Inuyasha – Season 7 – The Final Act – Season Overview and Recap

Wow. I can’t believe that I’m at the final season. I’m just not able to wrap my mind around it. I guess this happens when you watch long series with lots of episodes and a good one at that, and somehow you get invested with the characters if you know what I mean.

As always this season recaps the most important elements that form the crux of the story, and to filter out any filler episodes or characters. Since this is the final climax season there’s very little of that, but nevertheless here’s the overview! Also for all the other associated links on my blog on Inuyasha, just click the link here!

Goodbye Hakudoshi!

By the end of the last season Hakudoshi was using Kohaku and Kagura to plot against Naraku himself to destroy his heart. But Naraku eventually learns of his plans and removes his barrier which leads to Hakudoshi’s death. Kagura takes this chance to run away and Sango and Kohaku finally reunite. It’s revealed the infant with the Fukoyeki is hidden inside Moryomaru and he runs away after Hakudoshi is killed.

Kagura’s Freedom

Kagura escapes and Naraku gives her heart back. That is short lived though as she is impaled with his miasma and dies in a flower garden as Sesshomaru watches in her final moments. Sesshomaru is pained and decides to take revenge.

Kikyo’s Plan

Kikyo informs Naraku that they can send a purified shard from Kohaku in to complete Naraku’s jewel. That way the jewel as a whole would be purified and Naraku would meet his end. Despite knowing that he would die if the plan is done, Kohaku decides to follow Kikyo who maintains the purity of Kohaku’s shard.

Koga and his shards

Koga feels his shards getting heavier and unable to handle especially after Kikyo absorbed Midoriko’s spirit to keep her strength. He gains an ancestral weapon from the wolf demon tribe but eventually loses his shards to Naraku in battle and retreats with his tribe.

The secret to destroying the jewel

A short scene shows Kagome’s grandfather tell her the story of how the jewel was destroyed from its endless cycle of death and misery. When the right wish is placed upon the jewel it will cease to exist as per historical records. What the right question is hangs in the air until the end of the series.

Meido Zangetsuha

After feeling the empathy for Kagura, Sesshomaru finds that he has a new offensive technique with the Tenseiga called Meido Zangetsuha which can cut a path to the underworld and send his enemies there.

The Dragon Scaled Tetsusaiga

Inuyasha gains another new form of attack on his Tetsusaiga. He eventually learns to use it as an offensive by recognising the don vortex of his enemy and cutting through it.

The end of Moryomaru

Moryomaru and the infant in him was having a mind of its own and absorbing different demons to become invincible but that didn’t go along too far as Naraku eventually absorbed both of them in.

The bow from Mount Asuza

In an attempt to save Kikyo, Kagom gains a new weapon after passing a test on the darkest thoughts in her mind – the now from the Mausoleum of Mount Asuza.

Goodbye, Kikyo.

At the battle with Naraku he hides the jewel in Kikyo’s injured body as he fights. Kikyo forces Kagome to shoot the arrow at her and the jewel rebounds into Naraku to purify. Naraku isn’t purified but he is severely injured and he retreats. Kikyo finally succumbs to her injuries and dies in what may be one of the most painful and emotionally complicated episodes of the series.

Sesshomaru and the underworld

In a test by his mother Sesshomaru reliases that his meido is yet to attain it’s full form as it’s still in a crescent moon shape. He also realises he can only save a person once with the Tenseiga and fears for Rins life. We also come to know that since his life is sustained by the jewel shard, Kohaku can’t be revived by the Tenseiga either.

Goodbye Kanna

Kanna unleashes the mirror demon on Inuyasha and team which prove to be almost impossible to kill. Eventually Kanna is heavily injured and Naraku asks to give a final attack which she refuses. Naraku kills her as well but in her final moments she reveals to Kagome that a tiny speck of light of purity remains in the jewel which can be used to kill Naraku.

Sango and Miroku

While Sango upgrades her Hiraikostu at great risk to help Miroku who is weakening from the usage of the wind tunnel, Miroku consumes a herb like poison so that he will no longer feel pain from his wounds. He is aware he might die, but he decides protecting Sango is of more importance.

Tetsusaiga and Tenseiga

It’s revealed that the Tenseiga was a part of the Tetsusaiga that was cast off from it. Angered at getting the short end of the stick, Sesshomaru unleashes his anger and forms a complete Meido. The brothers eventually battle it out where Inuyasha proves he is the true owner of the Tetsusaiga. But by this Sesshomaru finally regains his real weapon. His right arm and a new weapon called Bakusaiga comes. The sword can kill a demon and make sure it never regenerates. In face it can kill thousands of demons at a time.

Magatsuhi and Kagome

Magatsuhi is the evil side of the Shikon jewel and fearing getting purified locks Kagome’s spiritual powers making her unable to help the others.

Kohaku however realises his shard still retains the power from Kikyo and can be used to end Naraku.

The whole Shikon Jewel

After relentless battle Naraku steals the shard from Kohaku. He however doesn’t die as Kikyo’s powers decided to remain with Kohaku and sustain his life, much to everyone’s relief.


All the characters assemble within Naraku’s body. Inuyasha is affected by the influence of the jewel and transform into a demon harming Kagome. Naraku tries convincing Kagome to use an arrow loaded with miasma to save herself but she doesn’t use it. Eventually she and Sesshomaru work together to bring Inuyasha back to normal.

Meanwhile Miroku and Sango are shown visions of how Mirokus father died from the wind tunnel. He uses his tunnel and when his injuries get severe leaves Sango to protect her. Sango in her attempts to find Miroku even try killing Rin after being influenced by Naraku but is later caught up by Sesshomaru.

At the final battle where all the characters assemble Naraku uses the final plunge from the jewel while Kagome questions what his true wish with the jewel was which is later revealed to have been Kikyo and is also something the jewel never granted for him. Everyone combines their powers and kills Naraku. Mirokus wind tunnel disappears and Kagome pierces the Shikon jewel with a sacred arrow.

The Conclusion

It’s too early to say things are okay now as Byakuya’s final attack takes Kagome and traps her in the underworld. Inuyasha gives chase but struggles to find her. Meanwhile the bone eater well at both ends disappear.

Inuyasha battles the endless demons in the jewel while Kagome is taunted by the use it to escape or be stuck for an eternity.

She is however sure Inuyasha will come to her and they both eventually find each other.

Kagome makes the wish on the Shikon jewel – the right wish – to wish it’s destruction. The well reappears and Kagome and Inuyasha are transported back to their eras but the well stops working.

Three years then pass. Kagome finishes high school. Miroku and Sango are married and have three kids. Myoga has joined Totosai. Shippo is training at the fox demon academy and Kohaku is training to be a demon slayer. Rin is meanwhile asked to stay with Kaede in the company of humans until the time comes for her to choose. It is however shown that Sesshomaru visits her regularly. Finally on her graduation day the well awakens and she leaves and decides to stay in the feudal era, marry Inuyasha and work as a Preistess.

They’re married but why are the beads still on him though LOL!

And that’s a wrap! And this time for real! I can’t believe the series has really ended but I just so much thought on it! For my review on the series and all other related posts including the posts on the Inuyasha movies, ic


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