The Couch Potato : Black (K-Drama,2017) – Episode recaps – Ep 1 to 3

Hello and welcome to the couch potato episode on the K-Drama called Black! I have a series of posts from my thoughts on the synopsis, to episode recaps, mid point reviews and predictions, and spoiler free reviews, all of which you can access by clicking this link!

Now my episode recaps won’t just recount the episode but would have my commentary which will be highlighted in bold italics.

Episode 1

A man, who we don’t know who it is yet, jumps into a lake from a cliff and finds a crashed car with a rotting body and asks – “Is this me?”. Okay, we are being thrown into this story you guys, let me guess he is the Grim Reaper – since he found his body.

The same man is shown in the next scene as a junior detective Han Moo Gang (played by Song Seong Heun). He’s so rookie that he pukes all over a dug up rotting body and is shooed away by his senior Kwang Kyung. The person seems to have died from a blow on the head by a blunt weapon and has strange gel like bags in the rib area. Breast implants maybe? The shape of the skull deduces that the person is a male. Oh well there goes my breast implant theory.

We then meet our leading lady Kang Ha Ram (played by Go Ara) who seems to be wearing shades in the inside – at night. Why, because she can see shadows behind people who are about to die,which naturally terrifies her. Her boss asks her to take the shades off and she sees the shadow behind a customer and begs him not to go. He happens to be her ex, and refuses to listen to her and she’s “clingy” (literally) and is bad luck. He walks out and gets killed by a truck. She is sad at what happens and thinks back to how her father gave her shades so that she won’t be scared but it looks like she had enough.

Moo Gang may seem like the most unlikely person to be a good detective but he has a retina scanner entry room in his home and seems to be personally investigating something.

Ha Ram meanwhile is going somewhere with a picture of her younger self and a boy. Oh my god, don’t tell me that’s Moo Gang her destined one. Please not a cutesy romance please!

The plane Ha Ram boards has a plane full of shadows and she screams that the plane will crash and gets off only for the plane to really crash.

We then meet Oh Man Soo, a chaebol heir who sighs as his parents company needs to pay out for the insurance of the crashed flight. Wow. How he ends up thinking that I really don’t know. I guess it’s a chaebol owning insurance company thing LOL.

The silicone bags are indeed deduced to be breasts implants. My theory was right! They start to search for the identity of the woman with the help of the serial numbers on the implants.

At the police station where Ha Ram is kept for suspicions on terrorism on the crashed flight, she meets a woman who bumps into her and she sees a vision of the woman freezing to death in a small cramped place. Meanwhile Man Soo is given the insurance company by his elder brother much to his joy.

After Moo Gang experiences another of Ha Ram’s death predictions come true he realises that she can really see approaching death. Moo Gang begs her to work with him to solve crimes and help make things better. She doubts that because she was not able to save her own father.

Moo Gang meanwhile finds that the implants were part of a sex change operation (well that explains the skull and stuff) and seems to recognise the person as well and hides it from his senior. What is this guy up to?

We see a flashback of a woman hitting a schoolgirl asking her where “the tapes” are. The name tag of the girl falls off and a young Moon Gang sees the name as “Kim Seon Young”. He hunts in old school records and finds her – it’s his girlfriend. She’s shocked he found out and starts to tell him the truth about the “tapes”. Why does this episode feel like a season finale episode? So many revelations!

About a month later Ha Ram decides to save lives and finds a man who will meet his end because of a hostage situation. She blocks him from going anywhere near the site of the incident and desperate she gets him arrested so he will be safe. She however sees that a runaway soldier is the reason for the hostage situation and worries that someone else might take the place of the hostage and asks Moo Gang’s help.

They manage to track the down tbe soldier and feels it’s a good wrap to the day.

However she gets a bad feeling and realises that a hostage situation did happen but the captor seems to be someone different. She also realises after seeing old photos of Moo Gang that he is her childhood crush. Of course!

Moo Gang eventually gets shot in the head and dies at the hospital.

A distraught Ha Ram tries to kill herself, while a strange man comes to gouge the eyeballs out of Moo Gang’s body. Just as he is about to, Moo Gang opens his eyes, and wakes up. The grim reaper is here people!

Episode 2

The premise of the episode starts with a grim reaper who waits for his victims, a newly married couple to die. A voice over mentions how a grim reaper must never look in the eyes of one in love, and he looks into the eyes of a woman crying out to her newly wed husband. What is happening?

As news spreads on the return of Moo Gang, Ha Ram is saved by Man Soo who came to see her as he believes in her fortune telling.

Ha Ram meets Moo Gang who she calls Joon oppa (that’s what she used to call her childhood crush) but Moo Gang walks off rather rudely. He loses consciousness and is taken to the hospital where he is perfectly fine, just that he has a bullet lodged in his head. The masked man is back and injects something into Moo Gang’s IV bag and tells someone “it’s taken care of”. What issue does he have with Moo Gang? Does it have something to do with the retina scan room in Moo Gang’s home?

