The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama, 2020) – Ep 1 to 4 recap

I am on a huge binge watch for a lot of the October releases and I have decided to try my best to update them on my blog as the episodes progress as well!

This couch potato feature will be on the rom-com (I think) DDSSLLS (I’m just going to abbreviate it, because man, thats a mouthful). I already had a post up for the synopsis versus expectations. You can definitely expect more episode recaps (with my commentary in bold italics), mid run reviews, predictions (since this is an ongoing series) and spoiler free reviews, all by clicking the link here!

Now, lets get into the episodes!

Episode 1

Ra Ra

The episode starts with our heroine Go Ra Ra (or La La, since the ‘r’ and ‘l’ sounds are often interchanged in Korean as per my understanding especially when romanizeed, in some articles you may see it as La La and others Ra Ra. The official subs on Netflix go with Ra Ra so I will stick to that) Her father, feels his motherless daughter is a musical progidy and decides to her trained in piano. Its kind of evident she doesn’t like it at all and is not a prodigy. We see a scene of her as a child for her first recital where she virtually messes up, only to see her father stand up and cheer her on saying “Bravo!” (We love a supportive parent!) Therefore out of love for her father she continues her piano training for another 20 years, and performs her recital and just retires. Haha!

Her father eventually suggests marriage for her as he has found the perfect groom and she agrees to it in a blink of an eye. In another literal blink of an eye in the next scene we see Ra Ra in her full wedding glamour waiting for the ceremony to start. But there are two problems – her father, and her bouquet are late.


This is when we are introduced to Sun Woo Jun. He seems to be a hard working part time worker. After a messy work at a construction site, a very messy Jun walks only to be nearly collided by a delivery man – whose delivering Ra Ra’s bouquet. Aaahhhh.. their fate tied together because of that bouquet! The delivery man urgently begs Jun to deliver it which he does, only to stand in the hallway mesmerised by Ra Ra in her wedding glory. Ahhhh, I think I am mesmerised by Jun though but lets not lose track! Jun comes closer much to Ra Ra’s protest and gets hit in the nose where he bleeds onto her pristine white gown. Uh oh. However our capable Jun manages to fix up her dress but seems defiant in letting Ra Ra leave.

Blood stains are not just Ra Ra’s problem. Her fathers business is ridden with a financial crisis and his secretary gives him some really bad news just outside the wedding hall – which leads him to collapse and pass away at the hospital only for a teary Ra Ra holding his hand, and crying in her wedding outfit. This scene was heartbreaking, I will give you that. And looks like Ra Ra’s mother in law was in this marriage for the money that will be coming in to her son but realizing thats not the case, walks out of the venue. Jun sees all this too.

Eun Suk

Jun is not the only one who saw this. Eun Suk, a friend of the runaway groom also sees the whole thing wrap off. Eun Suk seems to know Ra Ra even before the wedding, and has gotten a divorce to move to another town. I am pretty sure we have not seen the last of him.

Ra Ra later learns from her father’s secretary that her house has been put for sale for all the debt and is given some money to get a place of her own and stay away from the loan sharks. That night as she packs her stuff (Not sure how she got in a home that has been sealed off by loan sharks or the bank) and leaves with a few suitcases of stuff, her pet dog Mimi and her car. That night she painfully plays a piece on the piano, as she remembers her father. At the same time, Jun seems to have been chased by some mysterious goons and hides outside Ra Ra’s home only to hear the melancholy music which makes him cry. I’m crying too.

Ra Ra meets even more misfortune as she gets scammed by her realtor and loses her apartment. Unsure what to do, and not able to reach her father’s secretary (Suspicious), she sees that she has a new Instagram follower called DSSSLLS who gives off a few hints like they know Ra Ra and she decides to go to Eunpo city where they said they will be.

On the way to Eunpo city thought she gets into an accident with none other than Jun. While she is on her way though we see a panoramic view of Eunpo city, (the cinematography looks great at this point) and a few other mysterious characters as well.

Episode 2

Jun seems okay after the accident, with just a few scratches whereas Ra Ra looks very injured and she gets admitted in the hospital with a neck brace and casts on her arms. At this point we see a rather funny relationshio begin to develop between Jun and Ra Ra, with it being that of a debtor-debtee relationship. Jun doesn’t leave her side and seems to work even harder than before on his part time jobs to lend her money for everything. He feeds her, washes her hair and what not. Ahhhhh, I have a soft spot for Jun now.

Their realtionship becomes so close I guess that at one point when Jun doesn’t return for two days (he took on a 2 day workshop to make extra cash) she becomes extremeley worried.

