The Couch Potato : Record of Youth – (K-Drama,2020) – How I think the show will end.

It’s not often that I get to do these kind of prediction posts. You can only really do this with the right feeling, when the show is airing and I am making these articles in real time as the show airs. I mean its not like I can’t publish it for unfinished shows, but it really takes the joy out of that!

Record of Youth is a 16 episode K-Drama series that has been airing on Netflix. I have an ongoing series of posts that is tracking this in detail, so you can check that out for more by clicking the link here.

I am uploading this post, just a day before the final two episodes airs. If you are wondering why I am publishing a post 2 episodes beforehand, and not one, is because usually K-dramas have all the finale drama in the second last episode, and the final episode is more of a wrap up and conclusion.

Where we are at now.

Let’s go in subplot by subplot – I am not going in my character, because all the characters are tightly intertwined- so it would make this post really confusing.

Hye Jun and his career

Hye Jun, our main lead started off as a struggling model that did not even have an agency to support him. But that seems to have changed now – he is a hugely succesful actors having an immensely tightly packed schedule and multiple endorsements – he has become a literal star overnight.

However, that seems to have brought problems of his own. He has been accussed to be the cause of death for Charlie Jung, as the public beleives the two were in a realtionship and the heartbreak that followed led to Charlie Jung ending his life. He has millions to be paid in breaches of contract for all the brands he endorsed as well, and even the director of the drama is wary on how all the bad press surrounding Hye Jun may affect the dramas.

Hye Jun and Jeong Ah (and maybe his ex)

The two seemes to may have had the most steadiest relationship on the show, but unfortunately now that their relationship has also been publicised, it looks like Jeong Ah wants to end things between them – although we are sure something more has happened behind the scene that caused Jeong Ah to make this decision.

Hye Jun’s ex Ji Ah seems to be a persistent character, or maybe she is forcing herself on all the others to be persistent. Hye Jun and Ji Ah did break off as she was not interested in it, but now that he has become really famous she has decided to push herself back in. She stepped in and gave an interview as an ex-girlfriend when the first news article about Hye Jun and Charlie Jung came out, and she seems to be handling all his legal matters too along with Min Jae.

The love triangle and the friendship triangle

When the show began and it became clear that Hye Hyo and Hye Jun both like Jeong Ah, we expected a very dramatic love triangle. At this point in the show, Hye Hyo has not admitted it, although it looks like Jeong Ah fears it may happen.

The start of the show showed Hye Hyo, Hye Jun and Ji Woo as the closest friends. But as their careers changed – Hye Jun becoming an overnight superstar, Hye Hyo dipping down in his fame,and Ji Woo leaving his job at the studio in order to start his own, the three seem to be spending no time together at all. And with Hye Hyo feeling insecure about how he is beneath Hye Jun now, their friendship feels even more at risk.

Hye Jun’s family

As of now things seem to be going well for the Sa family – other than the issues surrounding Hye Jun.

Grandpa is getting more modelling gigs and has taken on Hye Jun’s father as his agent now that he can’t continue his old job due to his injured shoulder. The family who was not oriented and had squabbles now seem to be more stable as well. However Hye Jun’s parents are confused on how they can handle it when people ask them about how Hye Jun is taking care of them financially, as they do not want to do that either.

Hye Hyo’s family

If Hye Jun’s family took a turn for the better, Hye Hyo’s has taken the opposite effect.

Mother seems to be extremely dissastified at how her children have been – she moulded them to be the perfect children and made the “right” choices but both of seem to be going elsewhere. Hae Na deciding to date Ji Woo who is out of “class”, or that Hye Hyo seems to be accussing her more than anything. There is also their father’s suggestion of Hye Hyo going to the military if things are not going to improve for him in the entertainment industry as well.

Hae Na and Ji Woo

Their relationship may have taken a turn for the worst with the lack of support and dissatisfaction that Hae Na’s mother seems to be emanating as well. There is also a question of how long this will continue as well.


