Trying New Things (TNT) : The Amateur Chef : Butter Chicken

Earlier this month, I had announced that I would be starting a new column on my blog called “Trying New Things” or something that I fondly call as “TNT”.


I had mentioned earlier that this column would probably document all my ventures other than the reviews and analysis of Books,TV series and movies on my blog. Somewhere along the way I felt my blog that needed that tiny weeny personal touch.

Now when you read the title I’m pretty sure that you exoect me to give a recipe here but no. The only reason I am able to cook is because smart chefs and youtubers and food bloggers out there curate recipes with specifications to the dot so that even the new born chef can try and achieve edible food. What I’d like to share with this post is my venture on trying this new dish. I would obviously be linking what recipe I used as well.

For those of you who don’t know, Butter Chicken is a very famous North Indian dish that you can find in probably every single Indian restaurant across the globe. It’s popular because it’s the perfect balance of Savory, sweet, lavishness and smoothness amongst all sorts of dishes available. You may have guessed that the dish is lavish in butter so it’s not mean for the ones on a diet.

It’s basically a dish where you marinate some chicken pieces in spices, fry them or grill them and later cook them in a velvety smooth gravy which is a blended mix of onions, tomatoes and cashew nuts amongst other ingredients with some more lavish spices. The dish is also called Murgh Makhani which literally translates to Butter Chicken but also means velvety smooth.

Interestingly the dish was made back in the year 1947 by accident from some leftovers at a famous Moti Mahal restaurant in Delhi and now it’s a staple and well loved dish!

This is a Google image I didn’t make this one okay I’m just trying to show you how it’s supposed to turn out!

The vivid orange dish is mostly eaten with Indian breads like Naan or Indian rice dishes like maybe a Pulao. The choices on its accompaniments are endless honestly..

The recipe I followed was from the channel “Get Curried” on YouTube. I found their recipe simple, and executable by a newbie like me. You can check out the recipe I tried by clicking this link.

I was a little apprehensive in making this because I really really didn’t want to mess this up. I have tried this twice by the way – because the first time I made it I didn’t have the fresh cream which was the finishing element. And I’m a person that wants to follow a recipe to the dot before passing off my feedback on it. And how did it turn out? Well —-

An “aerial” view

It came out EXCELLENT! My mother was shocked at how my first round of cooking actually resulted in. The recipe was so easy to follow and after following it to the dot I ended up with very accurate and delicious butter chicken.

The finished view with a sprinkle of dried Fenugreek leaves as garnish.

As far as difficulty is concerned it wasn’t that difficult. Just make sure you don’t burn the chicken during the first cook since they’re small pieces and would cook easily. Also the only tedious part of the recipe was definitely the straining of the curry to make it velvety smooth. It was not exactly watery so it required quite a bit of manual work to get it done. If you’re all about the taste and not the presentation honestly you can skip that step!

If you’re a newbie to Indian cooking I highly recommend you try this you can have it with some plain rice too! Also I am aware that some of you may not be as familiar with the ingredients as they are common Indian ingredients, but let me know in the comments and I can help you too there! So bottom like of trying this new thing – success!


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