It’s Okay Not To Be Okay – Episodes 13-16 (Final) – Recap

And yes, we have reached the final quarter of episodes of Its Okay To Not Be Okay! The series has had a really good response from the audience for so many reasons and everyone is dying to find out about the villians, and how the show is going to wrap up. It’s not an understatement to say that there are high expectations for this upcoming set of episodes!

To know more about this series and for all the associated posts on my blog on this series just click here. There are expectations and predictions posts before the series started and at its Mid-run, episode recaps and fun fan theories. These four episodes will also reveal if our fan theories are indeed true! Now onto the recap!

Episode 13 : The Father of The Two Sisters

The episode begins with a small recap of how episode 12 ended. Although unsure initially, Kang Tae decides to stick with his new family.

At OK Hospital Sung Hae, the shaman patient has had a heated argument with her father. As she walks off the nurses mention how her father found her different and sold her to shamam. The head nurse asks them not to gossip.

Meanwhile Sang In and Ju Ri are in that confused, romantic stage as both of them struggle to reveal their feelings. I swear these two are a breath of fresh air when it comes to how serious our main couple’s story is.

Kang Tae kind of hints to Mun Yeong about moving away from this home together as a family. Mun Yeong thinks it’s due to the butterflies that chase Sang Tae and says she will fight those butterflies. Oh if only she knew.

Meanwhile Sang Tae is slowly but surely fighting the butterfly and is practising to have the butterfly on his mural. A fellow patient Gil Dong hopes that Sang Tae can overcome his fears soon. Kang Tae shows the notes from Ok Ran’s room and the note in Mun Yeong’s study and Director Oh asks him to keep his guard up.

Meanwhile we find out that Sun Hae has D.I.D as a result of the abuse from her father as a child. This gives some strong Kill Me, Heal Me vibes. Meanwhile Mun Yeong is unhappy with Sang Tae’s illustrations as she wants to see the emotions on their faces. Sang Tae mentions it’s hard for him to and she encourages him to practice and try harder. These two are adorable.

Mun Yeong’s father is bearing his death and Kang Tae informs the same to Mun Yeong. She doesn’t feel any remorse and asks how can a person be forgiven of all their sins just because they are about to die? We then see a recount of the tale of The Father of The Two Sisters. She mentions how she hates the father in it, as he turned a blind eye to the abuse the girls were facing and that is even worse than the abusing. Very true.

The next day Sun Hae’s father visits. He wants his daughter to be a liver donor as he is dying. She is scared and says no and says that more than the abuse her father’s blind eye and subsequent abandonment is what affected her the most, and gave her the deepest scars. The man leaves and Kang Tae comforts her.

Back at the hospital Mun Yeong’s father starts talking again, this time to Head Nurse about how he killed his wife. We then see a flashback. It was the night he realised he was dying of brain tumor and he is drunk. He goes to see his wife painting her nails and humming while the radio reports a murder. He asks where the housekeeper is and eventually finds out his wife murdered her. An argument leads to the next and he pushes his wife off the first floor. At this point Kang Tae enters the room and he heard him continue. Apparently Mun Yeong had seen this and saw her dad keep her mother’s body in the basement. Eventually she waited for him when he returned after a walk, when in reality he had dumped her body in the river in a suitcase. Ouch.

The next scene is after his death. As our trio walks away Mun Yeong seems lost in thought but then leaves. She later talks to Kang Tae about selling this home – having a fresh start. In the back of her mind though she reminisces about the one single time, her father had read her a fairy tale. It was something she can’t forget.

The next day our trip heads into the hospital and Gil Song comes and congratulates Sang Tae for finally getting over his fear. Uh oh, this is bad, brace yourselves people! They walk in and see a double winged butterfly drawn on Sang Tae’s mural. An ugly butterfly may I add.

Sang Tae is upset and starts mentioning that this is the same double winged butterfly that is tormenting one. The same one that killed his butterfly. Mun Yeong’s eyes widen as she remembers her mother wearing the brooch and mentioning how it symbolises psyche in Greek from which psycho is derived. She puts together everything and runs away shocked with Kang Tae right behind her.

