Do What You Love presents : Post #300 – Trying New Things (TNT)

I’m so happy to announce that I have reached another milestone on my blog. This post will officially mark my 300th post!


Usually when I reach particular milestones I try to plan out some new additions, series or categories on my blog. As of now I have a LOT of categories on my blog with the latest addition being Explore With Me. Now that title and this one kind of seems exactly the same but it’s not and it’s quite simple, really.

My blog primarily focuses on movies, TV series, books, documentaries and most forms of art etc. Explore With Me was for in depth reviews and “Watch With Me”/”Read With Me” sessions on the most popular things out there.

Somewhere along the way I felt my blog needed a small little personal touch from my end. I run my blog on my own (one woman army here!) and I feel that’s the perfect time to have it a little more personalised, a little more me. I have always wanted to have fun little anecdotes of my experiences whether it’s cooking, or visiting some new place, or learning a new language or trying a new routine. I always wanted to write up those things on my blog but I didn’t really want my blog to go into a lifestyle blog either.

Therefore “Trying New Thing” (TNT) is a small little part of my blog with the most ordinary anecdotes from the author of this blog – Anjali. No reviews, no analysis, no theory analysis, just Anjali.

Stay tuned for the content coming soon!

Also, a big thanks to my friends who helped me choose this name. At first I thought it sounded plain, but seeing the Abbreviation TNT reminded me of those bombs that we see on the Koyote and Road Runner shows and somehow I really liked it and decided to go with it!


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