Inuyasha – Season 7 – Inuyasha : The Final Act – Ep 1-26 (168-193) – Ep recap

I cannot believe that I am at the final season of Inuyasha ! Somehow I’m just not able to wrap my head around it! We are at the final season where we are literally at the door step to ending Naraku once and for all, and I for one can’t wait because he is so evil!

Let’s dive straight in and see how the series finally wraps up! Also for all the related posts on Inuyasha , just click the link here!

Ep 1 (168) : Naraku’s heart

Kagura finally betrays Naraku and convinces Hakudoshi to release Moryomaru after stealing Kagome’s shard. Kohaku is helped by Kagura to flee now that the plan is out in the open and she reveals that Naraku’s heart is in fact inside Moryomaru. Realising the intentions of his incarnations he removes the barrier and the Saimyosho around Hakudoshi and he is eventually killed by The Wind Tunnel. Kagura meanwhile flees as this is her last chance and since her heart is with Naraku. Sango and Kohaku finally have a tearful reunion now that the fact he has regained his memory is out in the open. Kikyo meanwhile weakens.

The siblings finally reunite.

Ep 2 (169) : Kagura’s Wind

After Kikyo takes Midoriko (the priestess from which the Shikon jewel originated) spiritual power to strengthen she tells Inuyasha that in order to defeat Naraku, Kohaku’s shard must be purified and Naraku’s jewel completed so that the jewel as a whole will be purified and he will cease to exist. Kohaku overhearing this decides to follow Kikyo. Koga meanwhile obtains the Goraishi a heirloom weapon of the wolf demon tribe but finds difficulty managing his shards due to the heaviness from Midoriko’s influence. Kagura’s heart is meanwhile returned but she is stabbed with miasma by Naraku. As she bleeds on a beautiful flower bed, Sesshomaru finishes up his battle with Moryonaru who now has an impenetrable shell and even has his sword Tokijin destroyed. Sesshomaru arrives just as Kagura dies and turns to dust.

Kagura’s death.

Ep 3 (170) : Meido Zangetsuha

Pained after Kagura’s death, Totosai informa that Sesshomaru can use an offensive technique of the Tenseiga, the Meido Zangetsuha who cuts a path to the underworld and sends his enemies there in the form a crescent moon cut. He decides that it is up to him to avenge Kagura’s death. Meanwhile Inuyasha comes across a demon who was able to absorb the capabilities of the Tetsusaiga but defeats it.

Sesshomaru’s Meido Zangetsuha from the Tenseiga

Ep 4 (171) : Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga

Inuyasha defeats a rogue demon who tried to make a demon power absorbing sword. The capabilities are then transferred onto the Tetsusaiga which is now dragon scaled. The group then intervenes when Moryomaru fights with Koga only to defeat him, but to get injured. Naraku’s new incarnation Byakuya wonders how the Tetsusaiga can be managed by Inuyasha.

Dragon scaled Tetsusaiga

Ep 5 (172) : The Great Holy Demon Spirit’s Test

Sesshomaru tries to use the Meido on Moryonaru but fails as Byakuya interferes. Meanwhile on order to master the dragon scaled Tetsusaiga Inuyasha is put to the test by The Great Holy Demon Spirit and he gains the power to detect and cut the demon vortex in order to destroy his enemy.

Ep 6 (173) : The End of Moryomaru

Naraku absorbs a demon tree and uses its tendrils to kill Moryomaru from the inside. Despite the risks Miroku uses his wind tunnel and ends up bleeding heavily to stop and let Naraku escape. Kikyo worries that evem her spiritual powers cannot help Miroku from the miasma that is poisoning him. Miroku decides to hide it from Sango that the more he uses his wind tunnel the more the poison creeps to his heart.

Ep 7 (174) : The Mausoleum of Mount Azusa

Naraku takes back Onigumo and traps Inuyasha and Kikyo is his spider webs. Kagome’s bow snaps in the process and she goes to the Mount lf Azusa and passes the test to get the powerful now from there. Meanwhile Kohaku is attacked but saved by Sesshomaru.

Ep 8 (175) : Among the twinkling stars

The battle with Naraku intensifies as Koga loses his shards in the process. Kikyo falls and is injured but Kikyo asks Kagome to shoot her with the arrow to purify the jewel which Naraku cleverly hid in her. She does it and Naraku defiles the jewel and is injured and leaves. Kikyo meanwhile dies.

Ep 9 (176) : Sesshomaru in the underworld

During a venture into the underworld after being sent there by his mother, Sesshomaru strengthens his Meido technique. It’s also revealed that the Tenseiga can only be used once to save a person which means Rin can’t be saved anymore and since Kohaku prolongs his life with the shard, he can’t be saved either.

Ep 10 (177) : Flowers drenched in sadness

Although Naraku tries to defile the jewel he is not able to defile the last pure bit of Kikyo’s power from it. Inuyasha and group meanwhile fight a flower demon who manipulates their sadness. Kanna finally reveals the mirror demon.

Ep 11 (178) : Kanna’s Gravestone

The mirror demon steals Tetsusaiga’s powers and it’s challenging to defeat it. Inuyasha somehow regains his powers and fights back but Kanna takes the brute force of the attacks on herself instead of the mirror demon. Naraku commands her to detonate herself and kill everyone but she refuses which leads to Naraku killing her. As she disappears a shard falls in Kagome’s eye where Kanna tells her that Naraku can be defeated with the light.