Our scene then flits to reve the villian – it’s Head Nurse Park. Wow. Our theory was right people!

Episode 14 : The Hand, The Monkfish

Mun Yeong runs away unable to contain her shock. Kang Tae tries his best to talk to her but she says she wants some time alone, and Kang Tae lets her leave. Meanwhile Sang Tae is having a panic attack under the kitchen counter but Kang Tae is able to calm him down and let him stay with Ju Ri’s mother.

Director Oh and Kang Tae search the CCTV and they are able to see a rather elated Head Nurse Park draw the butterfly and smile confidently at the camera. Needless to say, Director Oh and Kang Tae are shocked as they think back to all the instances. Creepy woman I tell you!

We see a flashback of her peering at her husband and revealing her identity much to his shock. She reveals that it was she who placed the steak knife with the man at Kang Tae’s previous hospital and told him to kill himself. Wow she was even there? She tells that Mum Yeong needs to learn a lesson and she can do that by taking away what’s precious to her. Shocked, Mun Yeong’s father, dies. This woman is beyond evil!

Kang Tae eventually reveals the truth to Sang In whose also worried about Mun Yeong. He tells Kang Tae how Do Hui Jae dropped out of med school to become a writer and eventually moved in with her husband here in the mansion and had her daughter. After she went missing many publishers have looked for the last of her novel manuscripts but to no avail.

Director Oh is super guilty for what happened as he only wanted to protect our trip but they were nested with the villian right under his nose. Meanwhile Kang Tae and Mun Yeong try to work through the pain fo this new realisation. But it’s not easy.

Kang Tae eventually reveals about Nurse Park and Mun Yeong is shocked. She’s not having the best days alright. She gets worried and asks him to run away as the brooch is missing which means her mother was around. She is scared and asks them ti run away but Kang Tae stays put. Sang Tae and Jae Su arrive with food made by Ju e mom figuring the couple wouldn’t have had time to cook with problems like this. As Kang Tae reveals the truth to Jae Su, Sang Tae takes in some food for Mun Yeong.

Mun Yeong cries, heartbroken and asks Sang Tae for forgiveness. He replies innocently that he will if she eats this food and feeds her. I’m not crying, you are. This is not good for my heart!

Kang Tae finds a parcel with Mum Yeongs book, “The Hand and the Monkfish”. It tells the story of a mother who had a child that meant the world to her. Once the baby started eating solid food she gave it everything and anything. Eventually when the mother needed help she found out that the child doesn’t have hands or feet and just opens it mouth to feed – a result of having everything done for her. The book has a note from Do Hui Jae that it’s her favorite but Mun Yeong’s biggest failure and failures should be destroyed. Meanwhile Mun Yeong takes out the missing manuscript of her mother and calls her press reporter friend from the earlier episodes.

The next day Sang In is shocked to see news reports that Mun Yeong’s mother’s final book will be published and that too by Sang In’s company. He rushes to Mun Yeong and tells her that Hui Jae called to meet up and he takes Mun Yeong in his car. Meanwhile we see Hui Jae meeting Sang Tae. Next thing we know Kang Tae is unable to reach Sang Tae until Hui Jae picks up the phone and asks him to come to the mansion where he finds an unconscious Sang Tae. As he demands to know what happened, Hui Jae laughs.

Mun Yeong realises that Sang In was actually taking her away on Kang Tae’s request for her safety. Realising the truth she jumps out of the car and runs, but she’s too late. Oh my god! I can’t wait a week for the rest!

Episode 15 : A Tale Of Two Brothers

Kang Tae walks in worried on seeing a drugged Sang Tae. Hui Jae taunts him a lot saying she was curious to see who he would choose to save, which is when we get a backstory ok what really happened and why Kang Tae’s mother was killed.

Kang Tae’s mother is working as a house help at the creepy mansion. She sees Mum Yeong watching a little injured bird die and how she replies that it’s best to kill it and bring it our if it’s misery. Worried about how Mun Yeong’s thought process is she mentions about sending her to the care facility that Sang Tae goes to which angers Hui Jae later leading to her killing her. Guess our theory is wrong but gosh,this is harsh.

