The Couch Potato : Record of Youth (K-Drama,2020) – Episodes 5 to 8 recap

Hello and welcome back to my recaps on the K-drama – Record of Youth! Our lead Hye Jun, a struggling actor from a rather normal family may have finally got his break at last! This is his last try to see if he can succeed before he can decide whether to just quit and enlist in the military. Let’s read on to find out what happens.

Now for the Couch Potato series it is not just episode recaps such as this, but there is an expectation post on the synopsis, a mid run review and predictions once I reach halfway through the series, and a spoiler free review as well. All of which you can access if you just click this link right here! Now onto the recaps!

Episode 5

Jeong Ha is primarily Hye Hyo’s make up artist and its safe to say that he feels flustered and nervous around her too, and she oblivious to the whole thing. Ahhhh the makings of another love triangle. Meanwhile Tae Soo, Hye Jun’s ex-manager seems to have hit the jackpot. He has sold off his earlier establishment and is now a part of a very large entertainment agency and is managing Park Do Ha, now.

Meanwhile back at Hye Jun’s home, things are getting into a fight as Hye Jun’s older brother talks about moving out to his own apartment. His mother firmly tells him he can’t after highlighting how erratic his spending habits are, and how he hasn’t even saved any money either despite not having any other expenses. We also see an insight into Hye Jun’s mother and her job as a househelp. At one point she had even left the job at Hae Hyo’s home, but was called back by Hye Hyo’s mother. She mentions how she likes her first job and how she learnt to do her job to how it is today because of that as well.

The family meeting at Hye Jun’s home

At the family meeting at Hye Jun’s home a hot debate on his elder brother moving out eventually turns into a blame game on the two black sheep of the family – Hye Jun and Grandpa. Can’t they give these two a break? I sense a huge karmic blow coming!

The family meet-up at Hye Hyo’s household

Meanwhile at the Hye Hyo residence they seem to be having a family meeting as well, to congratulate Hae Na on getting into law school – because thats all because of her too. As much as the dinner is about congratulating her children she seems to be taking all the credit onto herself idirectly. I am getting tired of this woman now, ugh.

After a very energetic shooting for Hye Jun, after which he even gets hurt from his passionate enthusiasm, Hye Jun and Jeong Ha walk by to the pharmacy to get some things for his cut. It rains again and the two take shelter and Jeong Ha notes how it always rains when they are together – and how she indirectly means she is not alone. The scene eventually develops into Hye Jun telling Jeong Ha he likes her. Wow, that was fast paced for a K-drama. They usually take minimum ten episodes!

Episode 6

Hye Jun eventually dries up at Jeong Ha’s home and their conversation of dating kind of turns into an affirmative. Jeong Ha also volunteers to do grandpa’s makeup for his portfolio.

Jeong Ha is promoted now, but that seems to be making her life even miserable as her senior picks on her even more, now.

Meanwhile Park Do Ha had an altercation with a stalker which turned out to affect jim negatively and starts trending on the internet.

Grandpa’s portfolio shoot

Jin Woo gets permission to set up his studio for shooting Grandpa’s portfolio and Jeong Ha finishs up her work at Hye Hyo’s ad shoot, much to Hye Hyo’s disappointment and helps shoot Grandpa’s portfolio. I am loving Grandpa the most – he is my favorite character!

Meanwhile Tae Soo cheats Hye Jun out of an opportnity and Min Jae is furious but Tae Soo claims that he was just giving her a valuable lesson for free. Oh, I hate people like him! Meanwhile Jin woo and Hae Na decide to take their relationship to the next step, and he prepares a hotel room to make their first time at sex together special but he stops her feeling that she is still a little girl and she walks away, angered.

Hye Jun is excited at his new opportunity at the drama but soon learns from Min Jae that he didn’t get it. He is confused on how to tell his family but his mother comes to know about it from Hye Hyo’s mother. Sometimes hearing it from someone else makes the bad news even worse especially if it is the person from whom we never wanted to hear such a thing too. Grandpa overworks on his model training and collapses and his father finds out about everything. Hye Jun and his father have one of the worst altercations yet on the show. The fights between the father and son are most painful for sure. It just hurts even more when your family is not with you, you know.

An upset Hye Jun meets up with Jeong Ha where they play piano and spend time together. Eventually they give into their feelings and share a kiss.

Episode 7

This episode begins with a few scenes into Jeong Ha. Her new job as a director although severely hated on by her senior, her manager asks her to work hard as she knows she deserves the promotion. It’s also become clear that Min Jae knows about the fact that Hye Jun and Jeong Ha are now dating, We also get a flashback of her mother and father fighting due to their poor circumstances and her mother subsequently taking Jeong Ha and leaving her father for good.

Meanwhile Hye Hyo’s mother meets her son’s old manager Tae Soo, who is now doing quite well with a lead actor like Do Ha. He shows off the fact that he is well off and Hye Hyo’s mother understanding the situation well enough acts as if she doesn’t care. It also looks like Hye Hyo has gotten a new script, in which he is really interested in. It’s although to be noted that although Tae Soo is managing a top star like Do Ha now, his behaviour and approach doesn’t entirely warm up to him either.

Jeong Ha menwhile understands that her senior is bad mouthing her so much that she has a really bad reputation at her workplace, especially for being known to steal the male clients. Although sad at this, she somehow sums up that life is never easy. Wish I had that resolve of thinking when I face problems too.

