The Couch Potato : Record of Youth – (K-Drama,2020) – Ep 13-16 recap (Final)

Time has flown by and we are now at the final episode recap of Record of Youth! So much has happened to Sa Hye Jun as he went from a struggling model with no agency to support him to a literal overnight superstar. But problems come with this sudden fame and at this point of the series, Hye Jun is stuck in a deep wad of the problems. It’s time to see how the showmakers and going to settle the story of Hye Jun and all the other characters around him!

TV series deep dives on my blog, contain an expectation versus synopsis, episode recaps with my commentary as well, mid run review, a final prediction post before the final week of the episodes airing and so much more – all of which you can access by just clicking the link here! Now onto the recap. As always my commentary will be included in bold italics.

Episode 13

If anyone expected some huge dramatic scenes to happen now that Hye Hyo entered Jeong Ah’s apartment, well – Jeong Ha ferventlly thanks Hye Hyo for dropping her although she feels really guilty about asking his help at all as she feels uncomfortable. Both Hye Hyo and Jeong Ah continue the conversation but they both look like they are beng extremely cautious and it ends with both of them thanking each other.

Meanwhile Min Jae has released s atatement denying all allegations against Hye Jun, and the reporter who reported gets scolded – because although she did start the Charlie Jung rumor she didn’t capture the main details about the issue with his inheritance, nor did she capture the news about the rumor of Hye Jun dating his co-star in the present drama he is working on either. She shows him the snippet of Hye Jun dating Jeong Ah, a makeup artist, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Now we all know she is going to drive all this vengeance into the next article that she will publish about Hye Jun, sigh.

Meanwhile Hye Jun and Jeong Ah meet and it is a difficult meeting what with all these rumors on about him, but the two reconfirm their trust in each other. Back at Hye Jun’s home now that his shoulder is at breaking point, his friend refuses to give him work. We all know he won’t be ready to live off Hye Jun’s allowance, and Grandpa finally calls him to accompany him, planning to make him his agent.

As expected the Reporter is back at the police station to sniff out more dirt between Hye Jun and Charlie Jung. She does get one bit of information from the police – that Hye Jun MAY have been the last person Charlie Jung called/texted, before he committed suicide. Ahhh, of all the things she had to find out, she had to find the one that would give the worst impact.

Hye Hyo and Do Ha mutually call off their relationship as they both had a sort of tense argument about Hye Hyo’s social media followers. Hye Hyo not knowing what his mother did behind his back is oblivious but Do Ha knows otherwise. Meanwhile Tae Soo realizes that Hye Jun is up for a renewal of contract and starts pursuing him, even handing out gift coupons to Hye Jun’s brother – OH NO.

Hye Hyos’ mother is already displeased at how Hae Na is still proceeding with her relationship, and right after that Hye Hyo comes and cross questions her on his followers. Realizing that it was the truth, the two have a very tense and difficult to watch argument – in short, Hye Hyo’s self esteem may have taken the biggest hit – YET. From the time in the beginning of the show, we knew this was coming, this ugly altercation between Hye Hyo and his mother. But honestly someone needs to knock some sense into Hye Hyo’s mom – the lives of her children, or any child in fact are their own! Especially when they are adults like this! Meanwhile Hye Jun and his brother have a fight, after finding out that he took the gift coupons that Tae Soo gave – because everything that Tae Soo does, comes at a price.

When Hye Jun confronts Tae Soo the next day, he realizes that although Tae Soo did offer the coupons, his brother never took them, saying that he has ben scammed before. I guess some lessons do pay off! Hye Hyo meanwhile turns to Jeong Ah’s company for some relief after fighting with his mother.

But looks like the bad luck is still shining on Hye Jun’s brother – he gets sued by one of the top malicious commentors under Hye Jun’s posts – for replying back, in a malicious manner. LOL. I know this is bad for him, but I can’t beleive this happened, of all the things. Ji Ah is also the one handling all the legal cases related to Hye Jun as well. I am getting really tired of Ji Ah. Is there like no other lawyer in this country or what?

