The Couch Potato : Black (K-Drama,2017) – Episode recaps – Ep 10 to 12

Hello! And welcome back to me diving into the K-Drama “Black” where a grim reaper overtakes a human body to find his runway colleague while meeting a girl who can see grim reapers and when and how people will die. The two will sink deep into a cold murder case and we have already had some revelations on the same!

Now the expedition into this series contains not just episode recaps, but expectations based on synopsis and cast, a mid run review once I complete half of the series and an ending spoiler free review if you’re looking for that. You can check them all out on the link here. The episode recaps will be kept as minimal and to-the-point as possible and it will have my commentary in between which will be highlighted in bold italics. So let’s dive in!

Episode 10

Looks like Black has gone straight in to Moo Gang’s mother to find out who the two boys are. The elder one is Joon oppa who was born out of another relationship by the younger boy – Moo Gang’s father and was taken in after his birth mother was jailed. As a way to join the family Joon changed his name to Moo Chan and the two were inseparable. However Joon oppa dies in a hit-and-run, the driver responsible was never found (of course) and Moo Gang continued to wear the red thread bracelet in his memory. Well that clears up a lot of confusion! I thought there was some impersonation going on or something with all those flashbacks! Meanwhile Black tries his best to keep the truth that Joon oppa has been dead many years from Ha Ram. Awwww, Black.

Man Soo tries to find the proof that his brother tried to kill him but eventually gets beat up brutally. Man Soo’s dog is brutally killed by his brother and he is made to sign all his inheritance to his brother. Meanwhile Man Soo’s nephew has used the family influence and gotten off the leash as he loudly boasts to his friends on the phone. What the kid doesn’t know is that Black has teleported and taken a video of that which went viral and also made sure the boy was in the airport – with some marijuana. That kids chapter is closed and Black has served justice again. Great going, Black!

Meanwhile Man Soo’s birth mother comes into picture as she is silently protesting for the unfair treatment of her other son who died. It’s all okay until reapers appear by her side. Meanwhile Man Soo’s brother is seriously angry at what happened to his son and even angrier that the Insurance firm under Man Soo was doing well. He finally asks to resume the construction of their shopping mall which is on the site of the Mujin tragedy. Did he really not get anywhere else or what?

Meanwhile Moo Gang’s mother meets Joon’s mother and asks her to stay away now that he is starting fresh as he lost his memory. It looks like Joon oppa’s mother was the reason Moo Gang left his studies in America to become a detective in Korea. I wonder what happened.

As the construction of the mall ensues they remove a beam and a body is discovered. One of Black’s reaper friends, the one who loves Hip Hop starts disappearing. Meanwhile the Congressman (who was the reporter twenty years ago that helped Ha Ram) protest outside The Royal group to find the real truth behind the Mujin tragedy. As protestors ask the same, Black and Ha Ram go as well to see if it’s the body of the dead couple’s son that fought against the building man. Only we know that Moo Gang’s mother had seen him alive at the hospital without a hand, while his parents only got the hand with the ring by which they identified.

Kwang Kyun investigates about Clara and freezer victim to the old owner of their bar and he finds out the two had left with all of the bars money. Apparently there was a third girl as well, who we know as Soo Wan. As Kwang Kyun investigates for the third girl he realises that Moo Gang was already looking into her long ago.

The body is identified to be another boy called Hyun Soo. He happens to be the hip hop loving reaper and now takes his real form as his body has finally been discovered. Meanwhile while Ha Ram and Black are paying their respects to the boy and his parents from the Mujin incident he notices Joon oppa’s urn and his mother has come to visit as well. Uh oh. Thankfully Black blocks her although Joon oppa’s mother is confused why a memory less Moo Gang is there and why he is called Joon oppa.

It looks like Soo Wan is alive and has been released by fingerless man to help find the tapes. His warnings are light – do anything funny and he will cut her limbs off. And we all know he means it.

Ha Ram is forced to prevent her evil step father from dying as he is the only match for her step brothers bone marrow who is suffering from leukemia. As she goes to the site where he has a temp job she sees that more than one person there has a shadow. Kwang kyun tracks down that Clara actually died in an old factory in Mujin because of a rare arsenic compound in her skull. And Hyun Soo recounts his last memories before dying in the building collapse and looks like he was with the boy, Seung Chul whose parents fought against the building man. The other reaper tells him that he took another appearance and only regained his memories until his body was found as he was a “missing person”. Aaahhh this is painful watching those parents finally and officially grieving for their parents. Things were so corrupted that they couldn’t even get the remains of their loves ones until twenty years passed? That’s messed up.

Kwang Kyun asks Black everything he knows about Clara but naturally he is clueless. But Black is surprised to see the before face of Clara – it’s his old partner. Looks like he was a missing person reaper too until Clara’s body was found. At the scene where Ha Ram’s ex boyfriend dies we can see Clara looking longingly at Kwang Kyun as a reaper. The other reaper then tells hip hop reaper that missing person reapers eventually go to heaven and confirms that Black too, is a missing person. Okay, this whole missing person thing is making me all teared up and what- Black is a missing person? Is that the body he discovers at the beginning of this series? OMG!

The protestors and the hired goons start having a fight with many reapers waiting and Black guards Ha Ram from them.

Episode 11

While the fight goes on a masked man sets fire to a container where he locks up a lot of the kids and the congressman. Naturally Ha Ram tries her best to free them and Black finally intervenes and saves the kids. She even manages to save her step father and she convinces him to help his son. Meanwhile a man is also retrieved from the container , a man with a scar on his face – I guess the mental hospital guy. Man Ho is angry at fingerless man for causing more problems that needed with this fire and finger-less man has no idea how it went so out of control. I wonder how the scar face man came to be there?

