Inuyasha – Season 6 – Ep 139-167 – Ep recaps

Hello and welcome to the recap of Inuyasha – Season 6!

Inuyasha and team have defeated the Band of Seven but their problems with Naraku doesn’t end. He seems to have found a solution of keeping his weakness – his heart – away and has undergone a huge transformation that is making him at his most powerful form, yet.

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Ep 139 : The Great Duel at Shoun Falls!

Hoshiyomi combines the two blades and reveals his sad back story of how he was betrayed by the woman he loved, a powerful priestess. Meanwhile the others battle the remaining demons as the blades are combined.

Ep 140 : Eternal Love – The Naginata of Kenkon!

The spirit of Tsukiyomi arises as the blades are combined. She says that she attacked and enclosed her lover not to kill him but keep him at bay until he can control the blades as he was falling under the demonic influence. But she succumbed in a misunderstanding as well. Hojo proclaims his love for Kagome. As a final attempt, Tsukiyomi gives Inuyasha and Kagome a chance to end this once and for all.

Ep 141 : Entei! The Demon Horse Unleashed!

As the team comes and realizes that attacks are happening on monks, Kagura and The Infant attack a powerful monk only for The Infant to be cut into two. Kanna takes one half and gives the other half to Kagura. Meanwhile the monk dies and the fiery demon horse who he had kept under control escapes. It’s a fearsome horse that only the most powerful eligible people can ride.

Ep 142 : Untamed Entei and the horrible Hakudoshi!

The half that Kagura has becomes the latest incarnation of Naraku – Hakudoshi. He defeats the owner of Hentai and takes over the horse while Kagome and Shippo are attacked by a demon who must have been sent by Hakudoshi. He is meanwhile in search of the last shard which is in the netherworld.

Ep 143 : 3000 Leagues in search of Father!

Inuyasha helps a small otter demon reunite with his father who was attacked by Hakudoshi as he severed the heads of powerful demons. In the end the demon was saved by Sesshomaru’s Tenseiga. Meanwhile the netherworld is described to be a cloudy place with bones all over it, a place Inuyasha and Kagome have been before to his father’s grave to get the Tetsusaiga.

Ep 144 : Hosenki and the last shard

Inuyasha meets up with his father’s old friend in order to use the black pearl in his eye to visit the netherworld again but they meet a dead end. Kagura informs them of a gateway to the netherworld deep in the mountains.

Ep 145 : Bizzare Guards at the border of the Afterlife

Inuyasha and team head to the said mountain and find two strong guardians. Inuyasha uses his wind scar and forces the gates open and Kagura tries to enter with an entourage of demons who however all turn to stone with Kagura escaping narrowly. Kagome senses a shard at the other world. Meanwhile Kagura lashes out at Hakudoshi for sending her almost to her death and he warns her that her heart is still in Naraku’s possession and that she must obey.

Ep 146 : The Fiery Bird Master, Princess Abi

Princess Abi a phoenix demon is offered a weapon by Naraku in order to help her mother heal from the poison. She collected human blood by ravaging villages with her killer birds. Eventually she realizes that Naraku wants to pit her against Inuyasha and she leaves.

Ep 147 : The Tragic love song of destiny – Part 1

A flashback episode to fifty years ago shows Kaede witnessing Tsubaki curse Kikyo if she ever were to fall in love. Kikyo then fights demons and purifies the jewel which is when she meets Inuyasha a half demon who wants to use the jewel to be a full demon. She keeps him at bay but eventually becomes close and falls in love with each other. He gifts her a gift that he had from his mother which is a lip rouge.

Ep 148 : The tragic love song of destiny – Part 2

We then see the sequences where Onigumo wanting Kikyo gives himself to demons and forms Naraku. Naraku meanwhile tricks both Inuyasha and Kikyo who had decided to use the jewel to become mortals. Kikyo is fatally injured and Inuyasha is bound to the tree, unknown to both of them they had been tricked.

Ep 149 : The single arrow of chaos

Kanna’s part of the infant is entrusted to a noblewoman as her son along with Kohaku. Meanwhile Princess Abi attacks the village while Hakudoshi distracts Inuyasha and team. A renowned saint shoots a sacred arrow destroying Hakudoshis barrier. Entei is killed by Inuyasha by the Backlash wave.

Ep 150 : The mysterious light that guides the saint

There seems to be a chance that Kikyo is still alive. The team head to a sacred mountain and Inuyasha sees a vision of Kikyo and tries entering but if thwarted by Naraku’s demons. Kagome enters the barrier to find a severely injured Kikyo from Naraku’s miasma.

Ep 151 : Kagome’s instinctive choice

Kagome makes the choice to stay and purify Kikyo from Naraku’s miasma. She leaves immediately after she is done and Kagome witnesses the events fifty years ago from her memories and is irritated once she is reunited with Inuyasha and the others. Inuyasha meanwhile doesn’t go after Kikyo.

Ep 152 : Protect and Plunder!

Princess Abi is instructed by her mother to attack the castle where Kohaku and the infant are. Kagura is asked to tail Princess Abi by Hakudoshi. The palace is under attack and Kohaku is asked to protect the infant at all costs and leads the noblewoman and the infant to safety.

