Animezone – Inuyasha The Movie : Affections Touching Across Time – Review

Hello everyone and welcome back to another post on my Animezone column! Until recently I was exploring all the seasons of the classic anime series – Inuyasha on my blog. Naturally once I was done with all 193 episodes it was natural that I traversed into the manga and movies as well. The updates on the manga will come in later but I decided to update on the movies first. There are 4 movies totally based on Inuyasha, and this is the first of the four. Don’t worry if you’ve never watched the series before you don’t have to put off watching this as you don’t know what’s going on as I will give a spoiler free premise based on what point of the series the movie was made. Also the links for the other movies can be accessed by clicking that link for the series that I mentioned as well. Now onto the review!

Theatrical release poster

Title : Inuyasha the movie – Affections touching across time (English title) alternatively known as Inuyasha The Movie : The Love that transcends time , Eiga Inuyasha – Toki O Koeru Omoi (Japanese romanized title), 映画犬夜叉 時代を越える想い (Japanese title)

Country of origin : Japan

Language : Japanese (original) (Dubbed English versions available)

Directed by : Toshiya Shinohara

Screenplay by : Katsuyuki Sumisawa

Based on : Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

Starring (Japanese voice actors) : Kappei Yamaguchi, Satsuki Yukino, Kōji Tsujitani, Houko Kuwashima, Kumiko Watanabe, Noriko Hidaka, Hisako Kyōda,Tomokazu Seki, Hekura Shiina, Tomoko Kawakami

Starring (English voice actors) : Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, Jillian Michaels, Willow Johnson, Pam Hyatt, Vincent Gale, Venus Terzo, Lalainia Lindbjerg

Music by : Kaoru Wada

Production company : Sunrise

Released : 15 December 2001

Duration : 100 minutes

Genre : Fantasy, Feudal Era, Action, Romance

Kagome Higurashi

The premise of the story starts with a middle school student in modern day Tokyo – Kagome Higurashi. She lives with her mother, younger brother Sota and her grandfather who manages the ancient shrine where they live. One day while trying to find her runaway cat she feels something strange in the old dried up well in the shrine. A caterpillar demon drags her into a magical vortex and she lands in the Sengoku era of Japan. This era is where our feudal fairy tale then continues.

And why is she attacked? Kagome is the reincarnation of a powerful priestess by the name of Kikyo. Kikyo had died while tryong to protect the sacred Shikon Jewel fifty years ago in the feudal era. The Shikon jewel possess immense powers and must be kept away from the hands of evil dons who may gain immense power and misuse it. Fifty years ago one such demon, Inuyasha tried stealing it and Kikyo died right after sealing him on a tree with her sacred arrow.

The caterpillar demon is after Kagome as she has been reborn with the jewel inside her. Not knowing what to do she frees Inuyasha from the tree who destroys the demon. However in the struggle Kagome shoots an arrow that strikes the jewel and breaks it into many shards that spread all across Japan. Inuyasha and Kagome don’t like each other but the two decide to team up and get all the shards before it falls into the wrong hands. Inuyasha meanwhile wishes to use the jewel to become a full demon as he is half human and is depsised by both humans and demons as he does not fit in.

So that’s the premise of the series as whole, so where does this movie’s story fit in? Well, a majority of the story is focused on Kagome, Inuyasha and some other friends that they meet on the way and how they find the shards and their real enemy in the story.

The movie is set shortly after they meet all their friends – Shippo the young fox demon whose father was killed, Miroku a lecherous monk who has been cursed with a wind tunnel on his palm and Sango a demon slayer who has lost her family while battling their common enemy – Naraku.

The story of the movie centres around the revival of the son of a demon that Inuyasha’s father, a very powerful dog demon had once defeated and how the team overcomes all adversities and strengthen their bonds to defeat their enemy.

Well what did I feel about the movie?

Well, the thing about Inuyasha is, and you would know this from the review that I have linked with this post is that, it really has a fantastic plot that really held us on for 193 episodes. And let’s face it, 193 episodes is no small feat. But on the way on building up this entire series, especially in the very beginning there were many episodes where it was basically them finding and defeating one new demon every other day.

Although slightly repetitive, on the long run that’s how the story built up to what it is, so by the time I finished the series I didn’t really complain about that a lot.

This movie is set at a point in the beginning time when they are defeating demons and collecting the shards to complete the jewel with the exception that this demon happened to be extremely powerful.

Since this movie was released shortly after Season 1, that plot totally makes sense. Honestly I may have not liked it as much as I should have because I watched it after the entire series which is my bad I guess!

Another important facet that is described in the series is the relationship between Kagome and Inuyasha. It’s something that takes time to grow and deepen but this movie really was a vital moment as far as both of them were concerned. Some of the other more vital characters , which I won’t speak of as it may be spoilers for the series were missed, but I’m going to attribute that due to the pattern in which I decided to watch the movie.

The characters animation was also slightly different. It’s very subtle so I wouldn’t really pull that as a fault.

All in all its an excellent addition to the story however I strongly recommend you watch it right after season 1 in order to grasp the story and it’s flow more comfortably. As this was just the beginning this particular movie didn’t explore into a whole lot of details either, but it’s still a good watch for all the Inuyasha fans out there!

Have you watched this movie? Let me know what you felt in the comments !

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