The Couch Potato : Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol – (K-Drama,2020) – Ep 5 to 8 – recap

We continue on our journey into exploring the latest K-drama releases in the last qurater of 2020 and we are at the 2/4 post on the episode recaps of DDSSLLS (I have abbreviated it). Please do look out on the blog for more updated posts.

Expeditions on TV series on my blog consist of synopsis versus expectations, episode recaps, mid run reviews, penultimate prediction posts, spoiler free reviews, etc. To check out all the said posts on DDSSLLS, just click the link here! As always the episode recaps will have my commentary in bold italics!

Episode 5

The episode starts off at where it ended last time. Jun holding onto Ra Ra asking her not to leave. He quickly gains his composure and Ra Ra leaves. However she feels uneasy and returns. He is spotted playing the guitar in a melancholy manner and he requests her to never say “Bye” to him again. The two spend the night together and the next day Ra Ra is left with the breakfast of her choice and a strict note asking her to clean up the place. These two are adorable!

Ra Ra gets another student – the grandpa who asked her to play a song in the park. He has come to learn that song she played as it is very dear to him and it is revealed that he is the landlord of Jun’s building. Eun Seok meets up with his ex-wife but denies lunch as he has piano classes. She follows him to his piano class and wonders what he is doing there. Ra Ra, Jun and the two schoolkids find out that Eun Seok is divorced as well.

More secret gifts arrive for Ra Ra, and the search for Jun by the goons has reached Eun Po port. Uh oh.

Ra Ra decides its finally to lessen her loans a litle and decides to sell her car, despite how much she loves it. She is stopped at the last moment by Jun as he says she can take her time paying him back. The two then reminisce off at a panoramic view on Eun Po city, and Ra Ra says its okay to cry. Its revealed by Jun that he had a friend who he had lost, and thats what he remembered when Ra Ra was about to leave. The two have an emotional moment together, as they both cry out a little. I like how these two organically grow closer, although we knew they would, the sequences that build up to it really matter.

Eun Seok goes to Seoul for a checkup (I think he is ill, from the pills shown earlier and the hospital visit). As he walks by he sees a photo of Jun on a voluntering event and finds out the truth – Jun is the only son of the Sunwoo group and is set to take over it. He studies at a very prestigious school and is currently in the twelfth grade. WOW. WOW. WOW. Wait. He is a schoolkid?

Back at Jun’s place, Ra Ra kind of ends up in his arms as she feels he is growing taller – because he is a schoolkid! OMG. An epilogue shows Eun Seok and Jun bump into each other after a piano recital. Of all the things I expected from this show, this was not it. OMG. A school senior. OMG. Give me some time to wrap my head around this people.

Episode 6

A flashback of sorts shows Jun running over to the piano class, clearly wanting to be there desperately and smoothing down his hair to enter.

The scene then pans back onto how we ended last time. Ra Ra panics at how close Jun is getting and bends her head quicky only to hit his nose and make him bleed again.

The next day a mysterious man arrives at the salon (is this the guy sending the gifts?) and asks for a haircut at the salon. Ra Ra barges in suddenly shocking her and ends up cutting off a giant part of his hair. He seems to take it lightly but that night someone seems to be coming and pouring superglue all over the salon’s door handle over which the owner gets stuck tomorrow. Everyone suspects the little kid that always wanders around the area to be the culprit. Meanwhile Eun Seok talks to Jun about what he found and tells him that what Jun is doing now to Ra Ra is deception. Jun goes out of reach and Ra Ra is panicked.

The next day the mysterious man arrives for classes from Ra Ra and mentions he wants to start right away. She fixes up a schedule for him too.

We finally find out what happened to Jun. His parents were mostly absent except for his best friend who forces him to get cake for a birthday, to which his parents never shows up. His friend leaves but is killed in an accident right before his eyes as he says “Bye”. I have no idea how he dealt with that. His parents are furious that the depression leading from that, led him to flunking his tests and has a bad altercation with his father. He eventually runs away and his mother is the one who has been paying the goons to find him before his father comes back to Korea and finds out.

