Inuyasha – Season 5 – Episodes 111 – 138 – Recap

And yes, we are at Season 5 of Inuyasha! As I progress through the episodes the rate at which I am binge watching is surely increasing!

Our team is in continuous pursuit of Naraku and suspect the involvement of the purifying site of Mount Hakurei. But before they can deal with Naraku, they must deal with the band of seven first, which Naraku has ressurected with the help of the shards of the jewel.

As part of watching this series I have an overall review of the entire series, as well as overview of the most important events in the season (which are vital in the story) and even more detailed episode recaps. You can access all those posts by clicking the link here. Now onto the recaps!

Episode 111 : The Big Clash! Banryu versus the Wind Scar!

Inuyasha and Bankotsu face off, while the others fight the remaining of the band of seven. Kohaku less Rin back to Sesshomaru from the demons. Meanwhile Kagome notices that the demon puppet of Naraku that let the band of seven escape has an unusually pure scent.

Episode 112 : Afloat on the Lake Surface – The Barrier of Hijiri Island!

Shintaro, the young son of the village headman laments as his father has not returned after going to Hijiri island notocing some disturbances. As the villagers rile up, it is revealed that the headman is the guardian of the shrine of Saint Hakushin who sacrificed himself for the well being of the people. At the island Inuyasha and Bankotsu fight, but Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga is rendered useless by the purifying barrier of Saint Hakushin. Miroku and Shinatro try to break the barrier.

Episode 113 : The Sacred Vajra and the Mystery of the Living Buddha

With the barrier down, inuyasha and Bankotsu fight only to be saved by the saints Vajra. They follow an escaped Bankotsu to mount Hakurei but due to the powerful and intense barrier demons are unable to enter. Eventually Miroku and Sango decide to investigate while the others wait.

Episode 114 : Koga’s Solitary Battle

Koga is attacked by Ginkotsu and Renkotsu. In a struggle to get the shard off of Ginkotsu, he explodes leading to his shard falling into Renkotsu’s hand who then escapes. Inuyasha and team rushes to the site of the explosion to see a badly injured Koga.

Episode 115 : Lured By The Black Light

We see a scene where Kikyo and Bankotsu argues about the fear of the afterlife. As Sesshomaru fights Jakotsu, the innocent version of Suikotsu leads Rin away. He later transforms into his evil form but struggles between the two and Jakotsu comes and kidnaps Rin.

Episode 116 : The Exposed Face of Truth

A fight arise between Suikotsu, Jakotsu and Sesshomaru within the barrier . Suikotsu is injured but survives due to the shard. Kikyo comes in and purifies the shard. Before she can retrieve it, Jakotsu takes it and leaves. We see how Suikotsu got his origins after his traumatic experiences on the battlefield.

Episode 117 : Vanishes In A River Of Flames

Renkotsu prepares to avenge Ginkotsu’s death while Inuyasha takes an injured Koga to a cavern by a waterfall. Renkotsu attacks and the battle leads to a huge explosion, but both survive.

Episode 118 : Into The Depths of Mount Hakurei

Sango and Miroku are attacked at the shaft and both of them risk their lives to protect each other. While Rinkotsu kept Ginkotsu’s shard for himself, Jakotsu gives Suikotsu’s shard to Bankotsu. Inuyasha worried on how much time they are taking goes into the barrier but faces Renkotsu. Inuyasha gets purified to his human form which makes him weaker. Miroku and Sango escape because of the purifying barrier as well.

Episode 119 : Divine Malice of Saint

Inuyasha escapes from Renkotsu but meets Jakotsu. Meanwhile Sango and Miroku and find the mummy of Saint Hokushin who is upholding the barrier even though he knows Naraku’s true intentions. He mentions how he struggled to his death to save the villagers. Miroku and Sango try to break the barrier.

Episode 120 : Fare Thee Well, Jakotsu’s Requim

Inuyasha eventually defeats Jakotsu whose shards Renkotsu takes. Knowing his plans, Bankotsu fights Renkotsu, kills him and takes all the shards. Kikyo helps the saint and the barrier is dissolved.

Episode 121 : Final Battle – The Last and Strongest of the Seven!

Bankotsu and Inuyasha start battling each other now that Bankotsu has all the shards. We come to understand that Naraku did all this so that he can finish his demonic transformation fearing Inuyasha’s barrier breaking power. Kagome senses and rushes towards Inuyasha and Bankotsu.

Episode 122 : The Power of Banryu – Duel to the death at Mount Hakurei

Inuyasha takes out shards one by one and finally kills Bakotsu. At the moment the entire area becomes unstable and Inuyasha and Bankotsu are engulfed. Koga is engulfed while protecting Kagome but she eventually meets up with Sango and Miroku. They then see Inuyasha, unconscious and tangled in the intestines of the demon.

Episode 123 : Beyond The Darkness – Naraku is Reborn!

