The Couch Potato : My Dangerous Wife – (K-Drama,2020) – Synopsis vs Expectations

This is drama #4 on my expedition into the latest October releases. I realised it’s not as easy to catch up and update my blog on so many but I’m not going to let that stop me!

As always my drama expeditions will have this initial post, followed by episode recaps with my commentary, mid run review, predictions before the penultimate episode and a final spoiler free review if you’re looking for just that. All the links for the mentioned parts will be linked right below! Now let’s see what this drama is ALL ABOUT.

Episodes 1 to 4 recap

Promotional poster

While Wikipedia tells us the series is about a “war” between a husband and wife and it’s effects on the Korean society, some other synopsis on alternate sites gives us a little more insight.

The story revolves around a couple Kim Yoon Chul and his wife Shim Jae Kyeong. Jae Kyeong comes from a wealthy family and continues as a housewife content with her marriage, like every normal housewife depiction.

Yoon Chul owns his own restaurant and although the couple look like the happiest couple in reality Yoon Chul is extremely disappointed in his marriage – the reasons which we don’t know – so much so, that he has an extra marital affair with his restuarant manager – Miss Jin.

The story then revolves around the extreme measures that these characters take throughout the story.

Now this series is actually a remake of a very popular Japanese TV series – so if any of you know spoilers, please don’t tell me! Of course I will be watching the original show too becuase it’s always interesting to see what they decided to keep, remove or change from the original show it is based on. Dark and serious K-Dramas don’t often come into the limelight when you check out compilations of the too rated K-Dramas, but recently I’ve been exposed to some really dark, riveting and serious stories and I expect just as much.

I also expect a play of money and a lot of surprising scenes where the characters outwit each other. We have had this scenario where character do this on a professional level but I am very excited to see this play out in a seemingly oridinary couple and how far fetched it can go without feeling like it’s senseless! The original show was quite successful, so my expectations may be a little more high considering that factor too.

The Cast

Choi Won Young as Kim Yung Chul

I’ve seen Won Young perform before on supporting cast roles on TV series like The Heirs, as the secretary in Kill Me, Heal Me, and roles in dramas like Sky Castle as well. After seeing him as a supporting cast all this while I am excited to see him lead the show on this one.

Kim Jung Eun as Shim Jae Kyung

Now the title of the drama is “My Dangerous Wife” which means the leading character of this series is definitely Jung Eun.

I have not explored her work before, but she did lead the role on a famous classic called “Lovers in Paris” which many who are veterans in the K-Drama world remember her by. I hope her role here is memorable enough so that I will eventually watch that show as well!

There is a large range of supporting characters as well, all of whom I’m sure play a bigger role in this story as our couple take the story forward.

What do you expect from this drama? Have you watched the original? Let me know in the comments! As always all the associated links will be linked at the top!


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