Inuyasha – Season 3 – Ep 55 to 82 – Ep-by-Ep – Recap

We are continuing on our journey in watching Inuyasha and are now at Season 3!

If you don’t want to read the episode recaps, because they obviously would have a lot of spoilers and just want a season overview or maybe a series overview of sorts – just click this link here for an assortment of related articles based on the series! Now without any further delays let’s head into the episodes!

Episode 55 : The Stone Flower And Shippo’s First Love

Shippo has remained a character that merely runs and hides or stays behind the others when the evil demons come to fight. This episode however Shippo meets his first love (which I am guessing is a cue for us to understand there are more to come? LOL) Satsuki who is waiting with a fake Shikom jewel fragment for her brother to come back from war. A demon impersonating her brother comes, and Shippo faces him. It’s nice to see some other characters have a shot at an episode too.

Episode 56 : Temptress In The Mist

This episode is Miroku and Sango who have the limelight as the duo faces a demon who tempts the young men and sucks off their youth to survive. Miroku is somehow able to resist the same and Sango helps to defeat the demon – however leading to her Hiraikostu (the boomerang weapon she uses to defeat demons) gets cracked. Miroku and Sango almost have a moment there until of course Miroku just deviates and grabs her getting him punched. Aahhhh, Miroku.

Episode 57 : Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 1

Sango leaves to get her Hiraikostu fixed while the others come face to face with a tree bearing peaches with human faces called Ninmenka. A supposed sage called Tokijin is the one who captures humans and dissolves them in his magic bottle and pours the dissolved liquid for the tree to grow. Inuyasha gets trapped in the bottle while Kagome, Miroku and Shippo fall into a miniature village called Togenkyo where a bunch of captured men aim to and are preparing to be sages.

Tokijin standing beneath the Ninmenka

Episode 58 : Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part 2

Inuyasha is freed from Tokijin’s bottle but is unable to fight as it is the night of the new moon and he has become a mortal. Kagome is captured by Tokijin but is eventually saved by Inuyasha. This scene was highlighted as one of the more relationship defining moments for Inuyasha and Kagome, and I must say I agree not just the scenes where he saves her but the episode in its entirety. Kagome uses her arrow and destroys Tokijin and just then dawn arises and Inuyasha is able to destroy Ninmenka as well.

Episode 59 : The Beautiful Sister Apprentices

Sango meets Serina and Suzuna two sisters who claim they want to be trained by Sango. That night they steal several demon weapons that are yet to be purified which leads to many demons being released. Sango battles them and is eventually helped by Inuyasha and the others as they arrive looking for her.

Episode 60: The 50 Year Old Curse of The Dark Preistess

Kagura summons the dark Preistess Tsubaki with Naraku’s help. She then hypnotised Kagome and taints the shards of the jewel given to her (which happens when the possessor is evil or uses it for evil purposes) and instructs Kagome to kill Inuyasha but Kagome resists. This kind of reminds me of when Inuyasha in his true demon form wakes up when Kagome calls him.

Episode 61 : Kikyo and The Dark Preistess

Kikyo now enters the scene and breaks Tsubaki’s barrier. Inuyasha and a weak Kagome reach Tsubaki’s lair sensing the Jewel. Using Kagome who is under her control, Tsubaki makes it impossible for Inuyasha to draw his sword and fight.

Episode 62 : Tsubaki’s Unrelenting Evil Spell

Inuyasha is distracted by a demon unleashed by Tsubaki and Kagome is in a trance as she sees how her life would have been if it was normal. As Tsubaki sends a final attack on Kagome she reflects it and defeats Tsubaki just like how Kikyo did 50 years ago. Looks like Kikyo and Tsubaki had quite a bit of history too.

Episode 63 : The Red and White Priestesses

Tsubaki escapes back to her home shrine to find the last two Priestesses who are guarding the shrine. She plays the victim and says that she is being pursued by Inuyasha and the others. The two Priestesses then fight the gang but is defeated by Inuyasha’s wind scar.

Episode 64 : Giang Ogre of the Forbidden Tower

The team hurries to the shrine while Miroku and Shippo try to convince the two Priestesses the truth about Tsubaki. Tsubaki meanwhile has combined herself with an ogre but is defeated completely by Inuyasha’s Backlash wave once and for all.

Episode 65 : Farewell Days of My Youth

Inuyasha and friends are invited to a banquet as a thanks for vanquishing demons but is possesses in turns by Shoga a female flea demon who wishes to marry Myoga.

Episode 66 : Naraku’s Barrier Kagura’s Decision

The barrier of Naraku is weakened and Inuyasha and Koga start to detect the scent. Kanna informs of Koga’s approach to which Kagura intervenes and manage to take the shards from Koga’s legs. She however is hesitant to go back to Naraku and approaches Sesshomaru instead to form an alliance to defeat Naraku. Well,well,well she is not a loyal reincarnation after all. She might as well be Naraku’s weakness for all we know.

Episode 67 : The Howling Wind of Betrayal

Sesshomaru declines Kagura’s offer and she is defeated by Koga and her shards taken back. She finds out that Inuyasha becomes a mortal during the new moon but doesn’t let Naraku know as she realises that Naraku also has periods of weaknesses just like Inuyasha. Naraku threatens her to not betray him again.

Episode 68 : Shippo Gets An Angry Challenge

Shippo receives a letter from Soren the last surviving member of the Thunder Brother clan for a duel. The other friends are trapped hilariously by Soren’s let dragon and Shippo and Soren have a fight only to ha e Shippo’s pack of crayons given to her. I guess this was a funny breather or fillee episode but it was cute as it is!

