seems to be running a light fever. I dunno if it’s the whole pandemic thing but COVID-19 just jumped on my mind but that’s not it so let’s not deviate. That day at the hospital Ok Ran hums the song which makes Dae Hwan go crazy and strangle. When she is questioned later, she responds she doenst know anything but Director Oh relays his suspicions to Kang Tae as well that she might be his wife.

That day she goes to Ju Ri’s house for seaweed soup – it her birthday. She tries to reconcile with Sang Tae although he’s not listening much either. She returns and places the flowers Kang Tae gave in water. Back at the hospital Kang Tae sees all the texts Mun Yeong sent along with the one thay today is an important day.

Aa he comes out he sees one of the attenders bleeding from his head and says that Park Ok Ran took him out saying she lost something and hurt him on the head. The nurses realise she is missing which is when Kang Tae realises where she must have gone.

As he rushes over to the mansion Park Ok Ran meets up with Mun Yeong bursts a cracker and wishes a happy birthday – the story of a lonely boy who screamed lies all along but didn’t have anyone when he was actually in need – the tale of the boy who cried wolf – plays in the background. Uh oh! Hurry up Kang Tae!!! Ugh why did it stop now??!! I hate cliffhangers!

Episode 11 : The Ugly Duckling

As Kang Tae frantically rushes towards the mansion, Park Ok Ran enters the mansion saying she came because she thought Mun Yeong would be lonely and that she is a huge fan of her mother. Huh. Ok Ran takes a pen of Mun Yeong’s which she grabs as well, both of them are reluctant to let and ends up cutting her hand like she cut Kang Tae’s.

Kang Tae arrives after Ok Ran leaves and hugs Mun Yeong hurriedly. This throws her off because a while ago he didn’t want anything to do with her. The two talk and eventually forget their problems and literally melt into each other LOL. awww.

The next day Kang Tae reveals what happened to his mother and why Sang Tae and him move every year because of the butterflies. We see Sang Tae’s POV of what happened – where a woman with a butterfly brooch walks over from their mother’s body to threaten Sang Tae. Kang Tae then makes it clear that he clearly has to be at Sang Tae’s side, but this time he wants her at his side if she is willing – which she is.

The head nurse orders Kang Tae to clear all of Park Ok Ran’s stuff as she knows she won’t be back and that there is a huge waiting line. As Kang Tae cleaned up the place he sees many paper cards with something striked out which he is not able to make out. Could it be those cryptic messages about the little brother killing the elder brother that was sent to Sang Tae?

Kang Tae decides to confide in Director Oh about the butterflies in order to help the PTSD treatment more.

Meanwhile Mun Yeong is behind Sang Tae trying to make him like him to no avail. Kang Tae asks her to be patient and to slowly earn his trust. Also did you notice that in the scene where Mun Yeong is following Sang Tae he walks behind some kindergarten kids – a scene similar to the animated series of “The Ugly Duckling”!

That night while Sang Tae is watching Dooly, Kang Tae asks why Gil Dong let’s strangers live with him to which Sang Tae replies that Gil Dong was being the adult. Kang Tae gently asks Sang Tae if he is an adult to which he answers of course. Later the next day the brothers get into a fist fight as Kang Tae is angry at Sang Tae who gave up painting the mural as Director Oh asked for a butterfly. The fight isn’t serious though as in a way the brothers were just venting to each other.

That night Kang Tae has a midnight date with Mun Yeong where he talks about his dreams including having an ordinary school life. We see an alternate reality of Mun Yeong and Kang Tae in school obviously having a crush on each other and an office worker Sang Tae egging them on. It made me cry this scene. Sniff sniff.

That night Sang Tae sees Kang Tae sleep talk saying he likes “her”. He then starts smiling. Sang Tae looks at the chart of emotions on the wall and realises that his brother is happy. The next day he takes Kang Tae to lunch – slices up his fried cutlet and pays for the meal like an adult would do – Mun Yeong follows him for the same treatment saying she wants a brother like him. Initially Sang Tae walks off but then later calls for both Mun Yeong and Kang Tae to come with him! Yaaayyyyy!!! These tears are happy tears you guys!

The episode ends with a reminiscing of the tale of The Ugly Duckling – how the duckling was excluded for being different – when in fact if an adult had taken it in and accepted it it would have been okay. The boys move back to the mansion and everything is peaceful – or so we think.

Episode 12 : Romeo and Juliet

Things seem blissful and normal for our couple as they talk about having and not having kids. Mun Yeong and Sang Tae are also hard at work at the new book which she got an idea from Sang Tae’s picture of the three of them flying on a camper van. Ju Ri and Sang In meanwhile have a thing going on and Ju Ri is troubled when Sang In leaves to see his father who is supposedly setting him up on a blind date. Sang Tae meets up with Director Oh who asks him to not be scared of butterflies – he mentions that in Greek butterflies symbolise “cure”. Sang Tae ponders over that.

That night as Kang Tae goes to keep new art supplies in the study he sees a letter with a butterfly – a cryptic message left by Park Ok Ran saying she is “coming for them”. He is worried bit crumples away the card. Uh oh.

The head nurse asks Kang Tae to clear out the patient rooms as she found some dangerous items in the room. As Kang Tae cleans up Mun Yeong’s father’s area he sees a framed picture of the three of them but the picture of Mun Yeong’s mother is removed. Kang Tae has a conversation with Sang Tae mentioning that they not run away any more – and that he will protect Sang Tae. When he says this so earnestly I feel like something horrific is about to happen!

One of the patients PIL Wong is let out for a day to relax and meets up with Sang Tae on the bus. At one point a drill in the road construction area causes a panic attack as he hears bullet sounds and a war like setting. sang Tae covers his head and comforts him and calls the hospital on time. Looks like Pil Wong had been in the old wat and had killed many innocents that affected him to this day.

Director Oh then asks Sang Tae to recount what happened that fateful night. Sang Tae chases off a cat and when he returns he sses his mother being stabbed with what looks like a sharp fountain pen. The woman mentions she knows “how to take care of her child” and meets up with Sang Tae. She warns him saying that he must not say anything or she will harm him. Sang Tae mentions she was wearing a butterfly brooch and describes it. Kang Tae realises it’s the same brooch he saw in Mun Yeong’s family picture on her mom. Aaa fate is cruel I guess this is why they chose the title Romeo and Juliet for this episode. Should have known this one though.

Kang Tae is horrified and breaks down in front of Director Oh fearing the woman who killed his mother might be Mun Yeong’s mother and that he just wanted a normal life. Meanwhile Mun Yeong and Sang Tae bicker about what makes one a family – Sang Tae mentions it’s about being in the same family register while Mun Yeong says it’s a family photo.

The next day she and Snag Tae go to take photos as Kang Tae wasn’t in the mood. Although Sang Tae practiced lots of poses she asks him to be himself. Awww.. just as they are about to take the photo Kang Tae walks in (looking amazing in a suit it looks like Kim Soo Hyun did a cameo in his own drama LOL) and the three take a family picture together. Looks like Kang Tae might bave decided to face fate, head on for Mun Yeong and Sang Tae!

That’s it for the recaps until episode 12! For other associated recaps and posts on this series just click the link at the top! Also let me know what you felt about these episodes! For me episode 11 was my top favorite it made me shed happy tears – for real.

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