The 5 Year Journal – August 2020 Update!

After all the stuff that has been going on IRL I’ve finally found the time to update on the monthly posts! Honestly these are supposed to be up at the month beginning but I just couldn’t make it! But my policy is no matter what these should come up at any point of time on my blog so I’m not going to fret too much about how late I am!

So welcome to my August update of the five year journal! This would be part 8/60 in my five year journal and yes it’s an actual five year project that I hope to complete and let you guys know of the progress something I’m super excited for!

Now what is a five year journal? A five year journal is basically a book that 365 questions and maybe an extra one for the leap day which will naturally come in the period of five years. The objective of this project would be to answer one question a day and see how your answers change over the five years.

Interesting right?

If you’ve ever thought about doing a journal project but don’t want anything high maintenance then this is the journal for you! And also you don’t need to buy like a specific 5 year journal, you can just buy a somewhat nice quality notebook that won’t get damaged in five years of use and which has enough pages to accomodate your 365 questions and the answers. Diaries with a page for a day are quite suitable as long as they have ample space for Saturday’s and Sunday’s too because sometimes both those days happen to be on the same page in some formats.

And about the questions you can easily source them out from the internet. I get mine from Pinterest and you can easily refer that or my posts where I have attached the questions that I have referred to! The custom made diaries just seemed too expensive when I could just make it myself you know!

So what are the interesting questions for this month? Well –

Question 2 I guess could be one that would be an impactful question. It needn’t have a huge impacting answer maybe every year but if it ever does I’m pretty sure it would resonate through all the years I happen to go through the question as well.

Question 5 is going to be low-key embarrassing and I’m pretty sure the answer is going to be no for all the five years! (I’m hoping that changes though, please do inspire me in the comments if possible!)

Question 7 – the memories I thought about. Aaahhh. Recently once I started doing bujo and all that I started getting a lot of high quality journals as gifts. Some are for the year 2020 which means I literally have to use so many journals in a single year. I actually have a journal where I record a lot of my fond and important memories that I feel would be recorded. I guess the answer to this question would probably be what I entered in this journal too!

Question 16 – I honestly don’t know if I have an answer to that since all I do is stay at home!

Question 29 – again another interesting question the answers of which I will read through the years is something I’m looking forward to.

And finally, Question 31! Yes, it is a very vital question! I know so because of the number of times my mom has compared milk prices from when I was younger to now! It really makes you think about how much more money things cost as time goes by, sadly.

Do you maintain a five year journal? Or are you interested to maintain one? Remember you don’t have to wait for a new year to begin you can start whenever you want as long as you maintain it for the whole period! I know it seems a lot but it literally takes a second to write in, especially once year one is done and you have already jotted down all your questions! Let me know in the comments on your journal expeditions and what you feel about this month’s questions!

Image courtesy : Google Image Search and Pinterest


    • Although it seems like a five year thing it’s actually quite okay to commit too since it takes less than a minute to answer a question a day you know. Unlike expansive bullet journals with monthly themes and details. I feel so since I do both!

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  1. This seems like an interesting project. I have never maintained a journal but many times I feel if I had one, I could go back to that period of old days and take a nostalgic ride. We remember main events of our life, but forget the simple day to day things and a journal seems like a good way to relive those.
    All the best with your 5 year journal!

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