Inuyasha – Season 6 – Overview and Summary

Hello! Welcome to another post on Inuyasha and we are now at the sixth season! Now this post would be a recap of the most important events that tie with the main story of Inuyasha because as we all know that traversing through the episodes can have many filler episodes and characters and sometimes we would want to see into just the story.

Naturally this post would have spoilers but if you are looking for just a review on the series of Inuyasha just click the link here. The link would also have episode by episode recaps as well as Season overviews such as this for all the seasons too! So let’s head into the Season Overview!

Hakudoshi – the new Naraku incarnation

Looks like Naraku really has no end to the incarnations that he has. As last season ended we saw that Kagura had left with what is called “The Infant”. The beginning of this season shows them travelling to shrine after shrine killing monks in order to find the answer to the location of the final shard of the jewel and how to get it. On encountering one such powerful monk, The Infant is cut into two and one half each is taken by Kagura and Kanna. Soon Kagura’s half develops into a child like figure who calls himself Hakudoshi – the latest incarnation of Naraku.


Hentei, the Demon Horse

Meanwhile with the death of the powerful monk after killing Hakudoshi leads to a feared horse demon escape called Hentei. And to our bad luck the horse let’s Hakudoshi tame and mount it. With immense speed and power, it’s definitely a challenge to defeat anyone on the Hentei.


The location of the last shard

The location of the last shard is found to be at the netherworld. Now this seems to be easy enough as Inuyasha and Kagome have made it there once with the black pearl in Inuyasha eye which is when he got the Tetsusaiga from his father’s grave. However looks like the pearl is for one time use.

There is a gateway amongst the mountains but the guards of the gateway are powerful making it difficult to open the door. And even if the door is opened, those who enter it will turn to dust, which Kagura almost nearly found out when Hakudoshi tested it by sending Kagura. The choices of reaching the netherworld seem impossible.

The tragic love story of destiny

As if we didn’t know enough, this season jad two episodes on what had happened to Kikyo and Inuyasha fifty years ago, starting with Tsubaki cursing Kikyo that she will fall when she falls in love. Although we know this story well, we got a lot more details this time on how their relationship grew. It was definitely painful watching it end.

Kikyo is still alive?

A new character called Princess Abi and her bloodthirsty demon birds wreak havoc along with Hakudoshi. But during one such bottle a single arrow breaks Hakudoshi’s barrier which leads everyone to believe that Kikyo may be alive after all. Hentei is eventually killed after the barrier is destroyed.

Kagome’s Choice

Kagome eventually does find Kikyo severely injured from Naraku’s miasma. She uses her powers to help heal Kikyo, for which she had a choice and to Kikyo’s surprise once again she decided to help Kikyo.


Naraku assigns Kohaku to protect his infant version in a human castle. It looks like Kohaku is gaining his memories though but when the time came he was forced yet again to kill all the people in the palace so that Kanna can retrieve the infant when the protection of the castle was ruined. Kagura realises there is an important connection to Naraku and The Infant if he is going to such lengths to protect it.

The door to the Netherworld

Remember how I told about Princess Abi. Naraku makes a partnership with her and gives her weapons that later helps her massacre more villages so that she can collect more human blood in order to cure her mother demon of her poison. Once the mother demon is awoken, Naraku kills Princess Abi as well as her mother where in a huge river of blood flows out creating a gateway to the netherworld. Naraku and Inuyasha and team enter the netherworld through that barrier.

Sesshomaru and the netherworld

Looks like Sesshomaru doesn’t have much issues to enter the netherworld as he possesses the Tenseiga, a sword which is from the other world.

The Adamant Barrage and the final battle

Now at the netherworld they realise the shard is protected by a demon called Hosenki. They convince Hosenki but it’s too late as Naraku starts to defile his mind. But out of his will to protect the shard and understanding Inuyasha’s selflessness, he bestows the power of the Adamant Barrage (an attack where he can shoot diamond spears) to the Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Kagome battle Naraku and although severely injured, he manages to escape.

The relationship between the characters

Following the battle at the netherworld we have a few episodes that account the growing relationship between the characters. Sango is torn on how she should feel about Kohaku as he has killed many even though it was under Naraku’s influence. She however decides to continue to fight for him whereas we can see that Kohaku has regained his memory but continues to act like Naraku’s puppet in order to destroy him. Sango is also torn on her feeling with Miroku as his lecherous activities don’t make things easy!

There is also an adorable episode with Inuyasha at Kagome’s home back in modern day Tokyo.

We also have an episode with Sesshomaru and Tim and how she decides to stay with him and not the humans.

The secret to killing Naraku

All the characters eventually find out that the secret to killing Naraku is to kill the infant which is heart. But things are not easy as he has hidden its demonic power the Fukoyeki crystal. Meanwhile a super demon called Moryomaru is also brought in by Hakudoshi. After battling again, the team vows to end Naraku once and for all and the season ends.

That’s a wrap on the season overview for Season 6! What did you feel! I totally feel an adrenaline rush as I can sense that the end is bear as the story is slowly but surely gripping into the climax! Just click the link above for the posts on the remaining seasons!

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