Jeong Ah lands a new client, courtesy of a strong recommendation from Hye Hyo and due to how the client was impressed with Jeong Ah’s work from what she posted online. She calls Hye Hyo and thanks him, while Hye Jun looks over at him jealously as she called Hye Hyo to tell the good news first and not him. Jeong Ah does mention she will call back, but she doesn’t.

Grandpa gives all the money he earned for the day to his son – as he did all this to repay him for all the trouble he caused him. An emotional visit of the past, and how Hye Jun’s father had to lose many opportunities due to the struggles caused by Grandpa. Although he doesn’t accept initially, he eventually takes the money and decides to go shopping with his wife because like he said – “Spending my son’s money makes me uncomfortable, but spending my dad’s money feels great!”

Hye Jun gives a surprise visit to Jeong Ah but she isn’t so happy – what if the papparazzi follows him? Hye Jun even ponders on making their relationship public – but Jeong Ah says it will be too hard on her if they break up, on which Hye Jun’s face darkens.

Back at the shooting site Hye Jun receives bad news from Tae Soo – that the next day’s headlines would be that the last person Charlie Jung contacted was Hye Jun and that only Tae Soo can save Hye Jun.

I am not surprised by the cliffhanger. I knew this was coming when the reporter got a sniff of this infotmation from the police station. The real question is – how is Hye Jun going to handle this problem and make sure it doesn’t end his career once and for all?

Episode 14

The episode starts with a few parallels – Ji Ah and Hye Jun’s brother going over the repurcussions of his comments online, Hye Hyo, Hae Na and their mother’s rather icy attitude towards their actions, as she continues her disapproval, Hye Hyo struggling to perform well on set as his mind is completely affected on what his mother did.

News about Hye Jun being the last person Charlie Jung texted breaks out – and all hell breaks loose. Literally. Min Jae is swamped with calls about people, and the reports and comments online don’t help either. It even starts to affect Jeong Ah as certain people start asking her too. Jeong Ah doesn’t want to ask, to not upset Hye Jun, but being in the dark is not reassuring her either.

Hye Hyo and Hye Jun have a scene together , at a high point in the city discussing about success, Hye Hyo mentions how he feels devastated that he is now performing worse than Hye Jun, while Hye Jun points out he has always been in a disadvantage when compared with Hye Hyo but tried not to take that into perspective. These two have such a nice friendship. Not everyone, can be at the top of their field and I hope that they come to that realisation and be like how they used to be. I think Hye Hyo will realise this and be professional about it soon. He wouldn’t have thought like this in a normal note, but his mother messed things up, big time.

Hye Jun and his brother patch up for the misunderstanding about the gift coupons and makes him write an apology letter so that the legal charges can be dropped.

The reporter receives a call from the police station on the legal charges pressed by Hye Jun’s agency for writing the articles about him and Charlie Jung. This forces her to go on an even more evil note and publish the article about Hye Jun and Jeong Ah.

Hye Jun tries to go to Jeong Ah’s place to spend time together on his day off as planned but we see that the reporter has got there already, and Jeong Ah asks him to leave.

The next day all the brands are pressing legal charges of compensation from Hye Jun for the defamation of the brands he endorses, bad press and online articles, and he arrives at his agency only to see Jeong Ah waiting – as she wants to break up. I knew this was coming because in some of the early narration in the first few episodes when Jeong Ah and Hye Jun interacted he narrates something like “If I had known this would have been how we ended up..” But Jeong Ah isn’t really keeping her cool and confident morale that she says she keeps now? What did the reporter meet her and tell her? Something must have happened.

Episode 15

The episode starts with Reporter Kin interviewing Jeong Ah to find the truth about Hye Jun. Although she pries around a lot, she doesn’t crack Jeong Ah although she seems to be deeply affected by all this. Min Jae is also going nuts issuing statements for all the scandals – whats worse is that there is added pressure from Hye Jun’s family and Tae Soo for her to perform better. The fact that Hye Jun has not signed a contract yet, nags her at the back of her mind as well.