Naraku is reborn and collects alll his shards. The wind scar is ineffective as it reflects within the mountain which is a demonic cavity. Kikyo sees Kagura leave with a small bundle. Everyone is in grave danger.

Episode 124 : Farewell Kikyo, My Beloved.

Inuyasha dives in to save Koga and the others try to escape. Naraku meets Kikyo and informs her that he has finally removed the Onigumo in him. Kikyo is attacked and falls to her death. Sesshomaru comes and intervenes but Naraku escapes. Inuyasha finds out from Sesshomaru that Kikyo is dead.

Episode 125 : The Darkness in Kagome’s Heart

Inuyasha desperately searches for Kikyo which leaves Kagome confused. A priest in a village informs of the possibility that Kikyo may have been washed up and Kagome asks Inuyasha to leave as she knows he wants to go. However, Sango and Miroku are trapped and Kagura takes Kagome to be possessed by the infant, which was what she left with and is Naraku’s reincarnation. The darkness in Kagome’s heart enables the infant to take over her soul.

Episode 126 : Transform Heartache into Courage!

Shippo eventually finds Inuyasha for help. Meanwhile Kagome is nearly implanted with a tainted shard of the jewel but she repels it as she comes to her senses and also proclaims her love for Inuyasha. Once everyone arrives they realise that the infant is Naraku’s human heart, the vulnerability that Naraku had before, and they escape. Inuyasha realises his remaining feelings for Kikyo may do more harm than good for Kagome.

Episode 127 : Don’t Boil It! The terrifying dried up demon!

Kagome returns home but ends up participating in a cultural festival. Inuyasha eventually comes to get Kagome and ends up coming for the cultural too. Naraku is one shard away from the final one, but is unable to locate it in this world.

Episode 128 : Battle against the dried up demons at the cultural festival!

The dried up food Kagome brought turns out to be demons which invades the school. As Kagome finishes all her tasks Inuyasha hunts down the demons. The last demon is hunted down between a play that Kagome was starring in which leads to her to a hilarious ad-lib.

Episode 129 : Chokyukai and the abducted bride

The team hunt for a demon who is abducting maidens to be his bride. He eventually kidnaps Kagome but they defeat it, freeing everyone.

Episode 130 : Shippo’s new technique – The Heart Scar!

Several young fix demons are under the impression Shippo is a powerful demon who slayed many, which leads him to face a huge lizard monster. He eventually develops a new technique and defeats it in a hilarious turn of events!

Episode 131 : Trap of the cursed wall hanging!

The team meets a young man who is looking for his missing bride. They also hear of a team of women who are throwing corpses in a river but find a suspectful village. That day as Miroku is led by a woman , Sango follows and is forced to swallow a salamander demon egg. Meanwhile the man is also being led into a trap by the demon as it has possessed all the women.

Episode 132 : Miroku’s most dangerous confession

While Inuyasha defeats the demon and helps the women, Miroku fights and helps a possessed Sango and is injured. He eventually realises his feelings towards her and proposes, which Sango accepts.

Episode 133 : The woman who loved Sesshomaru – Part 1

A dying nun called Sara Asano witnesses Inuyasha and dies. She revives her soul and visits Sesshomaru who once defended her castle and with whom she is deeply infatuated with. She tricks Inuyasha and team of a sea demon and hands the Tetsusaiga to Sesshomaru after stealing it.

Episode 134 : The woman who loved Sesshomaru – Part 2

Sara is later revealed to be possessed by demons and Sesshomaru and then Inuyasha uses the Tetsusaiga to bring an end to her fate. Sesshomaru’s hands are injured from using the Tetsusaiga.

Episode 135 : The Last Banquet of Miroku’s master

Believing Miroku’s master to be dying the team does many tasks as his last wish only to find out that he just thought so as many monks around the area are being mysteriously killed by something – which is revealed to be Kagura and the infant in search of something.

Episode 136 : A strange invisible demon appears!

Our team reunites with the demon exorcist Haori to eliminate an invisible demon which is later revealed to be a demon that can become paper thin. They later forgive the demon and ask it not to steal anymore.

Episode 137 : An ancestor named Kagome

It is found that Akitoki Hojo an ancestor of Hojo was married to Kagome. Back in the feudal era Hojo approaches Kaeda to purify a demonic blade entrusted to his family. As they travel and rest at a tea house, they are attavked by an invisible enemy

Episode 138 : Mountain of demons – Survival of the duo!

Kagome and Akitoki are separated with the Ken blade and try to fend for themselves. Hojo feels he has an affection towards Kagome. Inuyasha meanwhile battles the master of the Kon blade. Eventually Kagome is captured by the masters demons and taken!

Well thats it for the season 5 recap! What did you feel! Those mount Hakurei episodes were something! Check out my review and overview posts by clicking the link at the top!

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