Milestone : 3 Years of Blogging!


I guess I don’t need to explain any further! I’ve successfully completed 3 years of my blogging journey!

Now truth be told, I am a big time procrastinator and as much as I’m happy about what I’ve achieved I’m also surprised I maintained it this well too. I guess that’s the benefit of ‘Doing what you love’.

Now that we’ve reached a milestone, it’s also time to check overall stats as well-

Now I don’t know general trend metrics of how blog posts must fare at their three year mark so I’m not going to comment on whether this is good or bad, I’ve never really cared as I never intended my blogging to just accumulate views.

My intention was to have a platform where I can be me, and I can voice out my thoughts and interests and to engage with like minded people at that.

Seeing these stats makes me unbelievably happy, seeing how far what I wrote has reached over the internet.

I usually have blog anniversary special posts but this time I couldn’t prepare one with all the new TV series posts on which I am updating live.

However I can guarantee one thing –

Do what you love will continue publishing more and more content as time goes by! So stay tuned!


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