The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol : (K-Drama, 2020) : Synopsis and Expectations

I had already mentioned that there are quite a few October releases that intrigued my interest and this is drama #2, the first one being Record of Youth.

This post will start off my deep dive into this new series. There would be episode recaps, mid run reviews, predictions and spoiler free reviews that will follow this as well. The series is airing, starting October so the posts would be coming in the sequence of the release. All the posts I mentioned will be linked below –

Episodes 1 to 4 recap

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Mid-run review

Episode 9-12 recaps

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Episodes 13-16 recaps (final)

Spoiler free review

An excerpt from the release poster

Now let’s state the obvious – that title seems like a mouthful right! Well when you read it at one go it sounds so but the name actually denotes the notes of the nursery rhyme “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”. If you still didn’t get it, I meant the notes you hear in this video clip which is a teaser for the drama. The synopsis states that it’s a pianist who goes broke and meets a part-time worker at a piano studio called La La Land and the story that follows. This synopsis isn’t exactly wrong, but it isn’t right either. Let me shine some more light into it.

Go Ara as Goo Ra Ra

Goo Ra Ra was doted on by her father especially since her mother passed away shortly after giving birth to her. Believing she has a significant musical talent her father signs her up for home piano lessons although she isn’t a maestro or anything herself. With her father’s support, and training for over 20 years she completes her recital. She is from a well-to-do family and gets ready to marry the man her father found for her, without question.

On the day of the wedding though her bouquet is late and is brought in by a very messy looking Sun Woo Jun who is our other lead. She pushed him and ends up injuring his nose resulting in him bleeding over her white dressing gown. But that’s the least of her problems. Her father, who has been facing financial difficulties gets a heart attack right outside the wedding venue and eventually passes away. The groom’s mother who was eyeing the money her son will get on marrying Ra Ra leaves with the groom.

Lee Jae Wook as Sun Woo Jun

A Ra Ra whose left alone lands into trouble after trouble but is led to a beautiful town far away by an intriguing Instagram account called “dodosolsollalasol” who she feels knows her and might help her out of this situation. She however lands in an accident with none other than Jun and after a complicated set of incidents, she ends up borrowing quite a bit of money from Jun and ends up staying quite close to him and starts work at a piano academy to pay him back.

But the picturesque little town has a lot of mysterious characters surrounding them including the fact that Jun has a lot of secrets too.

Kim Joo Hun as Cha Run Suk, a doctor in the hospital in the town

Now you understand why the synopsis on the internet was not that great right? Haha!

Now onto the expectations, let’s start with the plot shall we? The plot is not anything that’s extremely unique or intriguing when read, but the trailer gave off some really happy vibes from all the characters and the settings. Plus I also find it’s interesting that it’s a story surrounding a pianist. Personally I love listening to instrumental music especially on the piano. I find it mesmerising even. On that note I have enjoyed many characters based on pianists as I find it so exciting and a lot of the scenes play out in the form of some beautiful music – something I’m really looking forward to in this drama. The last memorable pianist character that I watched would Baek In Ho played by Seo Kang Joon in the TV series – Cheese in the trap. That character was so lovable and gave off immense second lead syndrome that I can’t come to forgetting him!

From the looks of it there’s a lot the synopsis is not giving off with a plethora of new characters who we don’t know if are the good or bad people, so I’m hoping that other than being a nice romantic comedy that we all would like to watch it also turns out to have a nice story. Because in the end of the foundation is bad everything around it just falls apart and it might just be some good acting for the fans of the actors to check out and I wouldn’t want that in anything I watch!

Other than the whole coincidence factor playing out it’s nice to see that the two have a debtor-debtee relationship between them – I feel it’s going to pay off for some comedy? But I sincerely hope we don’t have to go through another love traingle or that they are childhood destined lovers kind of things. I feel K-Dramas play that plot style A LOT. It’s so overused like the whole “lead getting amnesia” scenario and I hope we may be relieved from that there. Sometimes though, the whole childhood thing pays off like in dramas like say, Kill Me, Heal Me.

Coming to the cast it looks like these three will be taking the reins on the drama (not a love triangle please, and how come Love triangles are always two guys and girl? We need to see a difference there LOL!).

I’m surprised at how fast I have come back to a Go Ara drama as I’ve just wrapped up Black, and that was – EPIC. (Check out the link to know more). In black her character was deep, dark, tense and she was always about to break at the stress of her character, I mean who wouldn’t if we had to go through what her character did? Considering that, I feel this character may help us see a more light hearted side of Go Ara, as I haven’t seen her on rom-com, yet.

I haven’t seen any works of Lee Jae Wook yet, but I did find out that he played a character in Memories of Alhambra which I watched. Which character you ask? The evil friend of the game creator – that one! I know you might be a little shocked at that becuase those two characters look like two different people but they’re both the same! On that note I’m looking forward to him in a lead role as well as we have a lot of mystery shrouded around his character too.

And finally Kim Joo Hun. We watched and absolutely LOVED him on It’s Okay To Not Be Okay, as the CEO who was begging Ko Mun Yeong to save his business from tanking and following her around. It’s nice to see that I’ve been brought back to another drama with him in a more prominent role, we may say?

We also have many other actors forming the supporting cast and I’m excited to see how that turns out.

And that’s it for the initial post. The show is airing on Netflix, if you’re interested to check it out. What are your expectations on this series? Let me know in the comments!


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