The Couch Potato : Private Lives – (K-Drama, 2020) – Ep 1 to 4 recap

I am on a mission to follow up with the latest October releases and I am kicking off the episode recaps on drama #3 – Private Lives!

I have already mentioned a synopsis and expectations post before I started watching the drama. Aside from that, there will be episode recaps, mid run reviews, predictions before the finale (since this is an ongoing series), and a spoiler free review – all of which can be accessed by clicking the link here. The episode recaps will stick to the most main points in the episode without any unecessary detailing and will also have my commentary in bold italics. So lets start!

Episode 1

The episode begins with a speech about privacy – about how people now expose their privacy all over the internet and how it is manipulated and how the war is between what is privacy and what is not. Interesting. The intro has me really excited.

Cha Joo Eun

We meet our leading Joo Eun in a wedding gown, looking sort of worried.

Flashback to 2009, we see that her parents act as if Joo Eun got into an accident and takes money from people. It looks like Joo Eun and her parents are expert con artists. They call their work as “shooting a documentary” (and we will continue to call it that too). Although Joo Eun does take part in the documentaries it’s obvious that’s not what she wants. Her parents on the other hand are ready to go to any level of conning people too.

Back to the present day Joo Eun is leaving a correctional facility (guess she didn’t make the difference she wanted). As she sits to eat her meal a man called Han Son comes and they start discussing about her “revenge” from 9 years ago. Ohhhhh.

We are back at the period of time during the flashback and Joo Eun has landed a college admission. Its also at this time she in introduced to Han Son as her mother felt she would make an excellent documentary artist – as she has a face people will trust.

Bok Ki

Meanwhile her father is recruited by a woman called Bok Ki to pretend to be a pastor called Pastor Cha to trick people into donating exceeding amounts of cash towards religious purposes. Bok Ki and her partner Jae Wook then steal the funds and blame it all on Pastor Cha and leave the country. What’s worse is that Joo Eun’s father has put all his savings into this church as well and he has been conned. He becomes penniless and jailed as Joo Eun watches helplessly. Her mother leaves him for good.

Joo Eun decides to get her revenge and works with Han Son on many documentaries honing her documentary acting skills. At one point she is about to quit but sees Bok Ki. She realises that Bok Ki is tricking people again with a fake pyramid scheme. Joo Eun uses her skills to get close to the Finance Manager for Bok Ki’s company to switch banks and take the assets (A very entertaining set of scenes show how this is played out and how extensive their documentaries can get). The episode ends with Bok Ki inviting Joo Eun under the pretense of congratulating her on becoming a platinum member in the pyramid scheme. Meanwhile Joo Eun’s mother doesn’t break the bank change as she feels waiting more would pile in more money. But its too late, Bok Ki is one step ahead and takes all the money away and asks Joo Eun if she is here to avenge her father. Ooohhhhh! A formidable villian indeed! I love how this episode started!

Episode 2

This episode starts with Bok Ki carting Joo Eun off to the police. Joo Eun meets detective In Sook and tells her everything little by little and it is revealed that the detective is one of the people who lost money from Bok Ki’s schemes. Despite pleading in court, Joo Eun is sentenced to 18 months in prison and then we pick off the story when she is released. Meanwhile Jae Wook has “forced” the finance manager to commit suicide.

Edward Kim/Jae Wook

After she is released she meets up with In Sook who is now retired and is running a barbecue restaurant and her other friends. She tries to drown her sorrows but its not working. She and her friend are approached by a man at a bar but she chases him away too.

Eventually she decides to do another documentary as an employee at UI telecom and receives the same info from the man she rejected at the bar. I sense a con artist couple kind of like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt from that spy movie? Lets see.

Now that she is working at the office (or rather pretending to in the store room, its unclear what her mission is), she meets up with Jung Hwan and the two start dating. She tells Jung Hwan that she is an orphan and he even introduces her to his parents. She had cross verified his job at the office and he seems to be a legitimate person too, but she has to live a double life around him. Whats going on? I thought these two are spies? He did tell her he delivered the envelope to her on his boss’s orders and doesn’t know what is going on, but I still felt he was being cautious with his identity? Lets see!