Ep 12 (179) : Sango’s feelings, Miroku’s resolve

Sango meets up with the master of potions to repair and eventually strengthen her damaged Hiraikostu. While she fixes the same, Miroku accepts a poisonous medicine that will help him feel no pain when absorbing miasma but will not stop the poisoning.

Ep 13 (180) : A Complete Meido

A new demon claiming that Inuyasha’s father stole the Meido technique from him appears. He reveals about how the Tetsusaiga should have been for him and it’s eventually revealed that the swords were actually one and the Tenseiga was just a part that broke off. Sesshomaru is able to conjure a more powerful Meido but he gives up on the Tenseiga after the battle.

Ep 14 (181) : In Pursuit of Naraku

Naraku tries to take Kohaku’s shard when he is alone but is severely injured as the shard is still heavily purified. Sango realises her Hiraikostu is very powerful and injures Naraku further. Realising that Kikyo’s purification still exists they realise they still have a chance to finish off Naraku.

Ep 15 (182) : True Heir

The brothers battle out in the underworld on who is the true heir of the Tetsusaiga. Inuyasha eventually develops the Meido on his Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru finally understands and accepts his state. But Totosai informs that Sesshomaru is so much more closer to his real weapon.

Ep 16 (183) : Hitomiko’s Barrier

Naraku tries using a priestess called Kitomiko and after battling with him she reveals that Kagome has huge pools of spiritual power which are currently locked.

Ep 17 (184) : Magatsuhi’s Evil Will

It is revealed that Kagome’s powers ard sealed by the dark forces in the jewel called Magatsuhi. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru strughle to battle it and eventually Sesshomaru gets his weapon the Bakusaiga that can kill and stop regeneration as well.

Ep 18 (185) : The Day of the Days

Sesshomaru leaves Rin and Kohaku while he hunts out Magatsuhi. Meanwhile Kagome goes to write her entrance exams while Inuyasha keeps her company. Although powerless Kagome mentions she will fight and end this once and for all and Inuyasha vows to protect her.

Ep 19 (186) : Kohaku’s shard

Sesshomaru fights an illusion of Magatsuhi while the real one attacks Kohaku. Miroku and Rin are unconscious. It tries to take control of Kohaku with his pained memories but he is able to fight it and plummets down a canyon to force the evil spirit to go out.

Ep 20 (187) : When the jewel is whole

After battling Kohaku injures Naraku with a sacred arrow. However while retreating Rin is captured. Kohaku is eventually stabbed and his shard removed however, he lives again as Kikyo’s purifying light decided to remain in him and sustain his life.

Ep 21 (188) : Inside Naraku

Kagome is short listed for high school. Meanwhile back in the feudal era, Sesshomaru enters Naraku’s body to find Rin. After promising to marry once all this is over Miroku and Sango enter and are separated. The power within Naraku influences Inuyasha and he transforms and attacks Kagome. She is given a miasma coated arrow to kill Inuyasha and protect herself but she refuses. She is then pushed off a cliff by Inuyasha.

Ep 22 (189) : Naraku – The trap of darkness

Miroku and Sango are fed visions of Miroku’s father being engulfed the wind tunnel . He eventually uses the tunnel and weakens and two separate. Inuyasha returns back to normal with the Tetsusaiga and Kagome and attacks Magatsuhi.

Ep 23 (190) : Naraku – The trap of light

As Kagome uses her regained spiritual powers against Naraku, Inuyasha uses his Meido. Meanwhile Shippo sees Byakuya take some of the power of the Meido in his sword.

Ep 24 (191) : Naraku’s Uncertain Wish

Sango and Miroku are heavily injured as the two fall to what they feel is their death. Byakuya stabs Kagome with his sword which leaves no marks. All the characters assemble and decide to battle to end against Naraku. Kagome asks what Naraku’s unfinished wish the jewel is as earlier in the season her grandfather mentions how the jewel is destroyed by the person who makes the right wish.

Ep 25 (192) : Thoughts Fall Short

Naraku is eventually defeated by the combined efforts of everyone. It is revealed that Naraku has a wish to have Kikyo which the jewel never granted. Kagome is suddenly trapped in a Meido and the well at both ends disappear. Inuyasha also jumps into an meido and battle an endless bout of demons. Kagome talks to the jewel which tells her that she can make a selfish wish to save herself or be trapped here for an eternity.

Ep 26 (193) : Toward Tomorrow

Inuyasha reaches Kagome through her voice and saves her. Kagome makes the right wish which is to wish the jewel off of its existence. As Inuyasha returns Kagome the well is sealed and the magic stops. Kagome finds that the well reactivated again after her high school graduation and decides to go back. She then marries Inuyasha and lives in the feudal era. Meanwhile Miroku no longer has the wind tunnel and has three kids with Sango. Shippo is training to be a fox demon senior whereas Kohaku to be a demon slayer. Myoga travels with Totosai while Rin stays with Kaede to stay with humans while Sesshomaru pays her visits so she can make her decision when the time comes. Kagome continues her life as a priestess by learning about herbs from Jineji and other practises and lives with Inuyasha.

It’s kind of funny that they are married but Inuyasha still has the beads on, poor guy!

Well that’s a wrap on Inuyasha. Honestly my mind is just not wrapping around the idea that I have finished the series. I guess when you watch a good series this long, you just get invested in the characters of you know what I mean! Anyway the links to all my other Inuyasha posts are at the top! Thank you for reading!

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