The Couch Potato : Record of Youth – (K-Drama,2020) – Episodes 9-12 recap

Hello everyone! And welcome back to my Couch Potato series where I recap and discuss on the episodes of the 2020 K-Drama – Record of Youth. The series surrounds young adults struggling to make it big in the world of acting and achieve their own dreams while facing the adversities that come with it. Our lead Hye Jun was struggling to get his big break – and it looks like he has finally got it. As his popularity and his relationship with Ahn Jeong Ah improves, some new problems associated with this new fame seem to be arising.

As always I would be having an initial synopsis vs. expectations post, episode recaps, mid-run review and predictions and many other posts for a TV series break down on my blog. You can access all those by just clicking the link here! Now onto the recap!!!

Episode 9

As Hye Jun’s popularity increases its time to choose a new project but he is still stuck with Min Jae on deciding whether it should be a rom-com or a historical one. Meanwhile his family slowly seems to be warming up to the idea that he may have finally made it – even his father, although he won’t show it.

Meanwhile Tae Soo approches Hye Hyo’s mother for an apology which she does not give. She sees to be going even more all out for Hye Hyo now with sponsoring all the staff meals all with Hye Hyo’s name all over it. As Park Do Ha and Hye Hyo see all the catering, Do Ha says that he requested Hye Hyo to be a part of this as he is comfortable around him. Do Ha says he was a dirty spoon who made it big and wants the company of a silver spoon like Hye Hyo. Hye Hyo doesn’t really warm up to that idea either.

Meanwhile Jeong Ah is moving onto some huge career decisions. She plans to sell her house and use the resources to start a business of her own. Hye Hyo’s mother feels irate and uneasy to see Hye Jun reported all over the articles and over the fame that he is garnering despite her foolproof startegy of parental involvement. We also come to know that Hae Na and Jin Woo had an emotional meetup and the two did end up sleeping together. Hae Na tells this to Ji Ah (of all the people) and Ji Ah mentions that it won’t last since Ji Woo won’t be accepted at Hae Na’s home and that thats what happened to her and Hye Jun too. There may be some fact in this, but I don’t buy it completely – I mean who was that other guy then? Or….don’t tell me this is all some huge misunderstanding?!

Jeong Ah rejected the studio offer she got and tells her senior she will leave once she apologises, to which the senior of course says no. But Jeong Ah receives a video snippet of her about to slap Jeong Ah. Looks like the tables are turning. Grandpa has been called for a modelling project as well. Somehow grandpa’s achievements make me beam with happiness more than anything! He is definitely my favorite character!

Grandpa calls in a family meeting and even orders pizza for everyone to announce his new modelling gig. As expected Hye Jun’s father is not fond of the idea and feels that Grandpa is going to be conned again. This eventually turns into a fight that really hurts Grandpa as well. Look, I know he had it tough with his father’s actions all his life but give a little bit of respect huh? He blamed Hye Jun when his dad collapsed but it’s not like he is making it really easy for him either! Also if this is how he he behaved to his father he should find it a miracle his kids behave nicely to him!

Jeong Ah’s father visits and offers help as a means of forgiveness for what happened in the past. Hye Jun starts his new historical drama project which also turns into a huge success – so much so that he had been invited to host an awards show and has been nominated for “Best Actor”.

Needless to say Hye Hyo’s mother and Do Ha are not happy with this. Tae Soo chides Do Ha and just asks him to be who he is. Hye Hyo is happy at reaching 1 million followers on Instagram not knowing about the role his mother played for that. His mom is however annoyed at how he perceives Hye Jun’s nomination. Hye Hyo meanwhile is nominated for best rookie performance which everyone is sure he will get.

On the day of the award show Hye Jun wins the award for best actor amidst emotional responses from his family and loved ones. The episode ends with him receiving the award and giving his acceptance speech. Wow! Things are going so fast, too fast maybe?

Episode 10

Hye Hyo’s father asks him to make a practical decision – whether he wants to work on his acting or if he will join the military and complete his obligation. He chooses to continue acting and that he has worked hard so far – something Mom raises an eyebrow for. What does she want? All the credit or something?