Jeong Hwan

Jung Hwan eventually proposes and the two set out to marry, with Eun Joo hiring some fake friends and In Sook and her husband to take the place of her parents. However Jung Hwan never comes, and his parents and relatives were all paid actors. Eun Joo who was lying to Jung Hwan, finds out she was being conned by him all along. OMG. I don’t even know how to process this!

Episode 3

While Eun Joo is heartbroken, distraught, we see a scene that shows that Jung Hwan did come to the venue but was chased away by some goons. Nooooooooo! As Eun Joo wallows in pity she finds out he never was the team leader at the corporation like she thought and had taken the identity of a man with the same name and designation. So he was a spy then? But Han Son should have known this? I mean he sent Eun Joo to get those documents to start this documentray?

Han Son

What’s worse is that Eun Joo had bought an apartment and had even given a a fair share of the deposit, some of which she borrowed from her mother, who is not going to let her go just because she suffered this loss.

We then see a flashback into who Jeong Hwan is, he works for a spy agency while at the same time working for a corporation and his clients on some project of sorts. He is approahced by a woman called Sophia Chung (who is really Bok Ki) to find a man called Edward Kim (Jae Wook). Jeong Hwan tells his boss at the corporate about finding Jae Wook and it looks like theres something going on.

One more flashback shows Jeong Hwan meeting the arsonist Jae Wook/Edward Kim who burns a forest to destroy a phone company. His methods seems to be making Jeong Hwan unsure, but he still continues. He also seems to be a part of an even bigger plan with the company – something that will take their country forward a lot – could it be related to that privacy thing they were talking about in the beginning of episode 1? Jeong Hwan’s boss at the company asks him to marry and “settle” down to seem “normal” – was this why he decided to marry Eun Joo? We see another scene in the present day where Jeong Hwan is breaking into a home – but we are unsure what happens after that.

Back to the present, Eun Joo gets a call from the police. Jeong Hwan has been found dead, after a car accident. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Episode 4

Joo Eun is asked to identify the body which is burned beyond recognition but she says its not him. The DNA test results say otherwise and the police officers find it strange on how emotionless Eun Joo reacted.

Meanwhile Eun Joo’s mother gives her 2 months time to pay back the money taken, and asks Han Son to secretly find Jeong Hwan for her. She also goes to prison and tells her husband about Eun Joo’s marriage and how she went to jail to take revenge for her father. Her mother seems to have a practical and cruel side, sigh.

To make her debts worse, she isn’t managing her finances that well, a so called friend (loan shark) of Jeong Hwan’s comes and reveals an even bigger loan and all the wedding presents were taken by Jeong Hwan. Why did he do this to her though? Its not like he has a connection with her? So far.. The detective is behind her questioning her on why her husband ended up in an accident miles away on their wedding day. Sigh. Since they registered their marriage beforehand she seems to be the one who may have the payout from the insurance and the loan shark goon said that Jeong Hwan even changed the beneficiery from him to her. I can’t place whether Jeong Hwan is a bad guy or good buy.

Since she has inherited everything, she has inherited his spy agency as well where she meets Bok Ki. She in convinced that Bok Ki has something to do with Jeong Hwan’s death and warns her she will catch up to her later. Bok Ki however wonders if Edward Kim killed Jeong Hwan after all. Eun Joo filters through Jeong Hwan’s hard disk and finds out Bok Ki’s real name (I will continue to call her Bok Ki to not be confused) and about her request to find Edward Kim. She confronts Bok Ki with this information and it is clear she is alarmed.

Later, Eun Joo infiltrates the same home Jeong Hwan did in a flashback, as this is the place where Edward Kim is beleived to be. from how Jeong Hwan knows him from the past. She is however discovered and chased by the guards but is saved by a mysterious man and ends up escaping, that man being – Jeong Hwan. I knew he wasn’t dead! Ahhhh this is so exciting! Can’t wait for the next episode!

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