The Couch Potato : My Dangerous Wife : (K-Drama, 2020) – Ep 1 to 4 recap

Hello and welcome to drama #4 of my exploration into the latest K-drama releases of the last quarter of 2020 that has me excited! This drama is a remake of a popular Japanese series which was very popular. I hope to watch the Japanese original soon to understand the layout, but I have decided to start with the Korean one first.

As always I have a series of posts tied with a drama exploration on my blog. There would be a synopsis versus expectation, episode recaps with commentary, mid run reviews, predictions before the finale, and a spoiler free review. You can access all those posts by just clicking the link here! Now onto the recap!

Episode 1

The episode starts with Shim Jae Kyeong and Kim Yoon Chul on video repeating their wedding vows. An older Yoon Chul watches the video and things about how they made such a promise, and the only way to fulfill the promise is to love for a shorter time, or to die. As the groom kisses the bride on video, Yoon Chul hangs himself. Ooookkaaayyyy. Grim start.

Yoon Chul then wakes up as if he had a nightmare – so it wasn’t real? He gets ready to work at the resturant with the clothes his wife picked for him and eats a nutty porridge. On the outside they look like the perfect married couple. But something seems tense. He asks her about something related to money to which she doesn;t reply. As she sees her husband off she sees their neighbours who are extremely outspoken on how they love each other. Or is it just a facade? And is it just me or does he look WAY younger than her?

The neighbours

But things are not as it seems as Yoon Chul starts scratching all over his neck and eating allergy pills. Its evident he doesn’t like his wife . He arrives at his restaurant and starts taking care of the day but he has some pressing problems – like loans. That’s not the only problem he has – he seems to be having an extra marital relationship with his restaurant manager as well. The series title made me think the wife is the villian but I guess not.

His mistress has however concoted a plan to poison his wife’s favorite wine with an undetectable poison and get rid of her, once and for all. Have these people heard of a divorce? The things people do for money! Yoon Chul looks hesitant but he goes ahead with his plan and injects his wife’s favorite wine with the poison Miss Jin (his mistress) gave him.

Miss Jin

As he arrived home, he notices a man drive away in a car. He goes inside and is shocked to find a huge pool of blood at the entrance. He rushes all around the house and realises – his wife is missing. He finds a kidnappers note from a name called “N31” that says to not contact the police or his wife will be murdered. He is shocked, and then laughs out of relief and calls the police. Wow.

The police come and start their investigation and assures Yoon Chul that they will do their best to find his wife by being alert and discreet. They however find it odd that there seems to be no resistance at all and there are two cups of cocoa in the sink – the two cups that Yoon Chul claims are his wife and his. He describes that his wife was meticulous and specific in every way which means she would not have taken that cup out if it were not for someone special. But the police have their doubts on Yoon Chul as well – why he was late to come from work when the restaurant closed hours ago, to which Yoon Chul says he was roasting coffee. They also find that Yoon Chul doesn’t really look sad or tensed that this happened either. They talk to the neighbour lady but she doesn’t say anything although it looks like she knows something. The head detective also has his doubts on Miss Jin as well.

The mysterious man that drove by

They receive anothe ransom note this time with some blood and a fingernail from his wife. I will admit I almost puked there. Strange posts on social media also gather attention on the case and Yoon Chul;s family are worried sick as well.

The episode ends with Yoon Chul running off to meet his ex brother in law who used to be a detective. He presumes that maybe there is someone close to her that is involved and spots the same man who drove away that night when Yoon Chul arrived home, waiting outside his building. Yoon Chul catches up to the man and asks him why he is following him and the episode comes to a close. As of now we do not know a lot of the characters yet too, so my guesses are going wild. I somehow feel the man who is following Yoo Chul may be an apprentice more than anything else. There is someone more sinister behind this and I feel we haven’t seen that character yet. From how the show takes us I won’t be surprised if Yoon Chul is the villian itself in some huge twist.

