The Couch Potato : Black (K-Drama,2017) – Episode recaps – Ep 13 to 15

Hello! And welcome back to me diving into the K-Drama “Black” where a grim reaper overtakes a human body to find his runway colleague while meeting a girl who can see grim reapers and when and how people will die. The two will sink deep into a cold murder case and we have already had some revelations on the same!

Now the expedition into this series contains not just episode recaps, but expectations based on synopsis and cast, a mid run review once I complete half of the series and an ending spoiler free review if you’re looking for that. You can check them all out on the link here. The episode recaps will be kept as minimal and to-the-point as possible and it will have my commentary in between which will be highlighted in bold italics. So let’s dive in!

Episode 13

Black literally collapses and confronts Soo Wan on why she told Ha Ram all that as that’s the reason Ha Ram is now dead. Meanwhile the missing capsule is found from the creepy doctor by Black and Soo Wan investigates into Moo Gang’s old medication.

Meanwhile the scarred man has taken some money from Soo Wan for his last murder. It looks like twenty years ago when Joon and Moo Gang interrupted him , the kids were saved by Ha Ram’s father, but later killed, by him and another man and thrown off the building as Ha Ram saw in her vision.

Kwang Kyun somehow comes to a conclusion that scarred man had some role in killing Clara and that Joon who witnessed it and escaped was later killed by another murderer that’s probably linked to him. Black meanwhile investigates and reaches the scarred man’s butcher shop where he kept his bodies to stab and maybe Ha Ram. He opens a bag and is shocked by what he sees. Telll meeeeee!!!!

Black finally captures the scarred man and asks him to take him to Ha Ram’s body. Which is when we see that Moo Gang had visited him in the mental hospital and asked him to stop taking the drugs so that he can find more info about Joon’s death. But Moo Gang felt that there was someone else involved too as there was a death that occurred in America when the scarred man was locked up. Finally when Moo Gang never came, the man broke out himself killing the doctor there feeling that she was part of the conspiracy to keep him drugged.

The scarred man was assigned to get the tapes but ended up killing Clara in the process. However he didn’t kill Joon and says that “that man” must have killed him and that Scarred man is on some obscure mission to kill everyone related to “that man”.

Man Ho realises to his annoyance that Man Soo has the documents from 1997 and Man Soo’s father called Detective Kwang to meet up with him and looks at the key that he mentioned before. Black is meanwhile attacked and stabbed by the scarred man, before he escapes.

Man Ho clearly frustrated has an altercation with his father on where the original documents are after he spent so long growing the company. Meanwhile at the hospital fingerless man, scarred man and black have an altercation. The scarred man finally hijacks a bus but is shot down. Black tries to find Ha Ram’s location from him, but it’s too late. Soo Wan finds out that Moo Gang’s initial informant was the first investigator who was checking the mystery behind the insurance payout.

Episode 14

Black does get a revelation of sorts and finds Ha Ram and a heavily injured Man Soo who somehow ran into protect Ha Ram. The two were bleeding profusely and Ha Ram tries her best to keep Man Soo alive, comforting him that there are no shadows around. Man Soo also asks her to be his girlfriend which looks like is what he feels in the inside. Meanwhile Man Soo’s father has died and it’s kind of apparent Leo was the next victim but two positions on Scarred man’s hitlist is blank and they wonder who they were.

It looks like Leo has some history in the town of Mujin but doesn’t mention that to the police. Man Soo regains consciousness. Moo Gang’s mother hands over the key Man Soo’s father was holding to detective Kwang Kyun.

Eventually Man Soo is told about his father’s death and the safety box is opened to find a tape. Its a tape taken by the congressman when he was journalist. Soo Wan under the promise that her face and voice would be changed tells that Man Soo’s father and building man were the ones behind the prostutution ring. The congressman was planning to have the tape go public but then the Mujin tragedy happened and after that the tape was missing. With Man Soo’s help they garner enough evidence against Man Ho as well and gets him arrested.

Meanwhile Black was heavily love sick and decides to call the death squad and get this over with and say goodbye to Ha Ram much to his reaper friends disappointment. Kwang Kyun tightens his grip on Man Ho and produces proof that he visited the freezer victim and had relationships with the dead actress. During a team dinner he gets a sudden Idea and rushes out somewhere.