Episode 69 : Terror of The Faceless Man

Kagome goes home to catch up on her life there. Meanwhile Naraku seeing Onigumo as a hindrance to his powers expels him but he takes the form of an incarnation as a faceless man. He kills and takes the face of a monk and is unsure of what he desires – until he sees a Kagome who has returned. So Naraku can survive without Onigumo? I thought he was more dependent since Onigumo is the body on which Naraku built himself.

Episode 70 : Onigumo’s Memory Restored

Inuyasha deals with the faceless man – Muso but finds out he has an incredible regenerating ability. Muso regains his memories and returns to the cave of Onigumo just as Kaeda and Kagome arrive as well.


Episode 71 : Three-Sided Battle to the Death

Muso is almost impossible to defeat due to his regeneration. All this time Naraku was unable to kill Kikyo due to Onigumo’s heart yearning for her but even after throwing Onigumo away he still finds it difficult to. Soom Naraku intervenes for a fight and reabsorbs Muso. This reveals that Naraku too is in a way half demon but unlike Inuyasha he chooses the time he is weakened than Inuyasha who is weak on every new moon as he becomes a mortal. How convenient being able to choose being weak. Guess that’s what Kagura saw in the cellar too and that’s why the barrier weakened at that time.

Episode 72 : Totosai’s Rigid Training

Inuyasha goes to Totosai to learn how to use the Tetsusaiga to break barriers bit unknowingly starts doing chores thinking it’s training. He however helps a lynx demon who came for help to save his father within a barrier by another demon.

Episode 73 : Shiori’s Family and Inuyasha’s Feelings

Myoga suggests Inuyasha to defeat the bat demon tribe who is known for their formidable barrier to attain the skills of the Tetsusaiga to break barriers. Once they arrive they see that Shiori a young half demon has taken on the role of maintaining the barrier after father, the previous bat-demon guardian passed away. Inuyasha is conflicted as she is also a half demon like him, but without destroying it he won’t be able to break Naraku’s Barrier either.

Episode 74 : The Red Tetsusaiga Breaks the Barrier!

Shiori’s grandfather continues to rampage the village and Inuyasha is unable to do anything due to the barrier set by Shiori by the Blood Coral Crystal. Shiori eventually finds out her grandfather killed her father and helps Inuyasha pass the barrier to kill her grandfather once and for all. Eventually the Tetsusaiga gains the ability to break through barriers from the crystal by turning bright red.

Episode 75 : The Plot of The Panther Devas

A group of panther demons start to attack the group. Each of them has formidable skills and they kidnap Kagome for the shards to awaken the Panther master while the others are defeated by the other Panther demons. Sesshomaru is also visited by the Ice panther demon and we have some insights he had in an old battle where the master was defeated.

Episode 76 : Target – Sesshomaru and Inuyasha

Inuyasha manages to break the Panther son barrier and Sesshomaru warns him to stay away. Soon each of them are faced with different panther demons and are stopped in their paths.

Episode 77 : The Panther Tribe and The Two Swords of The Fang

The Panther demons use several human lives and the Shikon jewel to awaken their master. The master however kills one of the Panther demons and consumes them, much to their shock. Sesshomaru uses his Tenseiga to bring them back and Inuyasha uses his Tetsusaiga to kill the master once and for all. It’s ironic how the brothers have their swords perfectly matching their need. Also is Sesshomaru more humane than we think?

Episode 78 : Only You,Sango.

Sango meets with a Lord of a castle who she knew previously. He is smitten with her and asks her hand in marriage. Miroku initially looks affected but then states it’s Sango’s decision. As they battle the demon, Sango becomes distracted at one point but is saved by Miroku. She eventually let’s down the proposal saying she wants to travel with her friends. After dwelling deep into the Inuyasha fan base I have noticed a lot of Kagome-Inuyasha stans as well as Kikyo-inuyasha stand? But are therd Sango-Miroku stans? There should be!

Episode 79 : Jaken’s Plan To Steal The Tetsusaiga

Jaken tries his best to steal the Tetsusaiga knowing how much losing it frustrated Sesshomaru. His efforts are in vain as he is captured by Inuyasha and what’s worse is that Kagura kidnaps Rin!

Episode 80 : Sesshomaru and the abducted Rin

Sesshomaru is warned by Naraku and arrives at Naraku’s castle and battles him only to end up being absorbed by Naraku himself. Kagome follows the trace of the sharf embedded in Kohaku and the team fights against Kagura. Kagura however wishes for Naraku to be destroyed so that she can escape.

Episode 81 : Vanishing Point, Naraku disappears

Inuyasha arrives just as Sesshomaru is being absorbed. He breaks past Naraku’s Barrier much to Naraku’s shock and frees Sesshomaru. Naraku eventually flees and orders Kohaku to kill Rin. Kohaku is stopped by Sesshomaru and Inuyasha stops him from killing Kohaku to which he lets him go. I swear Sesshomaru is giving us more surprises than we thought.

Episode 82 : Gap Between The Ages

While the others investigate Naraku’s abandoned castle Kagome returns and is freaked out about her upcoming tests. Inuyasha is also present in her world and eventually ends up catching a robber and saving a kid from a fire. It doesn’t feel odd at all to see Inuyasha in the present world. He might even be scouted as a shampoo model for his amazing hair! LOL

So that’s it for the episodes for this season? What did you think? What was your favorite episode? And what are your predictions for upcoming episodes? A warning to those who already watched the series – no spoilers! For other related posts just click this link here!

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