Inuyasha : Season 4 : Summary and Overview

I am on my streak of watching Inuyasha and am now at the fourth season!

What you can expect with this post is the summary of the main events and analysis of the same because we know how the episodes can have filler episodes and characters etc. This post means to be to the point so that we follow the crux of the story but that also makes it a spoiler minefield so you have been warned!

For similar posts and other articles on my blog on Inuyasha just click the link here! Now onto the summary –


Ayame may have not been the crux of the story, but I still feel she was crux in Koga’s story and decided to give her a mention in the summary. She isn’t a filler character because she does make another appearance later so I am sure considering her complicated history with Koga we will see lots more of her. Koga had once saved her when she was younger and had casually mentioned marrying her which she took as a word. She however seeks him now as her mountain wolf demon tribe is in danger and they feel that Koga who has shard of the jewel would be the person strong enough to help her.


As we traverse through the episodes we get to see that there was more than just Naraku’s intervention that happened fifty years ago with Inuyasha and Kikyo. Last season we had Tsubaki and now we have Rasetsu. He was a mercenary who worked with Onigumo. He was ordered by Onigumo to attack Kikyo but failed and had his eye gouged out by Inuyasha. Angered he burns down Onigumo and I don’t need to tell the rest of the story right?

Kikyo meets Rasetsu now in his old age staying alive with a shard of the jewel. Despite knowing the story she helps him and as his final wish he mentions he wants to absolve his sins by having his hair taken to Mount Hakurei a divine place said to purify everything. Kikyo decides to execute his last wish and continues her journey.

One thing that’s somehow reminded to us is the struggles of not belonging anywhere with Inuyasha being half demon. While in last season we had the heir of the bat demons, this season we have Izumo who reminds us of the struggle and the lengths that some go to get peace. It kind of transcend to many things that happens in our lives too don’t you think? Not fitting in anywhere?

It also looks like Rin, Sesshomaru and Jaken have a deeper relationship than we think. Rin risks her life to save Jaken’s life with medicinal herbs and Sesshomaru ends up saving her. He doesn’t express a lot but we know that he cares deeply for Rin. It’s nice to see Sesshomaru have a warm companion. I actually don’t feel that he’s that bad either. What do you guys think?

And these characters are not the only ones who are having more developed relationships. Kikyo and Kagome have their share too when they are trapped in a priestess devouring demon. Needless to say I don’t think Kikyo hates or is as mean to Kagome after she gave her all to save her. Also could these two be combining to get rid of Naraku in the end? We have to admit, I’ve said this again and again. These two are literally some of the most powerful characters! Kikyo is so powerful and I can’t imagine how much more powerful Kagome can be if she hones her skills!

Also I read online that this series had the end of hand drawn animation with this season and moved to digital animation with the episode with Koga and Sesshomaru – an interesting bit of information!

At this point a very vital set of villians enter the scene across several episodes with the final episode having the leader of the bnd of seven attain his weapon and become more powerful. The band of seven were a set of mercenaries who were literal killing machines. Seeing their power increase the lord’s ten years ago all club together and behead the band of seven – until Naraku ressurected them with the Shikon jewel shards.


The first was the large and fierce Kyokotsu who was short lived – as Koga kills him by removing the shard.


We then have the poison master Mukotsu who meets his end quite fast this time at Sesshomaru’s hands but manages to do some serious harm by poisoning Kagome, Miroku and Sango.


The sword wielding master Jinkotsu and the mechanial and invicible Ginkotsu give Inuyasha a literal run for his money which leads him to leaving his friends in a monastery for safety.


However the monk at the monastery happens to be Renkotsu a member of the band of seven in disguise who almost burns Kagome, Miroku and Sango to ashes until Inuyasha runs away with them. Feared dead at one point of time, they are saved by Myoga who sucks out all their poison. I swear Myoga is never there when we really need him!

Suikotsu and Kikyo

Meanwhile Kikyo on her journey to Mount Hakurei meets up with a friendly doctor called Suikotsu who has a shard of the jewel in its pure form keeling him alive. We eventually realise that it was just his alter ego and that he is actually a member of the band of seven as well. An injured Kikyo tells Inuyasha and gang about the purifying barrier of Mount Hakurei and go there but are unable to cross the barrier.


By that time however Bankotsu the leader has got his weapon back and is set to fight Inuyasha.

And that’s a wrap for this season! What do you guys think? I feel we had some vital moment here but not as much as maybe season 3? But I have a strong feeling we are getting some strong storytelling in the next season with the huge buildup of characters and a new and mystical location of Mount Hakurei! What do you guys think? Let me know in the comments! Also for all other related posts on Inuyasha just click the link here!

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