Soo Wan tells Ha Ram that Black didn’t know all along he wasn’t Joon and that he had only found out himself recently and was wondering how to tell Ha Ram. Meanwhile Man Soo sends a clipping to Ha Ram of black hanging on the bus asking where Ha Ram was to the scarred man.

The next we see of Kwang Kyun is him crawling out of his wrecked car while someone dangles a butterfly watch in his face. At the same time, Black who says goodbye is stopped and kissed by Ha Ram, asking him to stay. Well, awww. But I really hope Detective Kwang survives! We need him!

Episode 15

As Ha Ram and Black kiss, Black’s reaper symbol glows on his neck as Ha Ram’s mother walks in. Well. She sees the glow on his neck and is scared and returns. She wonders why “that person” is after Ha Ram. But, who? Don’t tell me we have another character coming up.

Man Soo visits Man Ho at the police station where Man Ho blames Man Soo for all the mess as the tape in the locker was apparently fake and Man Soo was the one who leaked it. Whut. Also it was their father that made all this mess and Man Ho didn’t even know the consequences of having the butterfly watch and thought it was just a kind gift. He says the only hit he ordered was that of Tiffany due to the issues with his son. Other than that all he was trying to do was save the company from the mess that their father created but now it’s all on him. Man Soo walks out, dazed and unable to beleive the father he idolised was responsible for all these deaths and crimes.

Meanwhile Leo’s real identity seems to Kim Woo Shik as per the records on the school record he owns from Mujin Elementary school. I wonder now who this guy is! Leo gets a call on an old flip phone – it’s his father.

Black and Ha Ram go on a date to an amusement park although Black expected another location. Apparently when Ha Ram was young, she and her father had got lost in the wilderness in the mountains and had chanced upon an old shut-down amusement park – which is the same place the reapers come to get their assignments! In the flashback Ha Ram’s father seems to recognise the place and tells Ha Ram to leave and that they can come another day, which is why she decided this location with Black. Wait, so Ha Ram’s father can see these things too? Is this like hereditary?

Black sees the many missed calls on his phone which is when he realizes that Kwang Kyun has died. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

After the funeral he visits Ha Ram and is disturbed by this feeling that he’s feeling – of sadness.

As Black is on his way out Ha Ram’s mother comes up and warns him that she will tell Ha Ram that he is a Grim Reaper. He warns her not to which is when we find out the backstory. Ha Ram’s father the #444 , the feared and no-nonsense reaper before Black. One day he took one of his assignments of a couple dying in a car crash instead of his partner but ended up looking into the eyes of the dying bride, the eyes of one in love. This was the same scene where we got a warning that Grim Reaper must not do this in one of the early episodes. Therefore #444 occupies the body of the husband and lives with the woman which is how Ha Ram became half reaper, half human and has the ability to see the shadows as well as have amazing healing powers. But it looks like Black thought that he was caught after he died a second time by the Death squad but apparently he perished for eternity. He protected his wife and unborn daughter from an assailant and thus harmed another human. As per the rules of the repaers that means they will cease to exist.

Wow. Wasn’t expecting that. But I don’t know how I missed that either – you guys know that feeling? LMAO!

Black is sad and confused on how to say goodbye to Ha Ram when the time comes, or whether she will stay away from him when she finds out that he is a reaper. He takes Joon’s guitar and to his surprise he is able to play it, probably Joon taught Moo Gang? He is still unable to figure out why he can’t leave Moo Gang’s body either.

Black investigates and finds the secret room from which fingerless man was monitoring him and other clues from Kwang Kyun and the oath he last took before he died, to find out what’s happening. He realises that there is another person who is responsible for all the crimes related to the tape and that it’s not Man Ho.

His investigation finally leads him to Soo Wan who tells him the truth. Soo Wan who was filmed by the Congressman when he was a reporter in the end tries to rape her but it ends up being caught on camera. Exactly when this truth is revealed, the Congressman announces in live television that he will be taking part in the elections for the president. Realising what was happening Black decides to find the tapes. A flashback shows that Joon while running away with the tape had gotten run over, and the congressman had searched his body but didn’t find it, to this day. We see another flashback of Moo Gang mentioning that the “child fortune teller” (Ha Ram) has the tapes and arrives in front of Ha Ram’s home, the day he got shot.

Well, we have finally arrived at the villian and I can’t wait to find out how he is brought into the public eye for his crimes! Click on the link at the top to find more!

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