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For those of you who still may not know – “It’s Okay To Not Be Okay” is a Korean drama airing on Netflix with episodes every Saturday and Sunday. The series was anticipated as it was the return of Kim Soo Hyun for whom it was his first release post his military enlistment along with Seo Ye Ji. The story centres around a children’s book author who suffers from ASPD who meets up with a caretaker at a psychiatric health facility. Both their world’s clash together in an unique setting with a set of wonderful supporting roles adding to the story.

Now I already have a running set of posts on this series on my blog – it consists of episode recaps, expectations and predictions before the series began and at the middle of its run and so on. You can check out those posts by clicking the link here.

Kang Tae, Sang Tae and Ko Mun Yeong

Now the series is still running and it has currently completed 12 episodes. There are four more episodes left, which means the coming four episodes are the wrap up to the story. Now the series has been steadily growing in ratings and there’s a lot of discussion amongst fans about what really is going on and how the series will wrap up. Before the show airs it’s last quarter of episodes I thought it would be fun to have an introspection of the most famous and plausible fan theories for the series! If you’re watching the series too please post what you think in the comments! Usually when I do TV series posts they might have already finished airing which kills the joy in sharing fan theories. But this time, I am following the series in real time so what better time than now to catch up the hottest fan theories!

Now this post obviously contains a truckload of spoilers if you just want a brief with minimum spoilers I suggest you click the link at the top of this post! Now onto the fan theories!

Park Ok Ran

Park Ok Ran visiting Ko Mun Yeong’s mansion on her birthday after escaping from the OK facility.

Now I wouldn’t strictly call this a fan theory but more or less a conclusion that the story writers of the series has brought us to. Park Ok Ran has been a somewhat long term resident at the OK facility and is known to be grouchy and not on good terms with the other patients. At one episode when Mun Yeong’s father has a seizure in the hallways and collapses Park Ok Ran is seen on CCTV to be in the vicinity. Director Oh learns from his sessions that Mun Yeong’s father sees his wife as a monster and has “killed” her and that she used to sing the song “Oh My Darling Clementine”. The show has led us to believe that Ok Ran was singing that tune which sent the man into a seizure.

In one of the latest episodes it is seen that she seems to be reading some of Mun Yeong’s mother’s novels and is quite interested in her. She also hums the song in the park which causes Mun Yeong’s father to throttle her on the neck.

Now what’s the theory behind her? That she is in fact Mun Yeong’s mother whose trace was nowhere to be seen years ago and was declared dead after five years. Mun Yeong mentions seeing her mother’s bloodied body in the basement but she also mentions that she later wasn’t there anymore. At one point one of the patients tell Director Oh that Ok Ran was an actress who got many “plastic surgeries”.

Park Ok Ran denying she was roaming the halls at night when Mun Yeong’s father had collapsed in the hallway

I think the story writer wants us to beleive that Ok Ran is in fact Mun Yeong’s mother who is at the moment believed to have killed Kang Tae’s mother as well (check out Episode 12). But I’m not so sure about that because would it be that obvious? I feel that the fact that she has some issues and that she was an actress before may have been used by someone in the hospital to make her believe she is the missing mother of Mun Yeong – so that the real person is hidden.

And who do I think the real villian is?

The Head Nurse

The Head Nurse

As absurd as this sounds. Just hear me out. I read this theory on twitter and somehow it makes sense.

Making Park Ok Ran the villian directly makes sense sure but would the story writers give us the answer in plain sight? Maybe I’m over analysing but heres what the audience thinks on the internet –

If you closely watch the last few episodes especially you can see that the nurse is kind of suspicious. She keeps prying into a lot of details with Director Oh, especially about Mun Yeong’s father and all in the earlier episodes. Also she was also seen picking up the same book that Ok Ran was reading under the pretense she was investigating Ok Ran.

Also when Sang Tae was in his room after sedating someone had dropped a book and a note that “the younger brother would kill the older brother”. When Sang Tae was screaming about Kang Tae killing him I don’t remember Ok Ran being there but the head nurse was. Shortly after that she comes and gets all close with Sang Tae too and somewhat earns his trust when he tells her about his theory about Dooly.

The theory is that the Head Nurse is in fact Mun Yeong’s mother who probably manipulated Park Ok Ran to act like Mun Yeong’s mother considering her condition (which is vague) and the fact that she used to be an actress. Also last week the Head Nurse literally clears out Ok Fan’s bedspace for another patient saying she is sure she won’t come back – I hope she didn’t mean that literally like she killed her OMG.

Now we are pretty sure whoever Mun Yeong’s mother may be she is kind of the villian here. It’s just that we need an actual physical person to represent that which I guess we will get shortly.

However there is another interesting theory that is floating by –

Sang Tae and Mun Yeong are siblings.

If you’re shocked I don’t blame you! I was too!

But I had recently seen many people online combine several instances and dialogues that somehow come together to show these two are siblings. The first being –

I know how to take care of my child.

The murdered and Sang Tae

Last episode we had seen Sang Tae recount the tale of the woman with the butterfly brooch that killed his and Kang Tae’s mother. Just as she talks to his mother, at one point she mentions she knows how to take care of her child. She then warns Sang Tae, the sole witness and walks off.

I want a brother like you!

Episode 11 was one of the most emotional episodes on the series with Sang Tae being the adult and taking Mun Yeong in. At one point she screams she wants a brother like him – could that have had a deeper meaning that we thought?

You two are so alike just like siblings!

There was a scene in the hospital cafeteria where Ju Ri’s mom watches Mum Yeong and Sang Tae argue on what makes a group of people a family. Their adorable fight makes her add that both of them are so similar – just like siblings. This is another dialogue in the passing that almost feels like it has more meaning.

The story of Dooly

When the head nurse is trying to make Sang Tae and get close to him (ahem ahem..) Sang Tae mentions his theory about Dooly – that Dooly’s kids weren’t really her kids but she took them in anyways out of love.


Sure we know about Sang Tae and his terrifying relationship with butterflies but note this scene between a young Mun Yeong and Kang Tae where she scares him off by tearing apart a butterfly. A subtle clue maybe?

And the conclusion is –

Well this is what I think happened. Mun Yeong’s mother’s first born was Sang Tae considering he was the oldest but she wasn’t satisfied with him considering his condition as her character has been highlighted to want the perfect child just like her – remember we have a scene where she combs the young Mun Yeong’s hair and says the same thing.

At this point I’m guessing she must have abandoned Sang Tae and Kang Tae’s mother must have taken in him – like how Dooly did. Eventually Mun Yeong’s father finds out about this causing him to see her as a “monster”. Something happens in between and Mun Yeong’s and Kang Tae’s mother have an altercation leaving Kang Tae’s mother killed. Note that she left Sang Tae be, probably due to their relationship? Eventually things mess up and Mun Yeong’s father attempts to kill his wife and daughter and the story follows.

If this really happens I can say that the plot was quite well woven in an intricate manner!

Now however this series is going to end I am surely interested to see how this is going to wrap up and I hope the show keeps up it’s spirit in its ending performance as it has done amazing so far! Do you have any theories in mind? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to add that it looks like fan theory #1 was correct! Episode 13 just aired and we have been proven correct! I am dying to see how the others play out as well!


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