Jeong Ha decides to resign but before that confronts her senior with the video clip of her about to slap Jeong Ah – and asks her to apologise to her in front of everyone. Meanwhile Do Ha finds out from Tae Soo that its possible to buy followers for his social handle. Looks like Do Ha is doing a 1+1=2 in his head on this.

It looks like Ji Ah has some nerve as she appears on set with refreshments pretending to be Hye Jun’s girlfriend. Right after he became famous too. Hye Jun asks her to stop doing this.

Meanwhile it looks like the news about Hye Jun and Charlie Jung are out as well and is trending on the searches.

While Hye Jun has smooth sailing. Hye Hyo feels it rough to always be comapared – although thats how it was when Hye Jun had the bad end of the stick? Hye Hyo’s mother’s agitation on Hye Jun doing so well leads her to unnecessarily compare Hye Hyo too, making things worse. She keeps veering into exposing the truth about how much she is involved in Hye Hyo’s career. I am sure Hye Hyo will have a mental breakdown when he realizes how much his mother was involved. Sigh. It looks like Hye Jun is nominated for Best Actor in another leading awards show as well.

The results for the award show are like how we expected. Hye Jun wins and mentions his mother, Grandpa and his fans during the acceptance speech. Ohhhhhhh. Meanwhile Hye Hyo doesn’t win the Rookie award and is severely dejected and spends the evening with Jeong Ah, who decided not to approach Hye Jun as he was with his family. That night while he was asleep he receives a text from Charlie Jung who was watching Hye Jun’s award acceptance deep in thought.

Things seem to be really going well as Hye Jun walks to Min Jae’s office. At the parking lot he receives a call from the police station. He is wanted for the questioning of Charlie Jung’s suicide. Whut.

Episode 11

Hye Jun immediately goes in for questioning at the police station. Hye Jun’s parents are now conflicted as all their friends seem to be asking about how much allowance or money Hye Jun is giving them. Hye Hyo and his mother argue about his choices and Hye Hyo reveals that he will be acting in his next drama alongside Hye Jun. I can imagine how angry she must be now. As usual she starts to talk about how much she has done for Hye Hyo. The scene flits to Tae Soo agreeing to give Hye Hyo a role in a drama with Park Do Ha if mother connects him with some influential people. But Hye Hyo informs her he got the role because Do Ha feels comfortable around him and she is shocked at Tae Soo as well. Well, she should know better. Looks like her perfect planning has flaws too I guess.

Meanwhile it looks like the same reporter who published the story on Hye Jun and Charlie Jung sees Hye Jun leave the police station. Aaahhhhhhh. Min Jae asks Hye Jun to be mindful of his fame and presence now, especially since he is even getting calls from Hollywood. Hye Jun is ready to go to the funeral despite the rumors as he must pay his last respects. However the funeral is kept pending until the investigation ends.

Jeong Ah is now taking a course at an academy and says she is going to stop working exclusively for Hye Hyo and Hye Jun as she wants to expand her clientele, now that she is starting her own business.

Hye Jun realises his brother has called a family meeting to discuss regarding all the stress Hye Jun is causing. Good or bad, the black sheep is always Hye Jun. Some things don’t change. Hye Jun is confused on suggestions on moving out from his home and Min Jae starts suing the haters online. Hye Jun’s father’s shoulder problem seems more serious than it is, but he decides to hide it from his family. Ji Woo and Hae Na broach on the subject of the “future”. Hae Na looks a little upset but hides it when Ji Woo nonchalantly mentions he doesn’t expect a future and this is for fun. Ahhhh, Hae Na.

Reporter Kim meanwhile calls Min Jae and asks about Charlie Jung and Hye Jun which she declines.

Hye Hyo seems to be spending a lot of time with Jeong Ah and drops her at her home. She goes up to find Hye Jun sleeping on the couch and the two spend some time. Hye Hyo realises she left her book in his car and calls to see if he can come up, but she declines. Ahhhh, Hae Hyo. The couple then light heartedly talks about their relationship strains; they don’t get to spend much time as before, but they acknowledge they are both busy.

