The Couch Potato : K-Drama Review – Record of Youth – Synopsis and Expectations

I know. I know. I’m on a crazy binge on K-Dramas. I guess some of you may agree how hard it is to control as well. Being stuck at home with nothing else to interest also fuels this desire too because we have been cut out from so much of the things we used to do. Also there are so many exciting releases and ongoing shows during October – I had to watch. I initially took a pledge to finish all my backlog posts before starting new ones but I figured I’m just creating more back logs so here goes!

And as the gigantic heading clearly points out, this one will be on the K-Drama, “Record of Youth”! It’s streaming on Netflix, and has 16 episodes. It was Park Bo Gun’s last release before he enlisted for his compulsary military service as well.

As always the Couch Potato series would have episode recaps (which would try to keep out unnecessary details and would have my commentary, for those who love to follow that), this posts which is intended to look at the synopsis, casts and expectations before I start, a Mid-run review and predictions once I reach the middle of the series as well as a final spoiler free review, if you’re looking for just that. To some it may seem like a lot of work on the blog for one series but somehow I’m getting a wholesome feel with the content laid out in a format I like. The links for all the posts are below. I will be updating them as I publish the posts on the blog!

Episodes 1 to 4 recap

Episodes 5 to 8 recap

Mid-run review and Expectations

Episodes 9-12 recap

How I think the show will end – predictions

Episodes 13-16 recap (final)

Spoiler free review

Release poster for Record of Youth.


The description online would tell you it’s the story about three people in the fashion industry, trying to achieve their dreams but I feel that description doesn’t cut it exactly so let me give you just a teeny bit more detail to get what the show is about.

Park Bo Gum as Sa Hye Jun

Our story circles mostly around a model Sa Hye Jun who like most in the entertainment industry dream of hitting it big. He comes from a rather struggling family background, his grandfather was conned by many people which means his dad had to resort to manual labour and his mother is working as a house help in his best friend’s home. He’s a person who sticks to morals and feels that hard work will be rewarded. But his family who is a normal family feel his running after this dream of stardom is stupid when he should rather be working hard to be a salaryman like his elder brother.

Byeon Woo Seok as Won Hae Hyo

Speaking of difficulties his best friend at whose home, Hye Jun’s mother works is Hae Hyo. The two have a very nice friendship as they have been friends since elementary school. Unlike Hye Jun, Hae Hyo is from a wealthy background and that influence helps him get more and better opportunities than Hye Jun does. Hye Hyo’s mother is also working completely to make sure that he becomes the star he should be as well.

Park So Dam as An Jeong Ha

It’s at this point of time that the two meet a free spirited, confident and talented make up artist – An Jeong Ha. She’s a person who has sort of the next ten years planned out and has a peculiar nature as well. She does busking out in the street by applying makeup and helping in making tutorials for her YouTube channel. She has a rather emotional attachment to her profession of being a makeup artists as well.

The story then revolves around these three characters, and I guess many others as they strive towards success at their own professions.

Now doesn’t that synopsis feel way better? Thank me later! LOL!

The Cast

It’s not such a surprise that seeing Park Bo Gum on the cast list isn’t something that excites us! I’ve mentioned him before on my blog for the amazing drama called Love in the Moonlight before, which was a huge success. With his pleasant and approachable acting style, he has what may be called a friendly neighborhood guy kind of feel? Without actually diving into the series he feels like a good choice for a hard working model who comes from a humble background to make it big in the industry, but of course we would have to watch to know, and I will as always be unbiased (or rather I shall try,I mean it’s Park Bo Gum, people!)

Coming to Byeon Woo Seok who plays Won Hae Hyo, I haven’t seen much of his work before except when he plays the ex-boyfriend in the drama – Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Yes, I’ve watched that drama but I haven’t recovered enough from it to post it on my blog yet, those who have watched know what I’m talking about). From the background we know of his character I suspect he would probably be the one who faces all the rich-guy adversities in the drama? Let’s see! I’m always excited to check out new names because one drama is enough to maybe find amazing new potential!

We all know Park So Dam from the Academy award winning film, Parasite where she plays the role of the daughter of the Kim family that effortlessly cons the rich Park family. Her acting skills were amazing, especially since she seemed to be the most talented at the con artist work in her family and had a great role in executing the plans they had against the Park family. Considering this is her next project you can be sure I am excited to check out her performance in this one! She seems to have taken a very responsible, well planned and meticulous character now, someone who is also working hard to make it big in what she loves. As always I hope she won’t be reduced to a mere love interest, I would love to see her character develop through the series as well.


When I checked out the plot I noticed that it seemed to highlight the difference in how Hye Jun and Have Hyo advance to their careers, one being underprivileged and other highly privileged in the opportunities they can create for themselves to advance in their careers. I think the show creators are focusing on the concept of the “dirty spoon” and “silver spoon” where it’s always the privileged that excel and the others don’t. If you want to get a little more incentive on this idea I suggest you check out the song Silver Spoon by BTS.

This is literally me watching the drama with all my expectations

As much as I’m sure we will see some hopefully amazing chemistry between Park So Dam and Park Bo Gum I also hope to see a meaningful relationship and story around Hye Jun’s and Hye Hyo’s relationship as well. I’m sure a love traingle is coming but I hope they don’t drag it and torment us with it. A love traingle seems to be the go-to option for k -dramas. But why though? Let me know in the comments.

Somehow I feel we are in for some family drama as well, but let’s wait and see for that one. I fervently hope this one turns out to have a soulful plot and execution, some of these feel-good, about real life kind of themes.

The drama will be airing on Netflix, if you’re interested. Have you watched this drama or are you watching it? Let me know what you feel and remember no spoilers!

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  1. Haha…I’ve been on quite the binge myself as well! And it’s still ongoing! I don’t think this would be a show for me, but who knows. Nonetheless looking forward to hearing your thoughts for it! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Can’t wait to see the results of your binging on your blog! A lot of people ask me why I stick to a lot of K-Dramas, but honestly they have such great plots, finished off in a single season – so why not? Even I’m not sure if this is the one for me, but let’s see! As long as it has great plot, meaningful characters and good execution, I am board, irrespective of genre? Hoping for the best!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Lol, well one of them has already been released, and the other should be there this weekend😀
        I agree, I definitely think those pretty much are the reasons that I stick to them as well. That, and it’s just hard to stop watching them 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

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