The Couch Potato : Record of Youth (K-Drama, 2020) : Mid-run review

I am continuing on my journey into this new K-Drama called “Record of Youth” which is airing now on Netflix!

The drama consists of 16 episodes and I have completed 8 now which means I have reached the middle of the series run. This also means it’s time to have a comparison with my expectations that I had stated before starting the series and also lay down some predictions perhaps into the second half of the series.

TV series ventures on my blog generally consist of a synopsis plus expectations, episode recaps, mid run reviews, and spoiler free reviews. All of which you can access by clicking right here. Now let’s start off the Mid-run review!

Synopsis versus now

Our synopsis had started off with Sa Hye Jun (played by Park Bo Gum) who is a hard-working man with morals who wants to make it big in the entertainment industry. He however comes from a rather struggling family background and doesn’t have any influence he can use to land better opportunities which mean he is struggling, unlike his best friend Hye Hyo whose family is very well off and is pulling a lot of strings for Hye Hyo.

Now that we are at the middle of the series it looks like that is kind of reversing – Hye Jun has finally landed his big break on a romantic medical drama whereas Hye Hyo’s choice of drama hasn’t been the best choice for him, at the beginning of his career.

Coming to Ahn Jeong Ah, contrary to the speed at which the leads end up in a romantic involvement the Hye Jun and Jeong Ah have started dating pretty early in the initial part of the series. They’re quite mature in a way, don’t play around with too much of cringy romance as they also concentrate on making it big. Jeong Ah has been promoted at the salon, but I guess there might be some bigger career movements for her going forward too.

The story around the supporting characters

The story mostly revolves around the three main characters. Even when other characters come into the storyline it’s mostly about how they influence our main characters. Despite that there are some honorable mentions!


Easily my most favourite character he has a good story that seems to show it’s never too late to make your dreams come true. When I think about how Hye Jun’s father has treated him I sure hope he becomes super successful. It’s not like I want him to teach a lesson but I wish he would finally understand. Grandpa made a lot of mistakes that led to Hye Jun’s father not having the best childhood but he feels remorse for that, and I feel if someone feels genuine remorse it is good enough to forgive and forget.

The family members

The story around Hye Jun’s family remains more or less the same other than the fact that his brother got conned by a realtor which as rough as it was was kind of funny and karmic too in a way. Hye Hyo’s mother seems to be almost near the level of going overboard with how involved she is with Hye Hyo’s career that I’m sure we are in for an ugly altercation soon.

Friends and other characters

At this point we really have to give a special mention to Jin Woo and Hae Na. At times I feel these two are such cute hopeless romantics even more so than our main lead. I kind of feel we would be seeing a dramatic coming together for this couple, because I’m quite sure Hye Hyo’s mom is not going to be happy about this.

Speaking of other characters we need to mention the people in the field – managers Min Jae, Tae Soo and fellow actor Park Do Ha. I feel Tae Soo is going to cause a lot of problems for Hye Jun as we can see a sudden acceleration in Hye Jun’s fame. When it happens all so fast we fear like it might be short lived? That’s exactly what I feel here!

Hye Hyo’s feelings

Hye Hyo seems to be starting to have bad luck at his career but at his romantic life too as he decides to like Jeong Ah of all the people. I mean we can’t forget the love traingle right? As of now he hasn’t expressed a lot on this so I’m not sure how dramatic or lightly it may be depicted in the show.

So, What’s next?

So far this series has not lurched into huge plot twists or developement for the characters. Most of the changes were natural – rising star Hye Hyo facing a hiccup, struggling Hye Jun and Grandpa possibly getting their break, determined and planned Jeong Ah advancing in her career.

Like I mentioned, Hye Jun’s career has taken a huge lurch in a short span of time and I’M POSITIVE Tae Soo has stirred up something dirty with the reporters about Hye Jun – and it’s possible it’s going to about Charlie Jung. Talk about playing dirty!

Hye Jun’s ex has been flitting around in a few scenes in the drama so far and something tells me she is going to make a lot more appearances and most of them are not going to be good for reasons. As much as we are sure there will be a love triangle montage between Hye Jun, Hye Hyo and Jeong Ah, it’s quite possible that it may become a really messy quadrilateral when Ji Ah steps in. I am NOT looking forward to that. I’ve always felt love traingles are so messy and painful.

Amidst all the bad things that are bound to happen I am sure Hye Hyo’s mother is going to face a lot of drama when one, Hye Hyo finds the truth about how much she “helped” him , and two, when she finds out who Hae Na’s boyfriend is. I don’t feel all too sad for her, I know she may have the best interests at heart but parents must realise at one point their kids are individuals at one point, you know.

I was under the impression that the drama may be a series about the silver spoon vs dirty spoon concept – which basically means that the ones who can pull the strings make it big and others don’t. It has been mentioned in the drama but they haven’t played around a lot with it. Now that Hye Jun looks kind of like he made it, will this still continue? Let’s see.

And finally I’m pretty sure there will be some emotional moments between Hye Jun and Jeong Ah with their parents. I really hope Hye Jun’s father warms up to him more, their fights were really painful to watch TBH. And Jeong Ah has mentioned about her difficult childhood which makes me feel we may find out more.

So are you watching this series too? What are your thoughts so far? And predictions? Let me know in the comments!

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