Inuyasha – Season 4 – Episodes 83-110 – Ep summaries

We are now at Season 4 of the adventures of Inuyasha,Kagome and their friends! We are also kind of reaching the halfway mark of the season as well!

I have a running series on Inuyasha on my blog for different seasons. There are episode summaries such as this post, posts that sum up only the important events in the series and a post that reviews the entire show as a whole. You can check out those posts by clicking this link here! Now onto the episode summaries!

Episode 83 : The Female Wolf-Demon and the promise of the Lunar rainbow

Ayame the granddaughter of the wolf demon tribe in the mountains is in search of Koga as something evil is threatening her clans existence. Koga however helps Kagome from a reincarnation of a salvaged Naraku which causes Ayame to be jealous. It is revealed Koga once saved her years ago and promised to marry her under a lunar rainbow.


Episode 84 : Koga’s Bride To Be

Naraku’s demon is defeated when it swallows both Koga and Ayame. He remembers the night where he promised Ayame but pretends like he doesn’t remember.

Episode 85 : The Evil Within Demon Head’s Castle

Inuyasha dna friends meet Haori an old exorcist who takes their help to defeat a demon head that is ravaging a castle. Miroku is led by the princess of the castle to an underground pit where the skeletons of many monks and Priestesses who failed to defeat the demon laid. Sango is jealous and irritated on Miroku following the princess but realises something is wrong and gives chase.

Madame Exorcist

Episode 86 : Secret of the possessed princess

It is soon revealed that the princess is the real demon while the demon head that is attacking the castle is an illusion. This is confirmed when Shippo and Kagome come across the real princess’s body as well. Miroku and Inuyasha defeat the demon.

Episode 87 : Kikyo’s Lonely Journey

Kikyo meets Rasetsu an old mercenary who was employed by Naraku to attack Kikyo fifty years ago. He ends up losing one eye fighting Inuyasha then and therefore burns Onigumo. One of Naraku’s demons arrive seeking the jewel shards keeping Rasetsu safe but Kikyo saves him. He then requests Kikyo to bury a lock of his hair in a place of purity to absolve his sins.


Episode 88 : The Three Sprites of the Monkey God

Three mischievous monkey sprites ravage several villages to find their deity. They trap Inuyasha witha huge stone and eventually find their deity and Inuyasha is then freed.

Episode 89 : Nursing Battle of the Rival Lovers

Kagome is ill and returns home where her friends visit. Despite being ill she is hard at work for a test at school. Inuyasha captures several demons and other materials and concots a cure his mother used to make for him which instantly cures Kagome which enables her to take her test. Well awwww.

Episode 90 : Sota’s Brave Confession of Love

Inuyasha and Kagome help Sota confess his feelings to his crush at school. Kind of sad Inuyasha and Kagome don’t use the tips for themselves LOL.

Episode 91 : The Suspicious Faith Healer and a Black Kirara

A Kuroro a two tailed black demon cat is said to cause misfortune in a village. Shippo comes across a girl who takes Kirara thinking it’s Kuroro. The group eventually finds a rat demon causing all the probelms and defeats it.

Episode 92 : Plot Of The Walking Dead

They meet Enju and Kawaramaru both who have been ressurected from the same woman who revived Kikyo. Enjoy is forced to make an army of clay soldiers for Kawaramaru who wrecks havoc only to be defeated by Inuyasha. Kawaramaru is killed and Enju is given a second chance at life.

Episode 93 : The Mysterious Lecherous Monk

Hachi disguises himself as Miroku and causes problems and bad name to Miroku across several villages. Miroku finds Hachi and makes sure he never does it again. They also come across a demon in a cave that they defeat for the villagers.

Episode 94 : The Sacred Jewel Maker Part 1

The group meets a young scholar called Izumo who talks of a demon who has made a false Shikon jewel and is using to calture humans. The said demon arrives and kidnaps Izumo and Kagome as Inuyasha and the others are busy with an another set of demons armed with fake jewels.

Episode 95 : The Sacred Jewel Maker Part II

Kagome finds out that Izumo is actually a half demon who transforms at night. Tired of being a half demon he wishes to use Kagome’s spiritual power and an amalgamation of demon and human souls to amke a Shikon jewel and free him. Inuyasha arrives and a battle ensues but when daybreak comes Izumo becomes human and dies due to the toxicity of all the fake Shikom jewels he used. I guess Inuyasha can relate to the pains and loneliness of being a half demon the most, but Izumo’s story was sad.

Episode 96 : Jaken Falls Ill

Inuyasha and friends Jinenji for some herbs. Meanwhile Rin and Jaken are attacked by the poisonous bees of Naraku and Jaken gets bit by one. While Sesshomaru follows one of the bees to get closer to Naraku, Jaken requests Rin to go to Jinenji’s farm to get the cure. Rin nearly dies trying to get the cure but is saved by Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru really likes this kid I guess.

