September 2020 Bullet Journal Setup!

September is nearly over and here I am with the setup! I knew with all the stuff I go around doing and with my job I will have times when my posts delay. Thankfully the only time sensitive posts are indeed my bujo posts or maybe other specials. I have been so far keeping the schedule for the bujo posts somewhat well but what with Onam and my job and everything going on this did suffer a slight delay. Nevertheless I always beleive it’s better to be late than never! Now onto this months theme!

As always I would like to highlight my usual disclaimer on my bujo posts none of this is my creativity. Maybe some things here are there which I mention but I will definitely link whatever original art from which I have adapted this bujo spread from in this post. Please do make sure to give some love to the original creators as always!

This months color theme is something I didn’t really have a collective word for honestly. I guess if you remove the salmon pink it somewhat reminds you of Captain America? Hahahha! Just joking! However these four colors were not a random selection but there was a tiny reason why I did choose them and that’s because of the spread.

The spread this time is an adaptation from this Instagram post (please do show some love to the original post). I thought I will stick with some simple fairy light like setup considering how late I was to do it as well as I didn’t have a lot of time at hand either. I did take the quote of the month from the same Instagram posts as well which is as follows –

I did alter the font every so slightly. And for the more fairy light like feel for the main page of this months spread I made sure I sed a very light hand with my Sakura Pigma Microns. Like I said the colors were chosen for a reason, and that reason being that I felt those 4 colors looked really pretty as stars. Now that I think about I feel like Captain America may be the reason after all!

The mood tracker directly follows the cover page as well. However I thought that maybe I could change the lengths of the stars depending on the intensity of the mood as well? I think it’s something worth trying and will let you know how that goes!

My month at a glance I always the same format with a box for a day to write the highlight of the day into. The only different across the months would be how I customise each part of it and it was obvious how this one would end up! Stars, stars and more stars!

The weekly spread can be seen as a direct inspiration from the cover page as well as this Pinterest post. I’ve kept the boxes wonky and irregular on purpose. Fairy lights (which is what I imagine this theme to be at least in a primitive sense) is haphazard and can wrap up around however we wish. There is no uniformity in it, and that forms something really beautiful and elegant. I’ve somehow tried to incorporate that with my wonky boxes! Haha

And that’s a wrap for this month’s spread! I know I’m late but what do you think? Do you do spreads as well? Please do let me know in the comments!


  1. I do them, but not as nice as those :-p I simply make lists at the beginning of the month for “one sentence per day,” “books read,” and “movies watched.” Other than that, my journal is mostly words and not a lot of pictures. πŸ™‚

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