The Playlist – August 2020

Hello and I’m back with the tunes I’ve grooved to in August! It’s super late but I had some things going on but I always go by it’s better late than never, so here I am!

As always I have linked the Spotify and YouTube playlists for the month as well! You can listen to the Spotify playlist as you read, or check out the official music videos or audio from YouTube! Now let’s get into it!

Dynamite by BTS

Being the BTS fan that I am, it’s not a hue surprise that this has come up on the playlist! It’s a fresh release from August and by the time I’m publishing this post it has gathered numerous world records under its belt! Aside from that the song is an upbeat disco theme song as a small ray of hope in the tough time we face nowadays as our lives have been turned upside down by COVID-19. It’s funky, happy and groovy and you can’t help groove with the beat! And for the first time, the boys have trued a full English lyrics on this song, despite the difficulties in producing it that way as well.

Dynamite – Acoustic Remix by BTS

It’s not a surprise that the boys have a range of remixes available for their single as well. There are indeed a plethora of remixes but the acoustic version is my favorite wo far because it gives such a refreshing vibe to the peppy song!

I wish I missed my ex by Mahalia

Mahalia is a new discovery for me, and this particular song from her album “Love and Compromise” has been a definite ear worm for me!

Cereal (feat. Zico) by Crush

Crush is not an unfamiliar artist at least to those people who pay attention to the OSTs in K-Dramas. He has delivered some amazing songs but this time he has paired with Zico to create this song! The part I loved the most about this song is the beginning beat that resonates through this song. It really makes us feel interested in the track and dive straight in. This song is actually something that I started listening to long back, but it has made a resurgence back to loop into my playlist again!

Home by Ramin Djawadi

As much as we were disappointed with how GOT ended we must admit it has a killer OST, fully composed by Ramin Djawadi. Home, along with other songs like Khaleesi, Light of the Seven etc are my top favorites!

It Hurts by Bad Bad Hats

Another recent addition and discovery – the song and the artist, it hasn’t left my playlist one bit!

If you wanna (feat. Ayelie) by Alex Lustig

I discovered Alex Lustig after Jungkook from BTS used one of his songs in a video edit that he used for a dance practice. I found the style interesting and naturally checked out his other works and I’m happy to say I have a few more favorites now!

Come to this by Natalie Taylor

Another new addition that I couldn’t stop listening to. I have listened to some other work by this artist but this song has surely improved my interest in diving into their work more!

Pillow by Hot Potato

After I started following BTS earnestly I have not only explored their complete discography but have also discovered some really good artists through their recommendations. Since non-English music and artists are comparatively unfamiliar to me I’ve found some really good music and artists via BTS and also the fandom on Twitter. And this song happens to be one of them, that I really enjoyed.

Wednesday Afternoon by Fair Game

This songs smooth beats have been a staple and a stress buster not just on Wednesday afternoons but on every day I needed it!


The boys of TXT have some really huge expectations as they are the group from BTS’s label right after BTS. But I’m happy to see they have created their own individuality in their music and are slowly but surely making their mark. Their music is steadily getting better and I end up adding more and more into my playlist as time passes by. This one’s from their latest album and has an interesting music video on YouTube too. Also they have a new album coming up in October! Can’t wait for that!

Cloudy Seoul (feat. Han Hee Jung) by MOT

When you want gentle, mellow beats this song is always a mood. An old favorite, it has inched its way back into my favorites playlist!

And that’s it for the beats I grooved to in August! Do yoh have any of your favorite songs and artists here? And any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

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