Naturally Kang Tae is enraged at how little a reason that was and with her continuous taunting he strangles her. However he gets the better of himself and let’s go. Hui Jae injects a drug into him and he falls drowsy just as Mun Yeong comes in. Angered Mun Yeong is about to stab with a pen when Kang Tae stops her and gets hand injured – just like Episode 1. Kang Tae then collapses and Mum Yeong is grabbed by the head. Everything is going out of hand – until Sang Tae knocks Hui Jae unconscious with a book and literally saves the day in one of the most dramatic and emotional K-Drama climax ever.

Everything is a sudden wrap up where Hui Jae is carted off by the police and Mun Yeong waits for Kang Tae to wake up. Once he does wake up she is sombre and asks him and Sang Tae to leave. He tries his best to convince her but she doesn’t listen. He eventually talks to Sang Tae who says family don’t leave and go like that which makes him determined that he and Sang Tae will stay.

That night Kang Tae recounts a fairy tale that Sang Tae told about two brothers who kept keeping rice sacks in each other’s homes fearing the other might be starving, but both of find that each morning they continue to have the same amount of rice sacks. He mentions the moral of the story is that family are to stick together but she isn’t convinced. The next day Kang Tae with many people’s help makes her come to Ju Ri’s home just so that her mom would force her to have a meal. Mun Yeong is confused why everyone cares about her so much.

Meanwhile the boys plant a tree in memory of their mother and hangs their new family picture with Mun Yeong. They gleefully tell their mother on how they grew up.

That night when Mun Yeong returns home drunk, Sang Tae shows her how hard he has been working on drawing facial expressions by showing a portrait of Kang Tae smiling as he thinks about how he likes Mun Yeong.

She is deep in thought and the next day she visits the tree the boys planted. As she walks off Kang Tae screams he loves her and continues running behind her – just like how she did in the earlier episodes. That was hilarious! Back at their home, Kang Tae gets up close and intense as he expresses his feelings. Ooohhhhhhhh.

Episode 16 : Finding the Real, Real face

In a rather romantic turn of events our couple does make up!

Which is not such a surprise, but what is a surprise to Mun Yeong is that Kang Tae has quit his job to go to college whereas Sang Tae mentions to Jae Su about how he wants to quit his job at the pizza place as he wants to become an illustrator.

Mun Yeong meanwhile picks up the publishing of her book as well and starts working with Sang Tae. She also closes things with her mom permanently and painful as it is, she has closed that chapter of her life.

As we see our characters wrap up their stories we also see that the book is now published and Sang Tae proudly shows his mother that he made it with Kang Tae and Mun Yeong crying in the background. I must agree that I cried too. This is such a monumental scene for Sang Tae.

The story of Mun Yeong’s new book seems to be about three characters who are running away from an evil watch. The three characters who are of course eerily similar to our on screen characters as well. And not just that, it looks like Mun Yeong included the stories of many of the other patients at the hospital too, directly and symbolically. Once the reading is over, Director Oh gifts them a camper van as he feels he is responsible for all the sadness that happened to them.

And naturally our trio start a long and destination less journey happily driving through the country and for once having the time of their lives. The play is scenes that come in at this point have to be watched you guys, these characters deserve this happiness and freedom with all that weight of their shoulders.

One day after many days on the road Sang Tae mentions that he will leave now with Sang In who he has called in order to work as a full time illustrator with other projects. Kang Tae is worried if he can take care of himself to which he answers that he surely can. As he leaves he mentions about how he bongs to himself and Kang Tae belongs to himself whjch resounds back to a painful scene when a young Kang tired of taking care of Sang Tae mentions he is for himself.

As they leave their separate but happy ways, the series ends.


I couldn’t have asked for a better ending you guys. Wow. So that’s it for this series! If you want to read more about the series and it’s related posts just click the link at the top! I will be back with another series soon! Once I’ve recovered from this of course!


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