At the family meeting. brother complains of how he has to treat his colleagues because of Hye Jun and they all start stating things. The discussion eventually leads to Hye Jun moving out coming as a topic and him proclaiming he will clear all of his parents debt. Taken aback, they don’t accept it and conclude the family meeting by deciding to build a bedroom for Hye Jun in the basement.

The next day things are even worse as a YouTuber starts making Accusatory videos on the relationship between Hye Jun and Charlie Jung. Min Jae confront Tae Soo who acts dumb, while Hye Jun’s family is concerned on his well being, and wonders if he is being taken care of. Ji Woo’s and Hae Na’s relationship is revealed accidentally to Mom and Hae Hyo too. That kind of hurts more than what happened to Hye Jun TBH.

Now Min Jae’s attention goes to proving Hae Jun has a girlfriend. She has an incospcious meeting with Jeong Ah, probably without Hye Jun’s knowledge and Jeong Ah is ready to help him however she can. Later that day Hye Hyo visits Hye Jun and Min Jae at office which is when they get the news that Hye Hyo came to tell them – Ji Ah is giving an interview to the reporters as Hye Jun’s ex girlfriend. This girl frustrates me more than Tae Soo, I swear.

Episode 12

The episode starts with the confrontation between Hae Hyo and Hye Jun which eventually winds to how they as friends, don’t seem to be spending time with each other either. Another scene shows Ji Ah who now desperately wants Hye Jun now he is in this position and agrees to help. She makes me puke seriously.

Hae Na’s mother says she can go ahead and have her fun and date – knowing its temporary and takes away her car keys. Hae Na later meets up with Jin Woo and he mentions he is happy with how accepting it turned out and nonchalantly adds he loves Hae Na. These two are adorable.

Hye Hyo stops by at Jeong Ah’s new salon and even gives her a new female celebrity client to start off with on a new project.

Meanwhile the same day, Jeong Ah is seen to be preparing for a live broadcast and broaches with her viewers that this may be about her boyfriend. Okay is her broadcast and Ji Ah’s interview come out together, aaahhhh it’s so messed up! Hye Jun has dinner with Ji Woo and worries about how Jeong Ah will react to Ji Ah’s interview. Some fans ask for a photo with Hye Jun and he asks them to not post it on the internet. They post it, and state the caption as Hye Jun’s date with his boyfriend. The things people do, for views and clicks!

It also looks like Hye Jun has sent his mother money, enough to clear the debt and have some left over. His parents are emotinally confused at this as well. Jeong Ah eventualy didn’t do the live broadcast due to Ji Ah, but the two talk it through.

Now at the set for his next drama, Hye Jun acts alongside his old modelling friend. She tells him about how her makeup artists went on maternity leave and he suggests Jeong Ah, as he feels he wasn’t able to help her with her new business as much as he wanted. They both joke about Hye Jun recommending his girlfriend, but someone seems to be recording this?

The next day Jeong Ah and Hye Hyo come in for the shooting and they watch as a small team of people manage Hye Jun now. The three take a break and video call their friend whose the female lead of the drama (that we saw before). She says she will imagine she is dating Hye Jun so that there will be some authenticity in her acting with Hye Jun, but it ends up making Jeong Ah feeling awkward. What makes it even worse is that Min Jae is called by that reporter lady to know if Hye Jun is dating a makeup artists which she denies.

The next day Jeong Ah goes off to a far off location to tend to the artist Hae Hyo suggested but it turns out to be challenging. while waiting in the bus stop to return home, it starts to rain and she realises Hye Jun is not there with her, nor have they talked in a long time. She tries calling but he is busy boarding a plane to go to an international fan meeting. Depressed, Hye Hyo arrives out of nowhere and gives her a ride. The episode ends with Hye Hyo entering Jeong Ah’s apartment. AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

And thats it for the recaps! Let me know what you felt about it in the comments! Please do go ahead and click the link at the top for all the other associated links on the blog on “Record of Youth”!

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