This leads to Min Jae publishing a statement without letting neither Hye Jun or Jeong Ah know, to which Hye Jun is very upset as he came to know about it from others. Jeong Ah seems troubled by all the hate comments she is receiving and her mother seems to be coming to visit soon. She thinks back to a time with Hye Jun where they promised to not say sorry, as people in love shouldn’t, but as she thinks back, al Hye Jun has done is say sorry. Cruel twist of fate.

Grandpa meanwhile rejects an exclusive modeeling contract in exchange of having his son be his manager instead, as he continues to hide his shoulder problems from his family, although everyone knows by now.

Things are quite smooth at the Hye Jun household. Hye Jun however hasn’t warmed up to his father completely yet and his father understanding that it is not something easy to forgive doesn’t force himself on Hye Jun either. Meanwhile at Jeong Ah’s home her mother feels she left her stable job not to chase her dreams but because she found a good catch in Hye Jun which severly demotivates her as well. Hye Hyo and his mother have reached the level where they just share curt responses now. As Hye Hyo says it, all the things his mother did, were for herself. It’s kind of ironical that Jeong Ah’s mother should insist that Jeong Ah did this considering Hye Jun is really well off when she did the same thing with her marriage and that didn’t end so well. I wonder how far Hye Hyo and his mother will go? I am curious to see how it will end up.

Its all these events that eventually lead to Jeong Ah breaking up with Hye Jun. Honestly I wouldn’t blame her. She just seems to be getting completely lost in the vast ocean called Sa Hye Jun and she needs to be herself.

Reporter Kim is more furious as she gets sued by Min Jae the more she writes and her articles keep getting worse. Min Jae finally reveals the texts between Charlie Jung and Hye Jun which actually solves the problem and clears Hye Jun’s name, but Hye Jun isn’t happy about that. Now that thats cleared. Reporter Kim’s articles on the issue are bashed and she comes to know from Ji Ah that Tae Soo had played her. Reporter Kim vows to make Tae Soo’s and Do Ha’s lives living hell. If there is anyone we shouldn’t mess with in this drama, thats Reporter Kim for sure. Her actions lack morals but it can tear us down, bad.

Hae Na realizes its hard for her to live a lifestyle similar to her boyfriend. She tries warming up to her mother, but her mother is as curt as ever.

Distraught on what to do, Hye Jun eventually ends up at Jeong Ah;s door step and says he can’t break up with her. Okay so till now things were quite realistic, but are we amping up the drama at this point? Let’s find out!

Episode 16

The episode starts with Hye Jun and Jeong Ah’s meetup. Its not the dramatic reconcilation we expected but rather a more mature conversation as Jeong Ah points out her thoughts. Meanwhile Grandpa’s career seems to be really hitting off.

The episode then follows a number of reconcilcations and renewals of relationship, big changes – Hye Jun and his father finally acceptinge ach other, Hye Jun’s mother quitting her job at Hye Hyo;s home, Hae Na and Ji Woo who break up realising their worlds are too far apart and that Hae Na misses her mother and the time they spend together, and so on.

The episode ends with Hye Hyo leaving for the military by just leaving a letter for his mother, as she is eneveloped in shock. Rather karmic I guess. She claimed to put her children above everything but now she had to go through this. Also if you are unfamiliar with this scenario, men in South Korea have to enlist in the military for a compulary service of around 2 years before they are 30. Hye Jun also decides to go to the military and signs a contract with Min Jae for the period inclduing his enlistment.

The series wraps up with all of them busy with their careers and the start of their 30s. Hye Jun and Jeong Ah meet again on a set and the series end with the two of them walking and talking about the old things, friends like how they always used to be.

And thats a wrap on the series? What did you feel about how ROY ended? Let me know in the comments. Also, the links of all the associated posts to this drama will be at the top! Thank you for reading!

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