The 5 Year Journal – July 2020 Update

Hello and I am back with my 5 year journal update!

For those of who don’t know, a five year journal is basically an interesting five year project that you can maintain. All you need a notebook. You would have 365 questions – and maybe an additional one for the leap year – which you would answer one question a day. The question can range on a lot of things as you will see in the posts.

Once you finish answering the questions you need to repeat the procedure in the same notebook for the next 4 years and see how your answers change! It’s interesting to see how your answers change over time! This type of journal is something that requires such little effort to maintain compared to the very expansive and detailed bullet journal with monthly themes (which is also there on my blog too)!

This posts is going to look into the questions I have picked fod July. The source of the questions is from Pinterest. I will highlight the questions that I found most interesting for the month of July as well!

So the questions are as follows –

Interesting questions this time?

The first question is – well what can I say – something that is quite profound in a pandemic situation such as now as well. You know when you talk about being alone it needn’t even be physically – it’s possible to be alone when you are surrounded by so many people as well you know. On an additional note I hope everyone stays safe and I don’t mean just physically but mentally as well. Please do reach out to help when you need it! You’re never alone!

Questions 3 and 5 are also quite interesting questions. It can have the most mundane answers or the most deepest answers as well. It will be interesting to see how that plays out over the years!

The fourth question on movies might have been a simple question in a normal world – but now with the new normal, it just seems out of question. I might as well look forward to movies releasing on OTT platforms.

But on a more lighter note I’m glad we have question 8 although I can’t guarantee funny things happen everyday haha!

And question 11 – who I saw the most today? Probably just my mom! And question 13 on gasoline! The market here is notorious to have gasoline prices fluctuate like crazy although from what I see on the news gold prices seem to be shocking everyone now!

Question 18 might have an unwavering answer from me for all five years which is probably a no. I never act my age. If we feel younger in the mind, we can feel younger overall. A tip from me my friends!

And finally question 21 – considering I actually have migrated away from my parents and home to work it’s probable that this answer might change a lot too let’s see about that!

So that’s that for the questions for the month of July! What were your favorite questions? Do you maintain a five year journal? Let me know in the comments below!

Image courtesy : Google Image Search

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