The Couch Potato : Black (K-Drama,2017) – Episode recaps – Ep 7 to 9

Hello! And welcome back to me diving into the K-Drama “Black” where a grim reaper overtakes a human body to find his runway colleague while meeting a girl who can see grim reapers and when and how people will die. The two will sink deep into a cold murder case and we have already had some revelations on the same!

Now the expedition into this series contains not just episode recaps, but expectations based on synopsis and cast, a mid run review once I complete half of the series and an ending spoiler free review if you’re looking for that. You can check them all out on the link here. The episode recaps will be kept as minimal and to-the-point as possible and it will have my commentary in between which will be highlighted in bold italics. So let’s dive in!

Episode 7

Black realises that he is not dying when he was drowning and understands that he is unable to leave Moo Gang’s body. He hides what happened with Soo Wan and the stabbing and composes himself before calming Ha Ram that the shadow she saw was something else.

Moo Gang tells his reaper friends and even tries to voluntarily leave Moo Gang’s body which he should be able to do. But unfortunately, he’s stuck. Interesting. It looks like even his wounds healed. Just what is happening? I just keep asking what’s happening all through my commentary I think. You really need to keep your eyes peeled for this drama!

Soo Wan has been kidnapped by finger less man. And I have a feeling Black won’t be that bothered to search for her? Or will he? Fingerless man to his shock sees Black well and alive after apologising to someone for accidentally killing Black.

As Ha Ram rushes to check whether Man Soo’s father has a shadow on his request but bumps into the man she met at the hospital when she went to see her mom. The man whose wife was dying. Looks like he has a shadow too and is being stabbed by a man with a butterfly watch. Just how many people is this butterfly watch guy going to kill? And why? What is he trying to cover? The tapes? The scandal?

To Ha Ram’s shock she finds that Man Soo’s father dies when the man wearing the butterfly watch removes the oxygen mask from his dad. Uh oh. Is it Man Soo’s older brother now? He’s not particularly innocent.

With Black’s help they first track down the man who would die by the butterfly watch man stabbing him. They go to his home and see many newspaper clipping on the Mujin building collapse disaster. I guess this event is also tied to the murders and the bars and everything? Amidst the clippings about the disaster, Ha Ram sees the couple with a young boy – she recognises him as the same boy who told he would look after her after Joon left. But where did Joon go? And did this little boy die in the building collapse?

Ha Ram thinks back to the day boy made him remove her sunglasses and she saw shadows on nearly every kid in school. Although she begged the kid to not go, he did anyway. The shopping mall where all the kids had an outing, at Mujin collapsed and killed many. The boys parents had pawned their ring for him to enjoy for the day but was shocked at the disaster. At first they didn’t find his name on the list of people who died but then they realised he was never found. Only a hand with his mother’s ring that he bought back was the only thing found. Ha Ram tells Black that the faulty construction was to blame and the owner was prosecuted but he tried to flee the country, got into a car crash and his body was unrecognisable. However we eventually find that the protests are still going on, twenty years after the accident. The montage with the boy and his parents was really sad. I feel like we need to keep our eyes peeled on this someone as this has something to do with the whole mystery. Also the body being burned beyond recognition? I won’t buy that one, they always replace the bodies in such situations!

Pastor Kang the man who is still leading the protests arises some suspicions and Ha Ram asks Man Soo to look into it. His brother tells that Pastor Kang is just a money hungry man who visits once in a while and prays for their father. As Man Soo leaves, his brother is angry at hearing the will of his father – to leave everything to Man Soo. Why are we not surprised?

Black and Ha Ram investigate more and they find the butterfly watch at Pastor Kang home. They also find that the man who was about to be stabbed had been collecting mounds of evidence of Pastor Kang embezzling funds of settlement to the victims. Pastor Kang is arrested and Ha Ram thinks everything is okay until Black sees two reapers following the man who is to be stabbed. I’m not mentioning the real names of some characters since they may be just intermediary characters for a purpose and I don’t want to confuse anyone with a gazillion names.

A small flashback reveals that Pastor Kang and Black had an altercation which revealed that Pastor Kang had stole the watch from the man who was about to be stabbed’s room. Well. Just when we thought we had one headache out of the way. Ugh.

Black tries his best to hide stuff so that Ha Ram doesn’t go around saving lives but she sees that the shadows are still around and the same around Man Soo’s father.

Man Soo and Ha Ram follow the man who is to be stabbed on CCTV and they eventually end up at the hotel where a woman and her son are in Korea to visit the housekeeper who practically raised their son – the man’s dying wife. Black and everyone finds out that the kid has been kidnapped by the man who is setting up to do a recording and has a large collection of explosives around him. Don’t tell me he’s a villian too!

Ha Ram knocks down a photo frame next to the sick wife’s bed and another photo is locked out. It’s the man responsible for the Mujin building collapse, well and alive and aged. I told ya! Looks like the kidnapped kids father was this criminal and the sick wife on finding it out as a housekeeper at their home had vowed to take revenge. Now that she is ill and her husband found out what she was doing, he decided to complete the revenge. According to him that man is the reason their son is dead and he’s going to do it back to him. We can also see the butterfly watch in the photo and the man who was to be stabbed had actually stolen the watch from the kidnapped kid earlier to send to his father as proof. Now that , that’s cleared, it’s even more confusing now on whose going to kill Man Soo’s father but let’s get to that later.

The man then starts his live broadcast with all his proofs but it seems to be going the wrong way as people feel he is doing it to get more money. Angry at how it turned out he threatens to detonate one of his fake bombs but a real one planted by someone else detonates killing the kid. But it’s revealed that fingerless man had replaced the kid with his wife. This is just cruel. The lengths people go to cover their crimes! As the man is shocked he gets shot down my snipers who locked in on his location too.