Meanwhile Ra Ra finally talks to the little boy who wanders outside and finds out he is interested in learning the piano. Ra Ra asks him to play and realises that he is a piano prodigy. The kid then asks him why she always plays one particular song while Jun is coming home. At the moment Jun comes in but listens as Ra Ra explains that the song she plays is a sort of welcoming song she plays only for him. The kid then reveals how Jun runs over to comes him and smooths himself down before entering as well which is when Jun knocks down a flowertop and everyone realizes he was there.

Jun meets up with Eun Suk and asks him why he hides the fact that he was on the groom’s side at the wedding from Ra Ra. As that is also a form of deception both of them decide not to spill any secrets.

The day finally comes to meet the mystery person behind the instagram handle and all the characters wait at the cafe for the same. Meanwhile the goons find out that the Grandpa who loves that song was rescued by Jun when he collapsed and decide to track him down.

Episode 7

The episode starts with Ra Ra about to meet the mystery fan of hers – DDSSLLS. The mystery man from the hair salon arrives and it everyone thinks it’s him but it turns out that he isn’t. Dr.Cha also comes in at that time although he said he won’t. He keeps attempting to want to say something but doesn’t. I guess Dr.Cha must be the mystery man.

The goons looking for Joon reach Grandpa’s place but Grandpa lies for Joon saying he left elsewhere after staying in Eunpo city in a while. At night, Ra Ra notices that her mystery friend has peculiar way of writing , something she’s seen on the congratulatory note she got on the day her piano academy opened from Dr. Cha. She tells Joon her theory about how he could be her mystery friend, but Joon brushes it off.

While Ra Ra works on a way to thank Dr.Cha indirectly with a cooked lunch, she sees that there is a piano competition and that the child prodigy she met could easily win the prize and bring her academy to game. Meanwhile the hair salon guy keeps coming but suggests he wants to watch Ra Ra okay until he feels like learning, but he seems to be weird. He looks like some sort of stalker or criminal. Strangely enough Joon seems to recognise him from somewhere too. Chillllssss.

Jun’s mother arrives and hands Grandpa a huge wad of cash. Grandpa still doesn’t spill about Jun and asks Jun to take his time to recover and that he will remain his guardian until then.

The next day Jun takes Ra Ra along with him to find the kid. He’s living in bad conditions and has absentee parents as well. Jun and Ra Ra spend lots of time with him to help him learn. It also looks the owner of the salon used to live in a children’s home too. I always wondered what’s her story like, and what happened to her partner. I think she wasn’t married becuase she never mentions a husband.

The salon owner’s daughter who has a huge crush on Jun gets rejected by him as he has another “crush”. She and her friend then plot together to have Dr.Cha and Ra Ra go to the movies alone. Jun hearing this rushes there. A cute epilogue shows Jun watching Ra Ra sleep adorably on the piano as he fans her with a magazine seeing she’s sweating.

Episode 8

Dr.Cha’s and Ra Ra’s movie night almost turns into a date but Ra Ra bashes his advances and rejects him just like that. He recovers smoothly by which time Jun arrives and takes her home. It’s kind of obvious that the two of them have feelings for each other but are having trouble admitting it to each other and themselves.

Now that Ra Ra has to concentrate on training the little kid for the competition, she says she would have lesser time for the stalker guy – to which he is not happy at all. He bumps into the kid on his way out and looks super angry. I’m really scared he is going to harm that kid. The stalker guy however is followed by Jun who is clearly suspicious of him. Meanwhile Ra Ra finds out the song she is teaching Grandpa was his wife’s favorite song before she died from dementia. The scenes depicting the same are quite emotional as we see the two together in a flashback.

Meanwhile the salon owner’s daughter nearly find out the medicines that Dr.Cha is taking although he quickly lies they’re vitamins. Dr. Cha’s wife is in the area as well and doesn’t understand what he is doing In this place at all until he is seen swarmed around by women.

As the episode comes to an end we see Jun and Ra Ra finally tell each other feelings and kiss while on a cable car date. At the same time the goons have entered La La Land and see the photo of Jun hanging on the wall as well. An epilogue shows how Jun’s best friend who he lost was a big fan of Ra Ra’s and how he has met Ra Ra before, although she doesn’t remember it. We have some painful episodes coming up people! As the goons will catch Jun and Ra Ra will find out the truth. What I’m worried about is that stalker of course.

And that’s a wrap on this set of episode recaps! Do check out the other posts on this TV series by simply clicking on the link at the top!

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