Kwang Kyun comes to the conclusion that freezer victim and Clara may have been killed by the same man and we also find out that there are two butterfly watches. Okay so now that we know it’s not so unique can we let it go?

Kwang Kyun has understood that Soo Wan is the missing girl and tries to contact her bit finger-less man has spies at the police station and makes sure Soo Wan avoids Kwang Kyun. Meanwhile Man Soo has crashed the night at Black’s place and the next day has taken Black’s black suit and gone somewhere by the time Ha Ram has arrived to make him some food.

Soo Wan searches Black’s home and finds an old CD that Joon oppa had got signed and sung for her when they were kids. It looks like that’s how Joon oppa was on the scene when Clara was hitting Soo Wan – he had went to give her a birthday gift. As Soo Wan and Black are in mid embrace Ha Ram walks in and leaves abruptly. She then meets Man Soo who says he has become an insurance employee and will work his own way up like his father. I only wish good things for Man Soo seriously. Poor thing.

Also it looks like that creepy doctor is on the lookout for revenge on Leo but after seeing the threatening letter from a stalker he realises there may be more than one person targetting Leo. I know I keep asking this but I don’t understand how Leo comes into the big picture especially other than Black’s old partner is out to get him. It looks like Man Soo has taken over Black’s investigation room to prove his brother is evil and is responsible for all his crimes.

Leo tags along with the detectives in preparation for his new drama but finds their first case to the murder of an actress who he saw last, alive. Meanwhile Ha Ram is pulled in by a blind man asking her to stop changing the fate of people. Witnesses state a scar faced man drove the actress instead of her designated driver and we get a flashback of the scarred man who locked the kids up when the fire started and he got trapped after he tried to remove Ha Ram who was intervening. It looks like Scarred man has many bodies hung up and another victim too and Black realises this is the same man who killed the doctor at the mental facility. So this guy is not Man Ho’s goon? He must be part of the real villian or might be just a crazy man who loves killing. I honestly don’t know what to expect with how tightly intricate this plot is.

Episode 12

Soo Wan finds an old signed receipt from Moo Gang’s clothes from when he said he was investigating his brothers hit and run. She feels it will provide a clue into where the tapes actually her. Great,so we now have this whole new person to find?

Ha Ram and Black try to find more CCTV footage on the scarred man whereas Man Soo finds a bank account number for 30 billion won mentioned in of the 1997 Insurance files he was able to secretly retrieve. Man Soo’s father tells him to stay out of it which kind of makes it clear his brother was up to no good with that money. Meanwhile his father asks him to take a key out of the safe, and that he will know what’s it’s for when the time is right. Man Soo finds out that the money was paid to Scarface after Ha Ram’s father’s death. Meanwhile Soo Wan is up to her own rounds of investigation while even meeting the scarred man and giving him a secret envelope and asking him to stay away from her and Moo Gang. Feeling that Moo Gang will be in danger if she is with Ha Ram, Soo Wan goes and tells Ha Ram that Joon and Moo Gang are two people. Oh no she didn’t! Ugh!

Saying Ha Ram wasn’t thrilled about the news would be an understatement as she confronts Black about it, slaps him and leaves. Meanwhile we get to know the source of the photo of the two boys from Kwang Kyun investigation with Moo Gang’s mother. The photo was taken in Mujin when she went for a medical conference and apparently that’s when the Mujin building collapse happened and she was at the hospital working for four days straight. On the fourth day a mysterious man had called and informed that Joon is now dead because of a hit and run. Now who is that man? Maybe scarred man?

Kwang Kyun is kind of confirmed that the deaths of Clara, freezer victim and Joon are related and is a day apart and may even possibly be related to scar face which was what Moo Gang was investigating before he was shot.

Meanwhile Joon oppa’s biological mother has arrived at the police station and she reveals how a police raid found drugs in Joon’s bag and she had taken the blame for that which is how Joon ended up with Moo Gang to live there. She said she found out about Joon’s death only a few days after she was released. She had gone to the site herself and found out that Joon had used up the smoke alarm pens on the road. The one he happened to use was the yellow one which meant someone was harming them. It’s also shown that Joon obtained these smoke pens from Ha Ram’s father who he admired. The only person who would believe her story was twenty years later in the form of Moo Gang. Moo Gang had called her on the day of him getting shot to tell her that he almost has all the evidence. As for Soo Wan, Joon’s mother says she was raising her like her own daughter but she disappeared after she was jailed and was nowhere to be seen. Well now we have a rather detailed insight into Joon and their past aside from the freak incidents.

Further investigation shows that scar face indeed killed the actress who was also seen with Man Soo’s brother (looks like both the father and brother know the scarred man). Ha Ram also realises scarred man murdered her father. Black tries his best to make sure Ha Ram doesn’t follow the man but he’s too late. He finds a trail of her fallen shoes and an immense loss of Ha Ram’s blood. The forensics tell him she may as well be dead. He can’t beleive how she could die without her capsule being opened but looks like some reapers found the capsule and had opened it. No no noooooo!!! They can’t kill Ha Ram! I mean she’s the main character. But then again, all the characters have in a way been fated to die, be it Black or Ha Ram’s life in the capsule. But come on Ha Ram! You can survive please!!

And that’s a wrap for these episodes! Click the link at the top for the rest of the p

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