Inuyasha – Season 3 – Summary and Overview

We are on a binge watch session of Inuyasha and we are at Season 3!

This post is going to have an overview of the most important events in the Season 3 that we should keep in mind as we traverse the story of Inuyasha as a whole. As we know with all the episodes there are filler characters and episodes that intervene in the story – so I like to create these overview posts to stick on to the details that we absolutely require!

Now if you do want to check out episode recaps, reviews and associated posts on my blog for this series just click the link here! Now onto the season recap!

Now tha main object of the series is the journey of our characters as they want to find and destroy the evil Naraku as they have all had problems with him, as we saw in Season 1. Inuyasha and Kikyo met with their ends as Naraku played each other by impersonating them. Miroku and his family was cursed with the wind tunnel for generations due to Naraku and Sango’s entire clan was murdered and her brother controlled.

Now although the main objective of the story is defeating Naraku there is one growing plot between the characters and that’s their relationship between them. We had a sort of more solid start in the episode where they meet the demon who tempts young villagers. Inuyasha and Kagome also got a more serious moment without Kikyo intervening during the episode at Togenkyo!

Also another thing that I noticed which is different from earlier seasons is that we have villians who are albeit temporary but stay longer for an episode. One thing that I may have not liked so much in Season 1 was that it felt like an endless loop of a new demon coming and Inuyasha slaying it. But post that we have had villians stay for a set of episodes building up the story. One such villian is the dark Preistess Tsubaki who was recruited by Naraku. We also got a glimpse into her back story and see that she too was a part of the story 50 years ago by getting defeated by Kikyo!

It’s also in these rare instances that Kagome doesn’t remain as the character whose always hiding but goes into fight using her powers which we must admit is the most powerful among them all, but is used the least.

This Season we got a lot of highlights into Naraku first of it being that he is unable to kill Kikyo due to the presence of Onigumo that is still inside him, and that somehow makes him a half demon too. But the main difference is that unlike Inuyasha who becomes a mortal every new moon – Naraku can choose the time when he is weak. One such instance occurs during this season and his barrier weakens which leads to Koga and Inuyasha detecting his presence.

Kagura meanwhile plans an escape from Naraku and approaches Sesshomaru to help but as we all know – he rejected it. Naraku later gives her a final warning to her against any hope she has for escaping from him too.

Kagura also finds out about Inuyasha becoming a mortal every new moon – but doesn’t tell Naraku. Something tells me she is going to bring some more surprises going down the road.

Naraku is constantly how we can remove his single weakness – Onigumo and in one set of episodes expels him from his body. He later becomes a faceless man that then steals the face of a priest and calls himself Muso. With an amazing regenerative capacity, it’s almost impossible to defeat him until Naraku comes and absorbs him back again,that is. I think we are yet to see Naraku find a total solution on removing Onigumo from him.

Naraku has kept well hidden all this time and that’s because of the barrier that has kept him safe and undetectable. Although Naraku has his periods of weakness we must remember that it is voluntary so he could do it a time that he feels is safe. This means the first step Inuyasha must achieve in order to defeat Naraku is to break his barrier. By meeting the guardian half demon Shiori and her Red Blood Coral, the Tetsusaiga gains the power to break the strongest of barriers by turning a very vibrant red.

Inuyasha then puts up his newly found power to the test by applying it onto the barrier of the Panther Devas and saving the day.

In fact he gets to test it on Naraku’s Barrier around his castle and himself very soon. Rin is abducted and Sesshomaru nearly gets absorbed into Naraku which is when Inuyasha breaks through the barrier and saves him. Naraku is seriously injured but manages to escape at the end of the season.

The season ends with a rather normal period of time that Inuyasha and Kagome spends in her world but their future is clear – they must find Naraku and finish him off once and for all.

That’s it for the highlights of Season 3! What were your favorite parts? Let me know in the comments! For more season overviews, recaps and reviews just click the link.mentioned at the top!

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