October 2020 Bullet Journal Setup!

Considering how late some of my bujo set up posts were for the month before, boy does it feel good to do a post right on time!

As always I have been maintaining a bullet journal for more than a year now, along with other types such as my 5 year journal project all of which you can read here!

As always I would like to clarify that I’m not a really artistic or creative person when it comes to concepts and drawing and therefore these ideas are not mine but are adaptations. I do enjoy recreating something I’ve seen off the internet, which I will credit and link in this post as well. It’s just nice to have those 1-2 days a month where you can spend some times drawing and coloring in and having a more structured approach to all the tasks I have to do in a month. Now the bullet journal system does not need to be as expansive or detailed like how I do on my blog, it can be kept as simple or as extravagant as you want. Each one is personal and that’s the beauty of it. My blog is and always will be a montage of the things I love to do, and this too is one of them!

The post which I have adapted this time is this lovely geometric design from bujo_emotions’s Instagram post that I had saved in order to try it.

From what I could understand the original creator seems to have used the Tombow dual ended brush pens, but I have stuck with my Crayola super tips with the colors matched to the original as much as I could.

The color theme of the month

I usually take 4 colors as my mood tracker will have four moods, but you can see there is a fifth color this month and I will show you why.

The cover page of the month

This is the cover page of the month and I could see that the original post had a subtle wash of color in some of the shapes where it looks like it’s devoid of color. I’ve chosen a light wash of grey for that area. I’ve also not done the left side like thr original post but have given a quote as per my taste. This interesting Geometric design somehow gave me the idea of how we are enclosed in boundaries and that’s exactly what the theme and quote for the month have been intended.

My very simple and straightforward quote

I didn’t want the quote to have a complex wording with a myriad of words. I felt that this month I just wanted the message across loud and clear!

The monthly layout

My monthly layout has also been the same format but I’ve played with the four colors and with an interesting trapezium shape that I grew a liking to when I was doing the cover page.

Mood tracker

The habit tracker is the same as always, I’ve never really strayed away from that format because I find it really useful. You would notice that I don’t have an outline for this month’s mood tracker like I usually do. I thought of using the correct shade and coloring it in the shape of large numbers instead for a more free and boundary-less format of my mood tracker that sticks with the theme that I have in mind.

The weekly spread

The weekly tracker is sort of the opposite of what I did in July, with the design at the edges and the weekly tracker in the middle but this time with wonky little shapes all over the sides. The first spread has all four colors of the month whereas the weeks after that have taken up one color at a time out of the four.

So that’s the spread for this month! Do you do bullet journals too? Or any format of journalling? Let me know in the comments below! Please do link me your recreations if you have done bullet journal recreations I would love to see them!


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