The Couch Potato : Black (K-Drama,2017) – Episode recaps – Ep 4 to 6

Hello! And welcome back to me diving into the K-Drama “Black” where a grim reaper overtakes a human body to find his runway colleague while meeting a girl who can see grim reapers and when and how people will die. The two will sink deep into a cold murder case and we have already had some revelations on the same!

Now the expedition into this series contains not just episode recaps, but expectations based on synopsis and cast, a mid run review once I complete half of the series and an ending spoiler free review if you’re looking for that. You can check them all out on the link here. The episode recaps will be kept as minimal and to-the-point as possible and it will have my commentary in between which will be highlighted in bold italics. So let’s dive in!

Episode 4

We see another recap where Black and his old partner wait for Ha Ram’s ex boyfriend to get hit by a truck and die. Black is shocked that Ha Ram can see and apparently the shadow she touches to know how a person would die is actually her touching the Grim Reaper which shocks Black. The ex boyfriend eventually dies and his soul is taken by Black while the partner looks back sadly and thinks how one can never escape death. Today is the last day of Black’s partner as a grim reaper. I guess he had commited suicide when he was in the human world.

Black meanwhile back at Ha Ram’s place at night and asks if she still likes him (the whole Joon oppa thing) and asks her to be his eyes to save lives (to use her to find his runaway partner). It looks like Ha Ram had seen Black after the student fell to his death and wonders why he has a sudden change in thought. Black tries to give the excuse that his memory is all bad because of the bullet in his head. Still, Ha Ram refuses as she feels that’s her fault and the two eventually argue and not come to an agreement.

Man Soo meanwhile visits his father who looks like he is on his deathbed. His brother stomps inside angry that Man Soo was allowed to visit his dad. Looks like Man Soo is the illegitimate heir who his father really likes and wants by his side. His brother kicks out Man Soo and tells his dad that he’s cleaning up all of his mess now. What a wonderful son he is and an even better brother at that. That scene where he beat up Man Soo in the earlier episode was hard to watch honestly.

Man Soo thinks whether he should give Ha Ram all the information he has or wait until she is done with the investigation on all the VIP clients. He looks at an old picture of a man with his arms over I’m assuming Ha Ram’s mother and wonders if he is the man who murdered her father. Looks like this is the same guy who escaped the mental hospital after the brutal murder at the hospital. Uh oh.

We see a flashback where our crazy murderer enters an abandoned building where the young Joon oppa and a younger boy are there. The man lunges towards them both and he eventually gets hit by a brick by the younger boy on his face which helps them both escape. Black seems to be having a dream about this memory too and wonders why. Is Black the younger boy? But Black is a pure kind of Grim Reaper and at this point the origins of that is unknown, so, let’s keep watching.

Black also realizes that Ha Ram has not been able to see him inside Moo Gang’s body like she did with the one at the school because he has always worn black. He decides to continue that. Hold up. Didn’t Ha Ram see him in a white hospital gown in the beginning? Have I discovered a loophole in the story? Let me know in the comments if you guys think so LOL!

Meanwhile Kwang Kyun finds a note on “a million dollars” in the freezer victims diary. Black is meanwhile questioned by the police as the man who shot him seems to have killed himself although Black denies knowing anything. They also find that Moo Gang has gotten a speeding ticket on the day he was shot, but the timestamp shows that he should have been headed towards the site of the shooting but was in another intersection altogether. Just what is happening? My poor brain!

Soo Wan meanwhile thinks back to the freezer victim. She had talked to “the man” for a million dollars (Oh) in exchange for “the tape” feeling that Soo Wan will give it to her. Soo Wan doesn’t have it and asks the victim to stay away from those people. She wonders if the tape is at Moo Gang’s home and decides to find it. She’s unsuccessful at her first attempt as she is not able to crack the retina lock.

Black visits the sniper who shot him who reveals he was ordered to do, and goes into shock. Black realises that Moo Gang would have died anyway on that day and he wants Ha Ram to realise that so that she can help him look for his missing partner. But Black is also curious because the sniper says that they will come for Moo Gang again, and he wonders what is going on. I swear Moo Gang was living a literal double life under all that vomiting and pink hoodies and stuffed toys.