Ep 153 : The cruel reunion of fate

Naraku orders Kohaku to kill everyone so that Kanna can take the infant. Sango arrives as he kills them all and Kohaku gets all his memories and vows to kill Naraku. Meanwhile Sango realises that the infant may be the heart of Naraku.

Ep 154 : The Demon Linked with the Netherworld

Inuyasha meets up with Kikyo and discusses Naraku’s plan and how to end him once and for all. Kagome is also presented with an arrow from Kikyo which can be used to its fullest power only at the right time. With all the human blood collected, Princess Abi’s mother awakens and swallows Naraku. Naraku kills her from within and Princess Abi afterward opening a huge river of blood that will lead him to the netherworld.

Ep 155 : The Demon protector of the sacred jewel shard!

On reaching the netherworld, they meet Hosenki who is guarding the last shard and refuses to give it to anyone in fear of being tainted. He however succumbs to Naraku’s dark thoughts and attacks Inuyasha with Adamant strike (diamond) which plummets him down, injured.

Ep 156 : Final Battle at the graveside – Sesshomaru versus Inuyasha!

Sesshomaru is guided to the gate of the Netherworld by Kagura and easily passes through with the help of the Tenseiga which is a sword meant to destroy those things from the other world. Meanwhile Naraku tries to take the shard from a weakened Hosenki while Inuyasha struggles to break through Naraku’s Barrier with the Tetsusaiga. They realise that they cannot use the path they used to enter, to exit the netherworld.

Ep 157 : Destroy Naraku with the Adamant Barrage!

Sesshomaru and Naraku battle releasing deadly miasma. Whereas Inuyasha is struggling to choose whether he must clear the miasma for his friends or defeat Hosenki in order to gain his power. Realising his selflessness, Inuyasha is rewarded with the technique of Adamant Barrage by Hosenki. Inuyasha, Kagome and Sesshomaru combine forces and nearly destroy Naraku. Meanwhile Hakudoshi steals the shard.

Ep 158 : Stampede of the countless demon rats

Kohaku and Kagura team up to destroy the infant as it is the only way to destroy Naraku. Kohaku is meanwhile taken with Hakudoshi and releases an endless array of demon rats that devour everything in site in order to drive out Kikyo. Kikyo meanwhile performs a spell to rid of the rats. Realizing that Naraku is after Kikyo, Inuyasha and Kagome are out in search for her. Meanwhile Kohaku wants to stop the rampage but cannot as then Naraku will realise he has his memories back. Sango confronts him.

Ep 159 : Kohaku’s decision and Sango’s heart

Inuyasha and Kagome battle against Hakudoshi while Sango and Miroku battle against Kohaku to stop the rampage and is almost devoured by the rats until Kikyo intervenes. Kohaku is then taken away by Hakudoshi and Sango is torn on how she must feel about Kohaku as he has killed many innocents even if it were under the influence of Naraku.

Ep 160 : The Lucky but two-timing scoundrel!

Kagome is furious as Inuyasha has destroyed her new bicycle but cools down after seeing how nice he is with her friends.

Ep 161 : Miroku’s past mistake

The team comes to a village where a girl mentions she is betrothed to Miroku in order to avoid marrying a catfish demon. Emotions are tense between Miroku and Sango as they battle out the demon.

Ep 162 : Forever with Lord Sesshomaru

Inuyasha and team hears about a demon who seems to be kidnapping children. The villagers have entrusted the task of rescuing their children with a group of skilled monks. Ris is abducted leading Sesshomaru to intervene. Finally she is asked to choose whether she was wants to live with humans or Sesshomaru, and she chooses Sesshomaru.

Ep 163 : Kohaku, Sango and Kirara – The secret flower garden

Kirara returns to their home village and meets up with Kohaku and shares some find memories leaving behind a gift of flowers for Sango.

Ep 164 : Possessed by a parasite – Shippo our worst enemy!

A parasite chrysalis demon possesses Shippo causing havoc. Once that was eliminated they realise that Naraku has the Fukouyaki a instrument that can hide demonic energy.

Ep 165 : The Ultimate key to defeating Naraku

Naraku uses the Fuyoheki to hide the demon energy of his heart. Realising this Kikyo tells them that they can kill Naraku if his heart is destroyed.

Ep 166 : The bond between them, use the sacred jewel shard – Part 1

A set of child demon killers are led by Moryomaru. Hoping to find the heart there our group travels there but to no avail. Kagura however is suspicious and attacks and is eventually severely injured but helped by Sesshomaru. Naraku knows clearly now of Kagura’s betrayal but decides not to kill her yet as he has one final plan with her.

Ep 167 : The bond between them, the sacred jewel shard – Part 2

Kagura tells Sesshomaru about the infant and how to destroy Naraku. Meanwhile Kagura witnesses Hakudoshi murder Inuyasha and team are stuck in the belly of a demon in a fight for the last shard. As their last resort to escape Inuyasha uses the last shard with Kagome on his Tetsusaiga. He starts chaging to a demon due to influence of the shard but Kagome hold him injuring herself. They escape and vow to destroy Naraku once and for all.

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