Inuyasha – Season 5 – Overview

Hello! We have now reached the Season 5 overview of Inuyasha! This post would be having the details of the vital events that happened in this season alone. As we all know there are times when there are filler episodes or characters which form breaks or entertaining relief as we traverse through the series. Those episodes or characters may not be that vital to the storyline and hence that’s why I decided to have two sets of recap posts – one for detailed episode recaps and one like this which has just an overview.

All the other associated posts related to Inuyasha can be found by clicking this link here! Now onto the overview!

The main premise of this series or at least the first half of it centres around our teams fight against the band of seven who are a set of skilled mercenaries that have been resurrected from the dead by Naraku. Inuyasha and others are finding it difficult to locate with Naraku as the band of seven are set on killing them.

By the time this season starts, a few of the band of seven are dead and their formidable leader Bankotsu has his weapon which is also charged with the shard of the jewel. What makes things worse is that Renkotsu the fire and explosives dealing member of the band of seven is a little reluctant under the leadership of Bankotsu and keeps the shards from his fallen brothers to himself rather than giving to Bankotsu. Finally it’s just the two of them left out of the seven and Bankotsu kills him as well and takes all the shards. Inuyasha has a tough time but with his Backlash wave he is defeated.

Meanwhile Naraku is nowhere to be found and no one can figure out where he could ne as there is not a single trace of him. That’s when the strange Mount Hakurei comes into picture. All our characters culminate at this point but there’s one problem. The barrier around the mountain which is set by a resentful saint Hakushin, is one that is extremely purifying. Which means demons can’t enter and even a lecherous thought by Miroku would be purified – it’s that’s strong. Naraku has somehow taken the Saint to his side by imbibing malice into his mind and Naraku hides behind that barrier while he regenerate himself.

So who can enter the barrier – Miroku and Sango.

It was one of the most epic episodes centering around Miroku and Sango with them just not being supporters of Inuyasha fighting his battles. It led to quite a few proclamations from both of them on how they care about each other. In the episodes to come Miroku finally confesses to Sango and the two decide to get married as well once their battle with Naraku is over. The two manage to find the saint in Mount Hakurei and destroy the barrier as well. At the exact same time, Inuyasha defeats Bankotsu but is trapped by the mountain which suddenly becomes unstable. Meanwhile Koga gets trapped in the mountain too as Kagome looks on helplessly.

And who might that be? Naraku of course. He seems to have developed into a super demon of sorts and the whole mountain seems to be him. While this happens Kikyo notices Kagura escape with a small thing in her hands. Our team is stuck in the depths of the mountains and Inuyasha risks his life to rescue Koga who fell to it’s depths. Once they’re all out though they realise that Naraku had reached to Kikyo first. He has finally found out how to remove Onigumo from him – which was the only thing stopping him from killing Kikyo and kills her. She falls into the depths of acid flowing through the crevices of the mountain and Inuyasha is devastated on learning the same. Kagome looks on helplessly and confused at Inuyasha’s lain while he goes to see if he can still save Kikyo.

On their way back a monk tells them of a priestess who got washed up somewhere severely injured. Inuyasha naturally rushes to save Kikyo but it all turns out to Kagura’s trap.

Kagome is forced to come in contact with The Infant which was what she carried out of Mount Hakurei. The infant feeds on the dark thoughts and feelings and takes over one. Kagome nearly falls trap but she proclaims her feelings towards Inuyasha and says that what happened doesn’t affect her. Just as she breaks free, Inuyasha arrives too.

Following this we have a few breather episodes until we are introduced to JoJo’s ancestor who wants to take his part of the Naginata of Kenkon and purify it as it causes havoc. As the season ends, the team is separated and attacked by the demons in order to complete the weapon and take control of it. Hojo shows feelings towards Kagome as they are trapped but she is captured. And the season ends.

That’s it for the overview this season! It looks like there isn’t much but that’s just the volume of the text. This season was perhaps one the most detailed story telling seasons so far in this series and I must say I have enjoyed it. So without any further delays I am going straight into the next one as well. For the posts on all the other seasons just click the link at the top!

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