But there is another person who seems to be getting closer to Ra Ra and that’s Eun Suk who is a doctor at the hospital. They seem to form a more deeper connection as they talk about music and Ra Ra hopes she can get to play again, because she now realises that after 20 years of playing the piano it is form of healing for her now, although her mindset wasn’t that when she started it.

Meanwhile it looks like a lady whose husband is a conglomerate head or someone powerful of similar status seems to be paying some people a LOT of money to find her son. Let me guess, Jun?

After her discharge from the hospital, Ra Ra decides to stay at Jun’s place as he has a night shift. The episode ends with a rather cliche but dramatic moment where a shirtless Jun who was washing his hair comes to take a bottle of water (as the water conveniently ran out) only to have the bottle roll under the bed Ra Ra was sleeping on. He tries to get it and she wakes up and screams. The salon owner and her daughter (who has s crush on Jun and are neighbours sort of) and Eun Suk, who came in worried on where Ra Ra would go, come running in hearing her screams.

Episode 3

The dramatic ending from the last episode leads to Ra Ra now staying at the salon lady’s home under the word given by Jun. At this point its kind of evident that Eun Suk and Jun don’t like each other. Eun Suk suspects why a stranger like Jun would do so much for Ra Ra, and also suspects he is hiding his true identity as Jun angrily refused treatment after the accident, which according to Eun Suk is to not leave any records of his identity. Jun meanwhile doesn’t like the fact that he approaches and tries to be closer with Ra Ra either. That first impression Jun had off Ra Ra must have had some impact because he is going to some really extreme lengths for a stranger!

Ra Ra decides on her job – to be a piano instructor at an academy once her cast is off. It is also revealed that Jun has only a middle school level of education – although he seems to know a lot more. Did Jun run away from his family in middle school? There is this school time photo that has popped up in the drama as well – it might lead to some clues.

The episode ends with Ra Ra getting her cast removed and catching up to speed with her piano playing skills. There is one scene in particular where an old man asks her to play a song and he sheds tears from the memories that it brings. It’s these kinds of moments that I look forward to in musical dramas – music doesn’t need a language to be felt by the heart. Ra Ra is however dangerously close to overworking her fingers on practising the piano which Jun cautions her against. The episode ends with a mysterious person creeping onto Jun from behind. Have those goons caught up to Jun already?

Episode 4

The man who was following Jun was Eun Suk, although he claims he was just going home – he is revealed to be living in the same apartment block as Ra Ra. OOOHhhhhhhh. Something tells me Jun is going to find some way to have Ra Ra stay with him because of this. Eun Suk pointedly asks some questions to Jun like he knows he is hiding something, but Jun brushes past all that.

Ra Ra’s bad luck has no ends as the piano academy doesn’t need instructors any more. However her mysterious Instagram friend, sends her a full sized grand piano (who is this person) and she decides to start a piano academy at Jun’s place which he remodels for her to come and spend time with Mimi (him) as well. She spreads brochures and gifts all across town and looks like both Jun and Eun Suk sign up to be her first students. But Eun Suk is already professionally trained – I think I am kind of sure that Ra Ra and Eun Suk have a past between them.

Eun Suk also seems to be spending an increasing amount of time with Ra Ra, or tries to but its evident that her affection towards Jun is stronger. Jun is monitored by a strange man at a beauty store, and Ra Ra is left with another mysterious gift box that Jun was looking at in the beauty store. But something tells me Jun didn’t get her that gift.

Back in Seoul (I presume) a dead body washes off onto the shore which apparently has Sun Woo Jun’s ID card. The rich lady is informed that he has been found dead and she is shocked. It’s also shown that Ra Ra’s father’s secretary is enjoying a very luxurious life – he had back stabbed Ra Ra. I had a feeling this would happen since he was “out of touch”.

At the end of the episode Ra Ra spends time with Jun at her academy where it starts to rain and Jun offers to walk her home (after lying he has a single umbrella, well aww.) However Eun Suk offers Ra Ra a ride which brings down Jun. Lightning strikes as Ra Ra says “Bye” and Jun seems to be having some sort of flashback – like deja vu. He grabs hold of Ra Ra and asks her not to leave. Don’t tell me these two have a past too? I think I have mentioned this before but love triangle circumstances, amnesia and fated to be together love stories, childhood love are all over used themes in K-Dramas. It mostly feels repetitive with just slight differences based on the main plot. However there are some dramas that have used them to level up their show as well – and I hope its the latter for this! Considering the mystery around our existing characters and since there is a feeling that there are more characters to come, lets hope DDSSLLS lives up to that expectation.

For more recaps and associated posts, just click the link at the top!

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