Episode 2

Yoon Chul runs and finally catches the man and asks why he was following him and whether he is the man behind his wife’s disappearance. The mystery man then says he is looking for Yoon Chul’s wife as well, and that she knew everything about his affair and just wants her to have happiness. The mystery man and Jae Kyeong are shown to be acquaintances from college and seems to have met shortly before her kidnaping. Meanwhile the police continue to suspect Yoon Chul, wondering if money was the incentive.

Meanwhile Yoon Chul meets up with mistress Jin. Is he like this dumb – I mean he is under police speculation and he goes to his girlfriend’s home? Its revealed that Miss Jin had followed Yoon Chul on the day she provided the poison as she was afraid he would chicken out. Yoon Chul also wonders along with her how the captor ended up asking the exact ransom as the exact money he also needed too. He and Miss Jin then plan to make use of this chance to their best and try to get their mission a success.

Yoon Chul secretly visits him home but the police are trailing him closely. He understands from his mother and sister how helpful Jae Kyeong was to all of them.Yoon Chul’s niece approaches him and says that Jae Kyeong had given her a present to be given to Yoon Chul in case she dies before him – which happens to be a key. He opens a cupboard in his wardrobe and finds bank savings of the money he needs and a letter from Jae Kyeong. A parallel scene shows a man drawing a woman on a canvas. A flashback shows the day Yoon Chul proposed and how the couple wrote and signed a letter with their fingerprints dipped in a red wine – the same wine Yoon Chul brought home, poisoned, years later. I guess his wife must have been so tormented because he was cheating on her, imagine how she would feel if she found out he tried to poison the wine too?

The next day the police come in to arrest Yoon Chul on grounds of suspicion which is when an express delivery man delivers a USB drive. In it is a video of Jae Kyeong who is tied up, tired, and clearly alive, as a hostage under her captor.

The kidnapper then asks for 5 billion won again in unserialised notes. Crazy with emotions, Yoon Chul runs out to the press and begs them to help raise 5 billion won in unserialised notes before the said time to get his wife back. The next day many people come in to give their donations to save his wife because now the news has spread all around thanks to those posts on social media. It disgusts me just look at him collecting all that money! It really infuriates you, when you know its all an act!

He reaches the first part of the destination as per the captor and he gets instructed to go to a next place , a baseball stadium. From there, he barely makes it in time and gets the next instruction to go to a lakeside kind of place. A drone comes out of nowhere and he is instructed to keep the money in it. The drone flies and the police who were trailing Yoon Chul all along trail after the drone only to find it filled with paper. Its later revealed that the first instruction that Yoon Chul got had asked him to drop the money in a dustbin on the way to the seating area in the auditorium in the next clue, which he did, without informing the police. I am surprised by Yoon Chul at this point. From how he was until now I expetcted him to tell that instantly to the police. Why did he do this? Its a thought to ponder.

Now back at his home, he waits for his wife to come back as the captor promised.

Meanwhile the police are tying up who is responsible for the case. They arrive at Yoon Chul’s house as they received a tip that he had been spotted to poisoning a bottle of wine and a search ensues. Yoon Chul had emptied the bottle but it gets found out and taken for analysis by the police. Miss Jin is also taken away by the police. As he faces a dead end, Yoon Chul hangs himself as we saw in episode 1. As the police try to save him, we see Jae Kyeong being loaded into an ambulance, with a faint smile on her face. Looks like the “dangerous wife” story is about to start!

Episode 3

The first part of the episode entails a flashback. Its when Jae Kyung’s parents passed away. We see a dejected Yoon Chul as he realises that all the money from her rich parents have been donated to society. It was clear he was expecting an inheritance. Fast forward to a year before the kidnapping we can see Yoon Chul ask and get rejected for more money from Jae Kyeong. The scenes swift to her discovering his affair. A narration from Jae Kyung continues which says – she wanted her husband back. No matter what. I guess this is where she becomes the dangerous wife. From this point in the story. I guess if she even turns villanous, not that Yoon Chul in innocent, the blame is definetely on Yoon Chul. He made her into this.