Black starts investigating where Moo Gang was really going on the day of the shooting and realises it’s a hotel where Black had actually seen him when looking for his runaway partner. Moo Gang had actually entrusted a parking attendant to do his duties at the shooting site and Black tells Ha Ram all this to convince her that it’s not her fault all this happened to Moo Gang. Ha Ram thinks back to her vision and remembers that there were two shots. One by the kidnapper and an another by a sniper and decides to help Black. Wonder why she missed that last time.

Kwang Kyun meets up with the commissioner at Mujin for some CCTV footage for further investigation on the freezer case. The commissioner looks a little nervous though when he takes the footage. It also looks like the commissioner is one of the VIP clients that he asked Ha Ram to tail as he is his father’s friend. Looks like the station at Mujin is also where Ha Ram’s father worked. I know there’s a lot of interconnections but let’s keep up. Ha Ram confirms there is no shadow on the commissioner and reports back to Man Soo. She however finds a boy who dies by being stuffed in a suitcase and helps him back to his parents. Why are all the people she meet having such gruesome deaths! The commissioner meanwhile tracks down old photos of the freezer victim and is shocked to see who she is. A shadow immediately comes behind the commissioner. Uh oh. Who is this woman? What is happening!

Meanwhile Black gets a call from the sniper who seems to be talking to a man. Black teleports to the sniper but he is already dead, by the same man that tried to gouge Moo Gang’s eyes off. They fight but Black is attacked with some sedatives and loses him.

On waking up, he realises that Moo Gang may be in danger and Ha Ram would only co-operate with Moo Gang as his eye and not any other body. To find out what’s up with this guy he decides to check out the locked room.

Inside the room Black sees many clipping and photos on a building collapse in Mujin that killed hundreds. He also sees a tape that seems to just have static and a picture of Joon oppa and the little boy in the flashback. Someone arrives and Black leaves not closing the door properly. Aaahhh classic mistake. I already know that someone is going to tamper with all of this. Suddenly the static in the tape goes and it’s a video of the dead woman from 20 years ago whose body was the one Moo Gang puked all over. The woman takes a video of Soo Wan (whose known by her old name in the video). The woman then asks Soo Wan to undress. Whuuuuutttttttt!!! I knew something was up with everyone going on and on about the “tapes”! Meanwhile Ha Ram is at Black’s door saying she will help him.

Episode 5

Now at Black’s doorstep she asks his help to save the little boy but since it has nothing to do with the missing partner he doesn’t agree. She eventually goes off on her own and Black follows because if Ha Ram does save the boy then the Death squad would be on their tail. Ha Ram meanwhile tracks down the kids killer from her vision – it’s his teacher.

Meanwhile the commissioner thinks back to the freezer victim twenty years ago. He had once seen her about late at night and had warned her that “Clara” would kick her out of she doesn’t go back soon. It looks like freezer victim was struck with polio and later abandoned by her parents in a bar where she works. It looks the commissioner suspected her to be a part of a teenage prostitution racket as well, along with Ha Ram’s father (ooohhhh). He arrives at the hospital to see Man Soo’s father (OMG is Man Soo’s father connected to this?) and Soo Wan is shocked seeing the familiar commissioner and hides in fear.

The commissioner is however here to see if Man Soo’s father still has that one of a kind unique watch he always bragged about – because he saw it on the man that met the freezer victim on the CCTV. Looks like Man Soo’s father doesn’t have it anymore. The commissioner thinks back to the case when Man Soo’s father was involved in minor prostitution and since the girl ran away he had buried the case and all it details to save face of Man Soo’s father. In between this, at the present day Man Soo’s brother enters and mentions how the watch is now in his possession after his father gave it to him. Commissioner takes his exit and calls someone and asks to meet straight away. Seriously how many people ard involved in this and what really did happen 20 years ago?

Meanwhile Ha Ram gets a wind of the teacher and that he was involved in child pornography and tracks him down. She gets injured but is eventually helped by Black. She finds a young girl in the suitcase while the little boy fell down while escaping from the evil teachers apartment after being discovered. The teacher was bringing in the kids under the pretense of meeting a puppy and doing his evil deed and the adventurous little boy who initially wanted to see the puppy had stumbled into the little girl and wanted to help her, which is how all this played out. I guess Ha Ram did save them? Black must be disappointed.