Now that Hye Jun is enduring probably the worst part of his career, we are unsure of how he is going to come out this as well. And would Hye Hyo be able to rise again? Meanwhile Hye Jun’s contract is up for renewal as well. He has taken the contract from Min Jae but we do not know if he has signed it or not. Meanwhile Tae Soo is also behind Hye Jun to sign with his agency as well.

Jeong Ah has already started her own makeup studio and is slowly garnering clients. Hae Na is in law school where Ji Ah is her senior, and Ji Woo plans to start her own studio.

Other characters?

The superstar at the time when we start the series is Do Ha, but he seems to be totally out of the market now with Hye Jun taking the market. He also discovers that Hye Hyo’s SNS following is due to them buying followers. Tae Soo seems have literally abandoned Do Ha as he is after Hye Jun for a new contract.

There are issues surrounding Charlie Jung’s death, fueled by the rumors with Hye Jun and Reporter Kim is enraged at the lawsuit Hye Jun’s agency has pushed on her, and is enraged to pick up even more dirt on him.

How is the show going to end?

Now before we think about any of the characters and sub plots we need to think about how Hye Jun is going to overcome the problems he is in now, especially the one with Charlie Jung. And I think the answer lies in those text messages. There are some scenes in episode 13 and 14 where they talk about a certain text message, something which he shows Min Jae as well.

Min Jae asks if they can publish it, and is can clear Hye Jun’s name but Hye Jun is not ready to do that as it is not a humane thing to do with Charlie Jung.

I did a lot of thinking but since we still do not know the content of the texts despite it being mentioned a few times, I do think that it would be the key in him resolving all the issues surrounding him. About the humane factor – I guess it depends on how they release it to the world. Understanding how compassionate Hye Jun is, I really think he will find the RIGHT way to reveal it to the public. And I feel the positive wave of feedback that comes from it may propell him into larger stardom. Some say he may quit his career altogether but I don’t think he will throw away his passion for which he worked really hard to make it.

The narration from the beginning of the show mentions how he cannot beleive how Hye Jun and Jeong Ah ended up – I feel like those two may go their own ways and stay good friends? Although it sounds plausible, if you know K-dramas well, they mostly do not take these kind of endings on for shows and prefer happy warm stories – which also leads me to think about a second possibility – the two of them meeting at the end of the series that shines on a happy but unknown future. We need to wait and see on that one.

Hye Hyo meanwhile, I feel will come to terms with his mother and may drop his crush on Jeong Ah to take his career seriously and into this own hands. I expect the same from Ji Woo as well, when it comes to him starting his studio. But if they are going for a fairytale like ending for Hye Jun, I wonder is the showmakers will force a realistic ending for Hye Hyo, with him finally taking his dad’s advice and joining the military?

I do not expect any major changes to come in Hye Jun’s home though other than maybe a more elevated level of happiness. I think their worries on how to answer people on how much allowance Hye Jun gives them may end with Hye Jun probably helping them, and Grandpa too, I feel his modelling gig is really going to take off.

But if there is one change in the families that I expect its with Hye Hyo’s mother. I really hope that the final episodes show her, and make her understand how much of a grave mistake she made with Hae Hyo and Hae Na, and I hope she comes out to be an understanding mother, because we all know she can be a supportive one. Rich moms in K-dramas are known to stay stubborn, I hope thats not the case. I kind of have a feeling that Hye Jun’s mother will continue to work at Hye Hyo’s place too, as her own choice and continue her rather unique and mental monologue bickering relationship with Hye Hyo’s mother.

Career wise I am kind of sure all of theirs will take off. The drama has a warm, happy vibe, so I expect more kind of happy endings too.

And regarding the final characters, I think Tae Soo and Do Ha will team up again and some serious legal charges wait for Reporter Kim – I hope so! I mean I know she is a reporter but isn’t there a bit of ethics in what she does? It has affected so many and has even messed up the name of a man who doesn’t live on earth anymore! With that I expect Ji Ah to wrap this up too, there is enough drama, I do not want her to stir up more, although you can never expect in dramaland!

So those are my predictions before the ending episodes of “Record of Youth”. How do you think the show will end? Let me know in the comments section. Also for more posts on this series, just click the link at the top!


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