Hye Jun helps his brother move homes, but he is not able to open the door to his new apartment. It turns out that he has fallen for a realtor scam and that the realtor who rented him the unit has run away with his, and many others money. And like I predicted before, here comes the wave of karma. Hye Jun being the nice person he is treats his brother to dinner as he is entirely davastated at his loss. Once he recovers from his sorrow, I hope that at least now he understand how it must feel for Hye Jun who has had his share of things not going his way. From what I understood from the character build up of Hye Jun’s brother, he has most likely not experienced failure, at least like Hye Jun has. Meanwhile Jeong Ha receives a call from a media partner for a new job opportunity and she leaves Hye Hyo’s set as soon as shooting finishes. He is kind of upset she left without waiting or even saying goodbye, and he literally runs after her to say goodbye. As she walks away he thinks – “Don’t go”. As sensible as Jeong Ha is I hope she realises this man is starting to like her! I mean no one likes messy love traingles!

Karma hits Hye Jun’s brother as he becomes a victim of a scam

We finally come to the scene where Hye Jun’s family find about the rental scam and lets say there is a range of emotions. A surprised grandpa, a surprised, upset and maybe angry mother, an indifferent Hye Jun and a shell shocked father. I hope the father character has an enlightening from this too – I guess he is really shocked at how the “brain” of the family ended up in a rental scam. Sigh.

The next day Jeong Ha is at the media centre who has been offered a contract after seeing her sincere and good content on YouTube. At the same time Hye Jun is getting ready to audition for a romance medical drama opposite a very famous lead actress.

Hae Na meanwhile approaches her senior who happens to be Hye Jun’s ex (what a small world) . After she sees Ji Woo visiting Hae Na she realizes that Hae Na is Hye Hyo’s sister as well. She looks like she is upto no good but let’s not blacklist her. Yet.

Hye Jun in his new medical romance drama

And it looks like Hye Jun has landed the role in the medical drama! Yay! The episode then shows a culmination of scenes on how he works hard on set and how the senior actress also warms up to him. The ending scene shows his succesfully being shown on TV after their drama has started airing

Episode 8

Things seem to finally going well for Hye Jun, both his relationship with Jeong Ha as well as his work.

Hye Jun’s mother comes to know about her son’s new project and new girlfriend from Hye Hyo’s mother. I think Hye Hyo’s mother is secretly jealous or scared of Hye Jun or something? Or is she trying to prove that her style of always meddling in her kid’s lives are the right way to go? Either way, ugh.

Despite how things ended with Jeong Ha’s parents, she still seems to be having a really nice relationship with her father now, who is also doing very well. Jeong Ha’s senior at work tries throwing a tantrum and even moves into slap her, all of which is recorded on a phone, by a secret someone.

Meanwhile things are going even more downhill for Hye Jun’s brother as he gets scolded at work, and even gets bad mouthed by his colleagues in the restroom. There is a scene in the drama where Hye Jun’s brother hears all the bad mouthing from inside the lavatory and then steps out to find his colleagues in a fix to explain why they were talking about him like that. At that point Hye Jun’s brother wonders aloud – why do people bad mouth others in the restroom when such coincidences are bound to happen? Drama-land – thats what I’d like to ask you too!

Their attitude changes when they find out that his brother is none other than the actor Sa Hye Jun who dropped in to have a meal with his brother. This irks him even more and he painfully tells his brother how everything is easier with good looks. Sadly, he is kind of right. It never should be, but it does happen.

A famous Hye Jun busy with autographs

Hye Jun’s popularity sky rockets after his drama appearance, he even gets suggested as a new brand model for a cosmetics brand that was earlier endorsed by Park Do Ha. I sense Lee Tae Soo will do something really shitty soon.

Hye Jun and Jeong Ha arrive at the salon the next day but Jeong Ha is severely insulted by a troublesome customer. She later finds out that customer was a friend of the evil senior’s who acted like that as a favor. Jeong Ha finds out and confront her mean senior all too well, even dumping a glass of water on her head. You know, Jeong Ha always felt like the responsible character, it feels kind of weird to see her trash a person like that, even though that person was trashy to her to start with. I was maybe expecting that Jeong Ha would take the more mature and refined nature of dealing with bullies? I guess I will leave that open to discussion.

And like I expected Lee Tae Soo is not happy with how popular Hye Jun is getting and decides to play dirty. He asks a reporter whether she knows about the deal between Hye Jun and Charlie Jung. Uh oh. Meanwhile Hye Jun and Min Jae have a differentiatied opinion on what his next project should be – Min Jae suggests a cute rom-com, Hye Jun wants to do a dark historical drama.

The next day all the friends, and Jeong Ha and Hae Na gather for dinner, but theres a problem – Ji Ah, Hye Jun’s ex wants to join too. Whyyyyyy???? I told you she just wants to stir up trouble! Hae Na is not able to stop her senior, and Hye Hyo intervenes by taking Ji Ah to another restaurant. During the subsequent coversation, Ji Ah realizes Hye Hyo likes Jeong Ah. Of all the people he didn’t hide his feelings with – why her? Ji Ah eventualy gate crashes the party but Jeong Ha isn;t there, her mother finds out that she left her office job and comes to her home and berates her saying she is no good like her father. Jeong Ha points out that despite Mom making the right decisions, she is still not doing well, while her father is. Mom is angry to hear this and storms out asking Jeong Ah to go ahead and live with her rich father.

Jeong Ah is sad and calls Hye Jun, but he is fast asleep. He however, buys a swanky new car the next day and takes Jeong Ah for a ride, and the two spend a really romantic evening together, forgetting all their worries. For now I guess, because we are all sure there are more worries to come, sigh.

And that’s it for the recaps of episode 4-8, a mid run review is up next, you can real it all by clicking the link at the top!

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