At this point we are assuming Moo Gang is a Grim Reaper and doesn’t know anything about Moo Gang while the people around him naturally think it’s memory loss. Ha Ram is however persistent behind her beloved Joon oppa and we see some hilarious sequences of our Grim Reaper trying to throw her off!

Looks like he can teleport himself to places from anything with a door and goes to the police station much to the shock of his colleagues to get information on someone. He then desperately searches for someone to no avail and causes another set of hilarious antics and is arrested by the police.

Grim Reaper eventually realises he needs to work as a detective in order to not be fired and surprises his colleagues when he doesn’t vomit all over the body and even analyses the murder scene perfectly. The scene is of a brutal killing of a hospital staff by a patient.

It also looks like Ha Ram has problems of her own with people taking her money, her mother literally disowning her, and how she knows her father got murdered, but her mother never bothered to search for the criminal. Aahh poor Ha Ram. She thinks about how Moo Gang could help her solve the murder and wonders if he still lives back in the old home her Joon oppa used to live.

Back at Moo Gang’s home, a bloodied Moo Gang has a conversation with a Grim Reaper, whose called Black. It looks like Moo Gang was killed not by his captor, but by a sniper. The same one who tried to gouge his eye out, who also is spying on Moo Gang’s home. Right before Moo Gang died three Grim Reapers had arrived with one vowing to catch someone. Black then tells Moo Gang that he is now dead and has taken over his body. I see! Wait, do we have to say goodbye to Moo Gang once all this is over? I don’t think I’m ready for that! 😢

Episode 3

We get an explanation into the world of the Grim Reapers. There are two kinds – the ones that are original reapers and others that are punished to be reapers for committing suicide. Naturally the punished ones are seen lesser than the others and our reaper Black is a pure born Reaper. He is paired with a low type reaper who is a scaredy cat. Black using his authority orders him to reap the souls on his own without causing a goof up. They receive their soul collecting duties from an arcade Machine in an abandoned amusement park. Interesting and super creepy setting!

While Black sets out for his own assignment he realises his sidekick has abandoned his tasks and is living in the human world after taking over a human body. He realises he needs to find him.

The problem is that if he doesn’t find his partner then the laws state that he would be punished instead by turning into a three headed dog. Fearing that Black decides to take over Moo Gang’s body to find his runaway sidekick. Going forward, I will refer to Moo Gang as Black, as that is who he is now.

Meanwhile Black realises his next assignment is Ha Ram and that the shadows that she sees are actually the Grim Reapers behind a person as they die. He hopes she doesn’t die soon as he would need her help.

It also looks like there is another reason Black chose Moo Gang. Because he has a gun and that can be used in the temple of a human in which the reaper hides to force him out. But in order to keep the gun he would have to fulfill his detective work properly. Meanwhile the mental hospital case is going nowhere except for the fact that Moo Gang visited the hospital a month back. Ha Ram also wonders why her Joon oppa never replied to all her letters despite her sending it to right address.

The next day a woman is found dead in athe freezer, the same woman Ha Ram bumped into and saw the premonition of her freezing to death. Black’s analysis of the death is accurate. While the hospital murder was done out of a sudden urge, the freezer death was a planned murder and the woman has been dead for over a month and died due to freezing after being strangled and tortured before being out into the freezer alive. This is literally giving me the chills you guys. So many cold blooded cases in this drama!

Meanwhile Ha Ram decides to take Man Soo’s help to solve her father’s murder from the man with the spider tattoo she saw in her premonition and the scene of her father’s death.

Soo Wan sees the freezer murder case and recalls the victim and wonders if “that person” did it. Suddenly a man comes in and calls her real name with a knife at her throat. He says he didn’t kill the freezer victim and only the mental hospital murder and asks her for her help. Not sure how the man finds it releiving to say he only committed one murder and not two, Omg.

Meanwhile Man Soo finds there are no records of her father, nor are there any records from the year 1997 in the database. His brother harrassed him from all the bad press from the freezer murder and he realises that Ha Ram can really predict deaths and thinks of using her skills on his VIP clients.

Ha Ram’s investigation based on what she got from Man Soo and Black’s investigation to find his missing sidekick lead them both to meet. He understands he can use Ha Ram to find the reaper as she can see a shadow within a body if a reaper is occupying the body. He does find a student like that but realises it’s a different reaper altogether. Just how many reapers are living in the human world? We see that a reaper that exits and enters the body again would lose his previous memories in the body. Black makes the new Reaper do that so that he would forget meeting Black. He then send the kid plummeting to his death by pushing him from the rooftop so that the squad can catch this reaper. Black is effortlessly ruthless I tell you. Wow. I am loving how this is going!

And that’s a wrap on the recap and commentary for the first three episodes! Please do check out the link at the top for all the other posts on this series!

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