Meanwhile the commissioner is killed by a hit and run with a truck. It’s by the guy that killed the sniper and tried to gouge Moo Gang’s eye. It also looks like he is missing a finger- the same hands that strangled the freezer victim. The finger less villian then calls someone and says the commissioner is “taken care of”. I knew this would happen! I wonder who he was trying to meet up with?

Ha Ram meanwhile confirms the shadow is gone from the little boy before leaving with Black. It looks Kwang Kyun was the man the commissioner was trying to reach out to, but he’s too late, he finds out he is now dead.

On the way of returning to Seoul they stop at their old school and Ha Ram shares how she and Joon oppa first met. Black also remembers the location of an old time capsule Joon oppa and the little boy buried which Ha Ram asks him to wait before unearthing. It also shows that Joon oppa’s mother was the owner of a hostess bar along with Clara and others.

Kwang Kyun meanwhile finds a clue in the commissioner’s car of an old bar – the same one run by Clara twenty years ago. Meanwhile Black’s reaper friends – one who is from a medevial era and another who loves hip-hop – warns him he must not stop the deaths. Black says the death of the boy was never stopped and the child that Ha Ram saw was his younger brother. The boy is still being followed by reapers and will die, though this time due to his father? Wow, Black in unbelievably to the point on this. I really hope Ha Ram never finds out about the kid.

Episode 6


Black wakes up with a flashback of Soo Wan being beat up by Clara for the tapes but it looks like Joon oppa and the little boy are watching this. Also as expected Moo Gang’s secret investigation room has been cleared out and is in the possession of a man with the butterfly watch. He orders the fingerless killer to bring him Soo Wan.

In the continuation of the flashback we see Clara asking her to record the video to pay for her education to be a doctor and Soo Wan eventually does it, too, which is the recording at hand. The only person who offered to educate Soo Wan was Joon oppa’s mom who is now dead. What? Already?

Black is worried about the memories that he is having but his reaper friends say it might be just an effect from the remnants of the memories on Moo Gang’s brain. Black decides he needs to finish his business in the human world, ASAP.

Black and Ha Ram do find the missing reaper in the body of a man acting as a friend of the missing reaper. He seems to be making regular visits to his mother’s shop and gives his sister money. It’s at this point we learn that he committed suicide due to the harrasment he was facing from a celebrity called Leo of whom he was his manager. Missing reaper then places a bloody warning letter at Leo’s home and Black soon finds it under the pretense of investigating at Leo’s home.

We see Leo having a flashback (there are a lot of flashbacks) of him overdosed on drugs and collpased to be looked on by Moo Gang who drops a manila envelope. Just what was Moo Gang doing at that hotel? Soo Wan meanwhile tries to escape but finger less man catches up to her. Kwang Kyun meanwhile confirms that freezer victim was part of the prostitution ring twenty years ago and slowly pieces the CCTV together for more clues. He also confirms that someone with the butterfly watch is behind this.

We then have a montage on how Ha Ram and Leo save a young writer who was about to end her life and that her step brother is being physically assaulted by her step father and her mother is not doing anything for that either.

It looks like Man Soo goes to Clara’s old bar (the owner is supposedly abroad now) for some peace and quiet and has a good friend in one of the hostesses, Tiffany. He invites her to a VIP halloween party. Ha Ram and Black are also invited to the party so that Ha Ram can check all the VIP clients in one go.

Tiffany is however not treated well at the party and doesn’t take too kindly of Leo with whom she had a bad altercation where Black’s missing partner intervened being the manager.

Meanwhile Soo Wan meets up with Black to say goodbye as she is going abroad. Finger less man however catches up. There’s a lot of stabbing, car chase and fist fights between Black and fingerless man and a disappeared Soo Wan. Black falls off the bridge with Ha Ram screaming. He waits to die in the water, but doesn’t. Soo Wan is dragged off by finger less man. What is going on? Telll meeeeee!!!

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