Animezone : Inuyasha The Movie : Swords of an Honourable Ruler – Review

Hello everyone! And welcome back to another edition of Animezone where we look into all things anime! My venture is currently into the world of Inuyasha and this will be the review of the third movie in the franchise.

I already have an in-depth series of posts on all the seasons of Inuyasha and the other movies which you can read all about by clicking this link here.

I’ve understood that a lot of people shy away from anime movies that are based off of an existing anime series fearing that they won’t understand anything since they don’t know anything about the series. But fear not! I will give an introduction into the main characters and storyline that you should know, before stepping into watch this movie. Out of all the reasons for not watching a movie, let’s cross this one off the list! Now onto the premise and spoiler free review of the third movie in the Inuyasha franchise!


The story starts off with a high schooler called Kagome who lives in modern day Tokyo (or modern when the series was released!) . She lives on the premises of a shrine with her grandfather, mother and younger brother. One day their cat bentures into the dry well at the shrine and when she goes to retrieve her cat, a centipede like demon drags her in and she passes through a magical tunnel where she lands inthe Sengoku period of Japan at the other end.

The centipede demon dragged in Kagome because she wants the Shikon jewel.

The Shikon Jewel

The jewel also known as the jewel of the four souls is a jewel that is immensely powerful and was under the protection of a priestess called Kikyo, fifty years before the time Kagome arrived at the Sengoku era. One day a half demon Inuyasha, tries to steal the jewel and gets shot down by Kikyo to a hibernated sleep on a tree. Kikyo is fatally injured and dies and the jewel is burnt along with her body. Kagome is the reincarnation of Kikyo and is born with the jewel in her and is therefore dragged in by the demon. If a demon gets their hands on the jewel then they will become invincible.


Kagome struggles to defend herself from the demon and finally releases Inuyasha from his sleep. Amidst the battle Kagome shoots an arrow at a crow demon that tries to steal the jewel next, but the arrow hits the jewel and it breaks into many shards that spread all across Japan. Kagome is forced to team up with Inuyasha to get all the shards back. One the way they make a few friends who join them in the journey – Shippo, a young fox demon whose an orphan, Miroku , a lecherous monk who is cursed with a wind tunnel in his arm, and Sango , a demon slayer whose entire clan was slain. As the series progresses they realise their real villian is a demon called Naraku and they team together to fight against him.

Now this is the premise of the series, keeping this in mind let’s get into the review!


Title : Inuyasha the movie – Swords of an Honourable Ruler, Inuyasha the movie 3 : Swords of World Conquest, 映画犬夜叉 天下覇道の剣 (Japanese title pronounced as Eiga Inuyasha: Tenka Hadō no Ken)

Country of origin : Japan

Language : Japanese (original), English (dubbed)

Directed by : Toshiya Shinohara

Screenplay by : Katsuyuki Sumisawa

Based on : Inuyasha by Rumiko Takahashi

Japanese Voice Cast : Kappei Yamaguchi, Satsuki Yukino, Kōji Tsujitani, Houku Kuwushima, Kumiko Watanabe , Ken Narita

English Voice Cast : Richard Ian Cox, Moneca Stori, Kirby Morrow, Kelly Sheridan, Jillian Michaels, David Kaye

Music : Kaoru Wade

Production company : Sunrise

Released : 20 December 2003

Duration : 100 minutes

Genre : Historical, Action, Fantasy

Inuyasha’s parents at the time of his birth

We start of with a bit of a flashback. The time is back at the time of Inuyasha’s birth. Inuyasha’s mother is not so well accepted as she is having a baby from a demon despite loving him dearly. The general at their castle who has emotions for her feels a lot of anger for the same. On the day of Inuyasha’s birth a battle and fire break out and Inuyasha’s father fights to the death saving his wife and child. He lends his robe of the fire rat (which Inuyasha uses to this day) and helps them escape.

From the series we already know of two swords – The Tetsusaiga and the Tenseiga , which were heirlooms from their father to Inuyasha, and Inuyasha’s half brother Sesshomaru respectively. However his demonic sword So’unga was kept to rest. It breaks out of its seal and starts ravaging the Sengoku era. It finally lands back in the arms of a revived general who loved Inuyasha’s mother. The two brothers now must unite to defeat their fathers sword.

Inuyasha and his brother are well, not on the best of terms.

Aahhh! Finally a flashback into Inuyasha’s parents. We start off and sort of continue the entire series with the fact that Inuyasha’s parents are dead, but we never really find out how and why. I loved the fact that this movie was set with that in the background. It really expands what we know inthe Inuyasha universe. We even get to see more of Inuyasha’s mother and her struggles of being alienated for falling in love with a demon (I would love to know how that came, perhaps another movie? Like a prequel!) Although throughout the series we see Inuyasha father’s grave we got to see his mother’s grave as well which was really an emotional addition on the character portfolio of Inuyasha.

This movie released before Season 6 of Inuyasha which is the second last season, and tells the story of how Sesshomaru and Inuyasha unites their powers to defeat their fathers sword. In the timeline of Inuyasha I don’t know where it places because as per the series the first time the two brothers unite, and that too not completely may I add was at the end of Inuyasha’s final season which aired after this movie. With that confusion are aside it was nice to see a partnership between them not just as brothers bit as the holders of swords of the same origin that should work together.

The animation on this, especially the character appearances were also on point unlike the first movie which was rather of a disappointment. I guess movie wise this is better than the first two. The first movie was okay even with the slightly different character appearance but honestly it could have been a regular episode of the series as well. The second movie had a more prominent villian supposedly after the death of Naraku, the ultimate villian and showed a good show of Kagome’s and Inuyasha’s bond. This third movie brought in even more characters tied up together which made it an even bigger pleasure to watch.

Would an unfamiliarity of the characters due to not watching the series affect this? I wouldn’t completely say no. It’s not that you won’t understand but you may not feel as strong as a connect as you would if you were a person’s ho enjoys the series. But nevertheless it’s a good watch, and if you want a taste of the world of Inuyasha the movies are a good way to, although my personal recommendation would be try to them with or after watching the series! Of course I have already done a detailed set of posts for all seasons of Inuyasha, you can check out the link at the top for the same!

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