The Couch Potato – K-Drama review – Black (2017)

Hello everyone! I am back with another edition of The Couch Potato as we dig deeper into TV series! And this time it’s one that I couldn’t wait any longer to publish which is on this drama called Black.

As always with my Couch Potato series this post would be a preview post on what I felt about the synopsis and all just before I started watching the series. I will link right below on the episode recaps (which would have my commentary as well) , a review once I hit the middle of the series as well as a final spoiler free review if that’s what you’re looking for! So let’s get into it!

Episodes 1 to 3 recap

Episodes 4-6 recap

Episodes 7-9 recap

Mid run-recap, review, predictions

Episodes 10-12 recap

Episodes 13-15 recap

Episodes 16-18 (final) recap

Spoiler free review

Release poster

From what I read about the synopsis it looks like we have another Grim Reaper story at our hands, everyone! I did thoroughly enjoy 49 Days as well as Goblin, both of which had some memorable characters that played Grim reapers.

This synopsis however says that our lead, who is a Grim Reaper, is out in the human world who is looking for his fugitive partner as he has hidden himself in the human world. But as he keeps searching for his partner he finds himself knee deep into the secrets behind a 20 years old cold murder case.

To make this synopsis more interesting he seems to fall in love with a mortal girl, which is not only a huge no-no in the rulebook of the Grim Reapers but this particular girl happens to have the power to know when someone is about to die, while the Grim Reapers collect the souls of the dead. I mean we have heard of the lead couple who has had contrasting life circumstances but this one was quite interesting!

I’m expecting a very dark, morbid, and tense layout for this drama. Please, please I do hope there’s no cutesy romance I don’t think it will fit the mood for this one. I really need a good, suspense filled drama to watch because I have been on a romance high for a few months now!

Looks like Song Seung Hoon is the main lead here and I am very excited for that too because the last I saw of him was in Autumn of my heart which was an emotional ride I haven’t recovered from!

There are no other familiar faces for me in the acting lineup – yet,because you never know how one drama can make you go from a casual watcher of an actor’s work to being their biggest fan!

The show has already finished its run so I can’t wait to give it a watch! I honestly don’t know what to expect since we don’t have much out of the synopsis other than this! Anyway my explorations into this can be seen on my episode recaps which are linked at the top!

The show has 18 episodes, which are all available on Netflix with a rating of 8 which has me impressed with high expectations! Let’s dive in, and I will see you at the other end!



  1. Yes! You will love this series. It’s one my alltime favorite K-dramas. The story is amazing! All I can say is, don’t judge this one by the first two episodes😊😊 Hope you will enjoy it, and look forward to hearing your thoughts for this one!😀

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  2. […] Now it’s not just episode recaps that I will have up on my blog, but I will have a post with my expectations based on the synopsis and cast, episode recaps with my commentary in bold italics, a review and expectations once I reach the halfway mark in the episodes, and a final spoiler free review if you are looking for just that. You can access them all by clicking the link here. […]

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