Episode 97 : Kirara Come Home!

Kirara disappears one night and everyone fears she is gone for good. Shippo reveals how everyone takes Kirata for granted and they all feel regretful. It is eventually revealed that Myoga had taken Kirara for an errand and had informed Shippo who was too sleepy to remember.

Episode 98 : Kikyo and Kagome – Alone in the cave

Kikyo and Kagome is trapped in a demon cave that consumes Priestesses. Kagome helps a weakened Kikyo and uses her knowledge to combine their shards and kill the demon. Do the two seem closer now?

Episode 99 : Koga and Sesshomaru – A Dangerous Encounter!

Ginta and Hakakku come across Sesshomaru and party not remembering they were the reason for Rin’s death. The two later understand that Sesshomaru is a powerful demon and Inuyasha’s older brother . They try their best so that Koga doesn’t come to face him. When Koga does meet him, they eventually pair to save Rin.

Episode 100 : The truth behind the nightmare : The Battle In The Forest of Sorrow

Garamaru captures all of Inuyasha friends in cocoons to transform them. Inuyasha is not able to save them while they are being drowned in their fears and sorrows. Inuyasha asks them to overcome their fears in a rather passionate and emotional scene and his friends fight and are freed.

Episode 101 : The Snow From Seven Years Past

Miroku recalls being saved by a beautiful woman in the snow many years ago. As they reach a village they hear that is plagued by a demon that lures young men. Miroku gets lured as well and his friends eventually find the snow demons lair and defeats it.

Episode 102 : Assault of The Wolf Demon Tribe

Kyokotsu the first of the feared band of the seven is received by Kohaku. It attacks the wolf demon tribe in the mountains. Koga fights it and removes it’s shard killing it.


Episode 103 : The Band of Seven, Ressurected!

The Band of Seven was a deadly group of mercenaries who were literal killing machines. Fearing their power all the lord’s later turned on them and beheaded them but they are now resurrected. We are introduced to Mukotsu and Jakotsu in this episode.


Episode 104 : The Stealthy Poison Master, Mukotsu!

While Inuyasha fights Jakotsu, the others come across Makotsu. He paralyses Kagome and takes her for her bride and eventually poisons Sango and Miroku as well. Sesshomaru arrives and kills him and leaves. Inuyasha then arrives and takes the three friends to a safe place.

Episode 105 : The Ghastly Steel Machine!

Ginkotsu a mechanical killing machine of the band of seven attacks the group. Inuyasha asks Shippo to take the paralysed friends to a safe place and he takes them all to a monastery. When Kagome awakens she realises that the monk has a shard in his neck and that he is really Renkotsu of the band of seven. Inuyasha somehow subdues Ginkotsu and rushes to his friends.


Episode 106 : Kagome,Miroku and Sango – The Desperate Situation!

Inuyasha arrives at the temple but evryone is still unconscious. Ginkotsu comes back and starts a fight with Inuyasha again while Renkotsu sets fire to the temple with Shippo struggling to protect his friends. When Inuyasha finally reaches their side Shippo is in tears, as they have stopped breathing.

Episode 107 : Inuyasha Shows His Tears For The First Time

Inuyasha is devastated at what happened to his friends and Koga rebukes him too. Myoga eventually saves them by sucking oit the poison. Kikyo meanwhile meets a sincere doctor who takes care of orphaned kids called Suikotsu who possesses an unnaturally pure shard of the jewel and also fears blood.

Kikyo meets Suikotsu

Episode 108 : The Secret of the Pure Light

It is revealed that Suikotsu is in fact a member of the band of seven and that the kind doctor persona is a sort of alter ego if his. The moment he transforms and joins the band of seven his shard becomes tainted.

Episode 109 : Hidden in the mist – Onward to Mount Hakurei!

Suikotsu gives in a strong fight but fights against his alter ego as well. Inuyasha and friends take Kikyo to safety who explains about Mount Hakurei that possesses a barrier that purifies whatever is in its reach. While the group decides to go the mountain, the band of seven reunites with their leader and final member.

Episode 110 : Enter Bankotsu, the leader of the band of seven

Bankotsu raids a castle and kills everyone in it to get his halberd back from them. Inuyasha and group are unable to figure out how to enter the barrier surrounding the barrier. At the end of the episode Bankotsu and Inuyasha and face off.


That’s the end for the episode recaps of this season! What do you think? Let me know in the comments! Something tells me we have a lot to see of the band of the seven in the next season! For more posts, recaps and related articles on Inuyasha just click the link at the top!

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