As Black watched the couple being led away by the reapers, he throws down all the photographic evidence that the couple collected of the man being alive. Does Black have a good side now? As he throws the evidence the man is led to a boat by fingerless man to “escape” but is killed. The episode ends with a shot of a photograph that Black missed when he found it, a photo of the building man hugging another man wearing a butterfly watch. Looks like we are going in circles for this butterfly watch thing. I know it’s unique and all but it’s something that can be passed on – is it a reliable enough clue? I guess we should wait and see.

Episode 8

It’s not wrong to say that Black is really bothered by the death of the couple. And he has never felt that way before either. Ha Ram meanwhile realizes that the woman and the kidnapped boy were swapped and the building man may be behind it and calls Black to help.

Black captures the nurse but by the time he reaches the shipping docks the building man is dead. Ha Ram wonders why her premonition are not happening as it should. Meanwhile finger-less man has threatened Soo Wan to tell him the location of the tape or he’s going to butcher her and feed her to the pigs. Which we know he will do too.

We meanwhile see a flashback courtesy of Man Soo’s brother. He remembers how their insurance company has an agreement with the building man and once the building collapsed they were liable to compensate all the victims. However when news came that building man was dead after being burned in an accident Man Soo’s father burns all the documents stating the agreement. Man Soo’s brother later finds out about the whole agreement his father, building man and Clara have and is clearly angry and disgusted. He vows to fix everything. It’s also to be noted that he is wearing the butterfly watch in the flashback. At this point I’m actually losing track of the butterfly watch.

We come to a character who we haven’t noticed yet which is Moo Gang’s mother who worked on site with the doctors during the Mujin tragedy. She remembers the couple’s son being brought in, without a hand, but alive. Wwwwhhhhhhhaaattt!

Meanwhile Ha Ram sees that Tiffany and her daughter have shadows and that they will commit suicide. But why? Because Man Soo has been framed by Tiffany for sexual assault. Ha Ram tries talking to Tiffany to find out the truth as she cannot believe Man Soo would do such a thing. But Tiffany stands by her word. Now we all know, Tiffany is lying right?

Meanwhile Kwang Kyun is angry because the police chief has asked to tie building man with the freezer murder case just because of the butterfly watch. Kwang Kyun says they haven’t proved its unique yet, but the chief orders them so. Angry he knocks open Moo Gang’s drawer that shows proof that the body they found at the beginning is Clara – something Moo Gang hid from his team.

Things really start going downhill for Tiffany as she starts being called a gold digger. She even gets an agreement that on receving one million dollars she must tell the whole world it was for money, which isn’t the truth. Her daughter begs Man Soo and he tries to find out the truth but he fears he may have done it on that drunk night at the party. Eventually Tiffany and her daughter jump off the cliff after leaving a note. Black watches but doesn’t stop her as he shouldn’t. He however meets up with Man Soo and chokes him and asks him to tell the world the truth. A reaper arrives as Man Soo nears death. Looks like Black has a sense of justice.

Episode 9

We start with Ha Ram and Man Soo who catches Tiffany and her daughter before they jump. Thank God! It was too sad to see them die. Man Soo begs and takes the fault but Tiffany knows she injured her attacker and realises it isn’t Man Soo. At this time Tiffany and her daughter shadow disappears but reappears along with Man Soo having one. Man Soo goes back and realises one of his friends lied about what happened that day. But before he could do anything, Black arrives and starts choking him.

While Man Soo comes to the bottom of what happened, he gets attacked and tied up to die. He looks dead which is when Black walks in to capture his attacker, but Man Soo holds onto Black and survives. I know this isn’t a comedic sequence but it was kind of funny with Blacks serious expression and the Grim Reapers just watching all this happen. Meanwhile Ha Ram who went to Tiffany’s home to pick medicines is attacked by a man thinking she’s Tiffany but is saved by Tiffany who comes in on time. Soo Wan meanwhile severely injures finger-less man and makes  her escape.

Meanwhile it looks like Kwang Kyun and Clara were in a relationship and he was willing to give her enough money to come out of her debts and live a normal life. He looks at her Skelton in the present and wonders if things would have been different had she accepted his offer. That was one part of the story I wasn’t expecting at all.

Eventually the culprit is found to be Man Soo’s nephew and Ha Ram finds him first but she’s kidnapped into the trunk of a car. Black manages to save her after a huge chase and some rather intense moments. Meanwhile Soo Wan who escaped calls the police station for help but an informant leaks the info to fingerless man and she is caught again. Meanwhile Man Soo’s nephew is being questioned and Man Soo and his brother have a fight on how he was framed. Black’s capsule which when opened will start the timer for Ha Ram’s death is stolen and is in the hands of the doctor at the hospital.

Looks like that doctor is a reaper himself. Ha Ram finally gets the files from Man Soo and finds the man from Joon oppa’s dream. With the help of the information they try to find more and seek help of an old reporter turned Congressman who worked on the case who gives them more information.

Moo Gang’s mother finds out from Moo Gang’s phone that was one of his recent contacts were “Mujin’s mother” and doesn’t seem to be too happy about it. Meanwhile Ha Ram tells Black how Joon decided to become a detective – because of her father. Fingerless man meanwhile asks Soo Wan one last time where the tapes are before bringing a cleaver down on her.

Back to the flashback when Clara assaults Soo Wan for the tapes, Joon intervenes and begs her to not hurt Soo Wan. It’s the younger boy who hit Clara on the head with a shovel and stopped the attack. Shocked at what he remembered, Black finally sees the photo of the two boys. The names are mentioned as Moo Chan and Moo Gang. Black sees the name Moo Gang on the younger boy. He realises that Moo Gang and Joon are not the same person. I am the confused, people! So where is Joon oppa, the older boy? I’m going mad here!

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