August 2020 Bullet Journal Setup

Hello everyone and I am back with my August bullet journal update! This one is actually quite special because it marks one year since I started my bullet journal! I can look back onto that first bullet journal thanks to all the records of it that I have on my blog! Time sure flies because it’s been one year since I started doing a bullet journal!

I’m quite happy I did not procrastinate off of it a lot although at some times I was almost going to drop it! Somehow I feel like I can keep up this hobby for a long time!

And now that we have reached the one year mark, have my abilities to draw improved -well, no. I guess I haven’t really challenged myself and somehow I don’t feel like challenging myself either because that might make me not do it because it’s too hard. The point here is to enjoy it!

This time too I have picked the August 2017 setup that Amanda Rach Lee has on her YouTube channel. I did want to try something other than her setups but I just really liked this one and it’s color palette.

The theme is seashells and the color palette is a set of peachy pinks and mauve.

As mentioned the theme is seashells and I recreated Amanda’s cover page without altering it at all except maybe that I decided to fill the seashells fully with color as I am not that good at highlighting it.

And the quote for the month as always aligns with the theme of the month as well!

I wanted to try doing a mood tracker on my own and I attempted to create one with a type of seashell. It’s evident from the wonky lines that I struggled to split the shell into 31 parts as well! I somehow did it and then checked pinterest and found so many smart solutions that would have been way better. I am such a dumbo! Maybe I should stick on to just taking inspiration rather than trying to create inspiration!

And the monthly layout was my own layout which I’m proud to have done. I was initially thinking of making each day a shell but the shape and everything didn’t work out. Then I noticed the striped long pattern that was enclosing the “August” on the cover page and decided to include that. So the monthly layout came out like this –

And finally the weekly layout! I didn’t go for much experimenting! I decided to just have an image of a shell and the color palette because if I draw in too much I lose space when I actually have lots of stuff to write on the weekly spreads.

So that’s it for the August 2020 spread! How do you like it? Do you do bullet journalling too? Or do you try other kinds? Let me know in the comments!

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