Jae Kyeong then plants bugs inside Miss Jin’s home and starts listening in on their conversations. She even hears about them plotting to kill her. She then purposefully meets up like a conincidence with her old college friend who she knew was smitten by her and would do anything for her. She cries and tells him about Yoon Chul cheating on her to gain his trust, and by that she earns him as an assistant. The last straw came when Jae Kyung overheard Miss Jin give the poison and see Yoon Chul inject it. She then elaborately sets up the crime scene and makes sure to leave clues to make Yoon Chul seem like the culprit. She still wanted to give him a final chance and waited outside and watched as he took in the crime scene. She watches him read the letter from the kidnapper that says his wife will be killed if informed to the police. Jae Kyung shockingly sees Yoon Chul laugh and call the police straight away, and that – was her breaking point.

We then see her send Yoo Chul onto a literal goose hunt as she perceives him from a distance, enjoying all the trouble that he had to go through.

We then come back to the scene where she is in the hospital and Yoon Chul is fine as well. The two sincerely act out like they care for each other. Both Yoon Chul and Miss Jin are released from police suspicion, but the case is still on to find out who is the real captor. Surprisingly, there was no poison detected in the wine either. A mysterious bar man seems to be a close acquantaince of Jae Kyeong as well, enough for her to hide the money from the dustbin with him.

Once home, the couple settles in and it looks like nothing can go on. While Yoon Chul is away, Jae Kyeong starts removing a bug from their room only to be discovered by Yoon Chul asking – “Was it you then?”, at the same time, Miss Jin discovers the bug inside the room and realizes who the mastermind really is. Wow! Already? I didn’t expect this reveal for some time. This series is surely taking its twists and turns quite abruptly!

Episode 4

The episode first starts with a scene where the couple swears to trust one another and be happy.

The next scene shows Yoon chul and his brother-in-law hunting out bugs before Jae Kyeong comes back home to actually find one. The scene flits to the present, but Yoon Chul doesn’t ask Jae Kyeong anything but just watches her remove the bug. She comes rushing in saying she found the bug when examining a slanted panel and hugs him saying she is scared. But Yoon Chul is deep in thought. Later he and his brother-in-law discuss who it could be – they can’t beleieve a normal house wife can orchestrate all this. Well they just don’t know Jae Kyeong then.

Yoon Chul also comes to realise that the artist guy may be in this after all, as his Instagram handle is full of paintings of different objects in his home. He wonders if his wife is having an affair as well. He follows his wife but all he sees is her going for yoga class. Little does he know that she knows she is being followed by him and goes to her martial arts class once he stopped following her.

Tensions rise as Jae Kyeong frequents the restaurant, with Miss Jin there. The police are still hot on the case to find the actual kidnapper as well. Yoon Chul’s sister comes and literally embarrasses Miss Jin and is forced to leave much to Jae Kyeong’s happiness.

From the neighbour’s dashcam they discover that Yoon Chul was following his wife which arouses their suspicions. The neighbour lady talks to Yoon Chul about his wife knew about his affair too. There is someting strange about this neighbour lady, and somehow I feel like those two are not a couple, I mean we know its an act, but what is the story behind it?

Meanwhile as the detective comes home to his children and somewhat tired and irritated looking wife, she realises something – that she had seen Jae Kyung watch Yoon Chul at the baseball satdium dressed as Miss Jin to land them in trouble, thus proving she is behind it. For some reason she doesn’t tell her husband though. BUt why not?

The episode ends with Yoon Chul purposefully making sure that the artist friend hears over the bug how romantic he is acting with Jae Kyung to enrage him. That same night he looks for the real wine bottle as the one the police tested wasn’t the one. He is interrupted by Jae Kyeong who says she has the bottle all along. The scenes that follow is the two of them just wrestling, to get that crucial piece of evidence against Yoon Chul out of the way. That literal fight between them, al hands and choking including just elevated the dramatic level to ANOTHER level.

And thats a wrap for this episode recap! For more posts on this series, just click the link at the top!

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