The 5 Year Journal – September 2020 update

So welcome to my September update of the five year journal! This would be part 9/60 in my five year journal and yes it’s an actual five year project that I hope to complete and let you guys know of the progress – something I’m super excited for!

Now what is a five year journal? A five year journal is basically a book that 365 questions and maybe an extra one for the leap day which will naturally come in the period of five years. The objective of this project would be to answer one question a day and see how your answers change over the five years.

Interesting right?

If you’ve ever thought about doing a journal project but don’t want anything high maintenance then this is the journal for you! And also you don’t need to buy like a specific 5 year journal, you can just buy a somewhat nice quality notebook that won’t get damaged in five years of use and which has enough pages to accomodate your 365 questions and the answers. Diaries with a page for a day are quite suitable as long as they have ample space for Saturday’s and Sunday’s too because sometimes both those days happen to be on the same page in some formats.

And about the questions you can easily source them out from the internet. I get mine from Pinterest and you can easily refer that or my posts where I have attached the questions that I have referred to! The custom made diaries just seemed too expensive when I could just make it myself you know!

So what are the interesting questions this month? Well here goes!

Now since this is Year 1 of the five year journal I can only discuss what question seems interesting or thought provoking to me at this point. As the years go I am sure the comparisons of answers will be something exciting that I can look forward to!

Aaahhhh question 1. I honestly don’t know how they expect me to give one singular answer for that question when I’m sure that any person that reads the question would have a hundred different scenarios pop up in their heads!

2 and 3 happened to be mutually exclusive questions to me – at least for 2020 these two questions go hand in hand.

As for question 5, I sure as hell don’t remember the last appointment but how I hope that we can stay away from COVID-19! As always everyone even if numbers are decreasing please do be vigilant, maintain the social distancing and wear your masks and clean your hands with soap and sanitiser when soap is not available. We have to be vigilant until an effective vaccine comes. Rushing a vaccine ain’t a good idea either so let’s hold on!

Question 10 – looks like COVID has something to tie with this too because we seem to be not doing anything being stuck at our homes. Although I do hope we can engage in new hobbies and things and try to keep ourselves occupied. An idle mind ain’t the right thing for now!

Question 29 – I sure hope I don’t break laws- EVER!

It’s interesting how much COVID is affecting our days. On a normal time questions 16 and 21 may have been albeit a little more easier to answer but now – SIGH. The new normal is something that is yet to be used to my friends.

Well, that’s it for the update on the 5 Year Journal! What did you think? Do you maintain one as well? Or any other forms of journal keeping habits? Let me know in the comments!

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